A Trip to Home Depot – Stain and Torture

I visit Home Depot for style – think colors and design.  I will go for the garden section, paint supplies, or plastic containers, or even some cleaning supplies. I usually will not go to buy wood and screws, I leave that for my builder, Matthew.  Matthew can spend hours roaming up and down those dusty aisles while I hold on to his leg crying to be released from this torture.
This is me crying and waiting on Sunday while Matthew is in the tool aisle.  I told him to get the pretty neon green ones, but he ignored me.
Today I went because I had to buy stain.  For what? We are building a farmhouse table!
Well I should say the farmhouse table is basically built already, the top still needs to be screwed in and then it needs to be stained.  Then I need to find chairs, but that’s another story.    So for the last few days I have been agonizing over what color stain.  I have spent hours every single day looking up stain examples online, having a deep conversation with myself about what would  we best.  Matthew kept asking me what it was going to be and I would start to shake in fear.  Just writing about it causes me anxiety, I’m not kidding. It’s such a important decision!  So I received a text this morning from Matthew saying “Get Stain!”.  I held my phone, shaking, not knowing what the decision was going to be.  I had a idea in my head, but I couldn’t confirm anything until the paint is made.

I texted back to Matthew “How dare you!”.  He didn’t understand why I said that.
I went to Home Depot and visited the stain section.  I still wasn’t sure.  I visited the paint section.  I saw this pretty paper towel with lots of colors on it!
I texted it to Matthew saying “How Pretty!” but he ignored it completely.  WP_20130218_004
Then I made the choice.  The kind of stain we wanted was water based so it had to be made, it wasn’t pre-made.  We wanted this because the fumes will be much better and it’s quick drying.  They didn’t sell gallons of this unfortunately so I had to get 3 small cans made (I hope that’s enough!).  So there I am, telling the Home Depot worker my color choice.  “You sure?” She asked me.  “No, but let’s get it over with” I mumbled between tears of anxiety.
Then I needed to get wood conditioner and a protective finish – all water based.  This wasn’t as stressful but the price tag of the protective finish made my eyes pop out of my head. I picked them back up in Aisle 8 and kept moving along.
I thought I was done, I could leave this store.  Then I got the dreaded text.. “I need a few more things”.  Oh god, no.  Please, no.  Please don’t make me buy things I don’t know what they are.
“Get me 20 4 inch wood screws” – Matthew texted.
”What color is the box? Or are they in plastic baggies?” – I responded.
“Whatever is cheapest”– M
”Where are they at?” – P (that’s me)
”In the screw aisle”-M
”Very helpful.”-P
”Do you want 16 or 24 screws?”-P
”I want 20” – M
”They are sold in 8 sets” – P
”24” – M
”They also have 2 in bags” – P
”How much are they?” – M
Then I start texting photos..
”There’s these ones” – P
“How much are they?” – M
”Oh, then theres these ones, look at the nice box!” – P
”How much are they?” – M
Then I just ignore him because he ignored my box comments. I got the ones in the box, of course.
A new text comes in..
“I need a hatchet tie down” – M
”What?” – P
”I need a hatchet tie down”-M
”A ratchet?”-P
”A hatchet” – M
”What?” – M
”Where are they?” – M
”In the back of the screw aisle, across opposite the screw anchors” – M
”Which one?” – P and then I text him this:
”It’s just a single thing on the top shelf wrapped in cellophane” – M
”Not hanging on a hook” – M
”Where” – P and then I text him this:
“Yeah there was a bunch yesterday just laying on top” – M
”Are they below or to the left or right?” – M
”No” – P
At this point I have asked 3 employees who all tell me I am crazy and they don’t sell them in single packs.
”Wtf” – M
http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1v/R-202065674/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053&langId=-1&keyword=hatchet+tie+down&storeId=10051#.USJzIaUqZ8E” – M
”No luck with the tie downs?  Website says they are in stock” – M
”Aisle 18, 36 in stock”-M
So then I find another employee who told me they don’t sell them and then I show him the website link that says they have 36 in stock.
“They are looking, it is intense” – P while watching boxes fall all over.
”I see” – M
”How many?” – P
”1” – M
The employees are now in the back of the store looking at the receiving trucks because they are missing completely.
”They missing, lol” – P
”Wtf, there were tons” – M
”Sorry” –P
Then I sent him this picture of them missing on the shelf just to prove to him.
”They are out, sorry” – P
”Guh” – M
”Guh, bs, but ok” – M
Then I leave the store and text him this picture..
”Look at everything I got!” – P”
”You go girl” – M
Then I text him this picture:
”Thinking of a new wall color behind my desk” – P
No response from Matthew.  Rude.
Then I text him this picture:
”Best man” – M


FiFi Bofinkles Is a Love Machine

We all know FiFi Bofinkles is tentative to telephone conversations, loves to dream,  likes to be carried around in a basket.  Did you also know she’s one of my best friends and can always be seen on my lap giving me kisses?  I don’t even have to ask for them, she just smacks her head against my lips and says “give them up”.    These pictures are all from the same day, I’m guessing we go through a few hundred lip smackers a day.
Hey Mom, I’m here, let’s kiss.
I’m going to lay on you, but when I wake up, I will be ready for kissing.
That was a good smooch.
WP_20121225_035 (1)
Please stop doing the dishes and just kiss me.

