Swimming in 110ml puddles of ink…

It has been quite some time coming but it finally happened.  Yes, after oogling for an eternity, finally, we got one – an Epson 4880 printer.  Let's be honest, the best thing about going to school at SVA was that my student loans allowed us to use the glorious 4800 printers.  After graduation we were lost but now we're found because you know you have "made it" when you have your own precious 17" printer to wheel around the loft. 

Glorious Tech Orgy Time:

Eight inks man!  EIGHT $80 INK CARTS.  FFS.  Yes, that is a 17" print track – and I have the ruler to prove it.

Oh poor retired Epson R1800 printer with your pathetically puny ink cartridges… You never stood a chance did you?

At 90lbs. and $150 to ship this thing is an absolute beast of a printer.   After two months of use and the printing of an entirely new portfolio the verdict is almost entirely positive.  As remembered with the 4800 printer the bigger brother 4880 produces the best inkjet prints I've ever seen.  The black and white prints barely look inkjet at all.  This thing is fast, sturdy, and doesn't seem to clog up and waste as much ink either.  On the negative side there remains the glaring issue of not being able to switch from gloss to matte papers with out an elaborate and costly ink dumping due to having to switch the black inks.  While we only print on matte paper I see this as an obvious design flaw especially in a market where other large format printers forego the ink swapping procedure entirely.  I imagine that Epson has taken this under advisement and will deal with it in future models.  As it stands now though the Epson 4880 printer is about as good as it gets.  Buy one.

Buy Our Games

Do you have a Nintendo DS?  Do you want cheap games.  Look at our Ebay auction.  We are unloading some of our older games that never get any love anymore.  http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/misterwubba

I'm considering getting Gamefly www.gamefly.com but I don't think it would be worth it.  I'm so backed up with games to beat.  I start playing gaming and then get busy and have to restart them again because I forget what was going on. For example, the last time I played Zelda Twilight Princess for Wii was 2 years ago and I was about 35 hours into it.  I had to restart a few days ago because I forgot how to play. 

To beat: Zelda Wii, Zelda DS, Metroid Wii, Paper Mario Wii, Shenmue 2, Bioshock (again), Etc.

My Home Robot

Apparently UNIQLO SoHo is adopting Mitsubishi’s Wakamaru in the upcoming weeks.  This a autonomous home robot is one step closer to a machine race annexing all of our bases.  Maybe someday decades or centuries from now, depending on how quickly strong AI can be developed, humans will begin to have intimate relationships with robots. 


Barack’s VP

The wait for Obama to announce his pick for vice president is an excruciatingly exciting experience.  If you are a political junkie, between the VP picks and both Democratic and Republican Conventions, it doesn’t get any better than the next two weeks.  Who’s it going to be? 


Likely: Biden, Clinton, Bayh. 
Hoping for: Sebelius, Clark, Schweitzer.

1680 x 1050

What started out as a curious quest to make monitor real estate seem bigger has ended in doom.  Fifteen years of reading text on tiny monitors and on big monitors with tiny text seems to be killing my eyes.  It seemed so cool to tell the kids at school that you bid farewell to 640×480 and have your monitor’s resolution set at 800×600.  Then came 1024×768 and maybe if you were lucky 1600×1200.  In the 00′s everyone got widescreen monitors and up until last year I clung to my beautiful Lacie CRT that I carried home on the subway from Queens.  It was worth it, I got a deal. 

Is this where it ends?  1680×1050 have you forsaken me and stricken my vision?  Perhaps I’m just getting older or probably I should have stuck with the CRT monitor; regardless, since the rest of the internet has grown up it’s probably time to stop designing webpages for the few large text and icon people still using 800×600.