Making a Pumpkin Roll From Scratch

So as you know we harvested a lovely pumpkin a few days ago.   I didn’t want it to go bad.. so I decided to put it in our bellies and bake with it.  So a pumpkin roll is born!

First thing, 1. I’ve never made  a pumpkin roll, 2. I’ve never baked a pumpkin or actually used a pumpkin we harvested for eating.  So it was alot of firsts today.

I found this recipe and headed to the super market after googling things like “How do I bake a pumpkin?” “How do I make pumpkin puree?” “What is pumpkin spice?” “What kind of pumpkins can you bake?”.  I’m going to be up honest with you,  this pumpkin roll was amazing.   Have you ever  made something so good that you were just like “Damn, did I just do that?”.  Well that’s how I felt.  I feel like I can have bake sales on my street now.  Maybe not that far.. but really, it’s that good.

This is going to be a long post, there’s alot of steps, but ITS WORTH IT.

You’re going to start here:

photo 2.JPG

And end here:

photo 3.JPG

Let’s Get Baking!