Cooking in London

In London we had a full kitchen so we were able to cook some meals for ourselves which is always a feeling of comfort!
That means I was able to have my official egg + cheese sandwich and tea every morning for breakfast:
Grocery shopping at Tesco.  The price of ketchup was so cheap we almost bought cases to bring home.
photo 4.JPG
We made tacos one night.  The cheese isn’t as shredded here, it’s more chopped, I like it better this way.
photo 3.JPG
Pre-packaged pizza, it was ok.
photo 5.JPG
Spaghetti and meatballs with pasta sauce that cost about 60 cents.  This was a great meal!
photo 2.JPG
One night we had chicken sandwiches with steamed vegetables.  It was delicious, I could go for that sandwich right now to be honest.
photo 1.JPG

Instagram + Pinterest Me

Anyone have Instagram or Pinterest? Feel free to add me! I have some days where I’m a bit crazy on Instagram and post food left and right, so apologies for the amount of cheese fries or pizza you might see.  Plus lots of cat photos… LOTS of those.  So only add me if you like cheese and cats. And gardens. I just joined Pinterest today so we’ll see how it goes.  Ok, hope to see you there!

My username is: pamelaz on Instagram
My username is: pamelazzzzz on Pinterest  


Update: I’m obsessed with Pinterest.  I just spent an hour with “crockpot” as my search.

Afternoon in the Park

Saturday was spent with a early lunch in the park.  This was a celebration of saying goodbye to a friend who will be moving away, hoping we’ll all see each other soon again.  Besides high fives and hugs, there was some yummy food on hand too.  I made corn tomalito (corn pudding) – super yum, I’ll be posting the recipe soon.

Picnic in the park!
photo 5.JPG
photo 3.JPG

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Delicious Pumpkin Soup

I made this pumpkin soup and my life has been changed.  I have a few reflections upon this.

  • This soup is really good.  We’re talking I’ve made it 2 days in a row, but made enough for leftovers so I could have it for lunch tomorrow too.
  • During lunch yesterday, friends asked for the recipe (while eating it!).  That means it’s a winner.
  • There’s nothing better than when someone asks for a recipe.  My heart pitter patters.
  • This is great for spring, it’s fresh, it’s light, it’s pretty. It’s time to garden.
  • I’ve had had a freezer full of pumpkin puree for a few months and just made this soup.  My stock is dwindling down quick.
  • We are growing 2 batches of pumpkins this year,  so excited as you know how much I love my pumpkinsI really do love them.

So let’s get to it… pumpkin soup!  This is pretty easy to make, although leave enough time as it needs to simmer for an hour.

This is servings for 3, but 2 if you’re really hungry!
3 cups chicken broth
1.5 cup pumpkin puree
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon onion powder
1 clove garlic, minced
4 tablespoons whipping cream
3 whole black peppercorns
dried or fresh parsley to garnish

Heat chicken broth, pumpkin, salt, onion powder, garlic and peppercorns.  Bring to boil.
Reduce heat to low and leave on for 30 minutes, uncovered.
Transfer the soup to your food processor (a little bit at a time).  Puree the soup.
Return each batch back to a pot.
Bring to boil again, reduce heat to low and leave on for another 30 minutes, uncovered.
Stir in heavy cream.  You can substitute milk if you really have to.
Put in bowls and put parsley on top.

photo 1.JPG
This pumpkin puree will turn into..
A lovely meal for you.
photo 2.JPG

You can even introduce the pumpkin soup to the pumpkin seedling and explain to the seedling that one day they will grow big and strong.  You don’t have to do this but I highly recommend it!
photo 3.JPG

You can enjoy it with some tea sandwiches for a nice  lunch too.  Recipe on the sandwiches coming soon!
photo 4.JPG

Step by step behind the cut.

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Clowning Around

This is the best time of the year. I love costumes.  Surprise, Surprise.   This year, I was a loveable clown by the name of Lollipop.  She believes in sharing and lots of love. 

Also the best part of dressing up is riding the subway.  It brings smiles to everyone!

photo 4.JPG

My clown shoes are in my bag because I’m a working clown girl.

photo 1.JPG

I put stickers on everyone.


Sad clown, gif style.

These 2 pics below, credit to Mr. Spike McCue.



The next blockbuster film.

Halloween: Clowning Around

It’s probably no surprise that we are Halloween crazy.  The decorations, the treats.. then the costumes!  What are you doing this year? I made a list on Facebook of possible costumes but I finally decided: a clown.  Now, don’t get the wrong idea, we’re not talking cheap clown suit with horrible red wig… we’re talking a clown suit I bought off a real clown, a nickname I have created for  myself, and some tricks up  my sleeve (hehehe).  We have girls dress up as clowns alot in our work and I’m always incredibly jealous of that style, so I’m going to have alot of fun with this. 

My biggest obstacle so far was finding good clown shoes.  The only clown shoes I could find were either 1) ugly and plain 2) professional – I think spending $100 on halloween clown shoes might be too crazy (even though I thought about it).  So I decided to get some simple green ones and put  my own magic on it.  Clowns have to have happy feet!  Also, clown shoes are a bit hard to walk in, my cats are all scared of the sound of me walking around in them (because you know I did that all day long for fun).


photo 1.JPG


photo 1.JPG

More fun after the cut..

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