Tea For Cats

My good pals William and Lia brought us back us back some goodies from Japan (aka, my dream destination).  In this bag of goodies were a couple satchels of this cat tea.  Not being able to read Japanese, I wondered, is this tea for a cat? Is it for me? Is it for both of us? What is this?  I mean there’s a cat on the front who looks like they are drinking some tea – really? What kind of tea is this?
So a quick text sent to my friend Saya who is from Japan confirmed this is in fact tea for your cat.  Not any type of tea – this is CATNIP TEA.  I know, take a second to think about this..
So I opened up the package and inside was just one tea bag – very catnip smelling by the way. How catnip smelling? FiFi Bofinkles showed up to smell it.  Then I confirmed with Saya the amount of water (16 ounces), temperature (hot or cold would work) and then I made it.
I used 8 ounces cold, 8 ounces warm water. I let it cool down to room temperature.
You can see it turned a slight yellow/green color while steeping.  Omg guys, I’m steeping tea for my cats.  I question my sanity.
Then I put it into a bowl because I thought a tea cup might cross the line for me….
And I waited.
FiFi Bofinkles showed up first.  She wasn’t interested.  She knew the smell but in liquid form? Not having it. She moved away to a food bowl and ate instead.
The real girl I was waiting for was Essy.  Essy is catnip obsessed, I’m sure some would say she needs to rehabilitated or needs a detox.  Girl likes her nip.  She’s 19.. she does what she wants.
I left the bowl for a few minutes and Matthew called out “Is Essy ok?”  I walked over and Essy was laying on the ground rolling around, rubbing her paws into her cheeks.  “She’s all wet” Matthew said feeling her face.  ESSY HAS A TEA FACE.  That sneaky girl.  So Essy was really feeling the magic of the catnip tea.  She was doing her stretches and rolling movements when she’s under the influence.  Then I played with her and she bit my finger because she probably thought it was a dinosaur.   She felt good. 
I waited until she went back to the tea and she did.  Where she then slid her cheeks all over the bowl, inside the bowl, dipped her chin.  Basically she bobbed for tea.   After rubbing her cheeks in the tea some more, she just stood there and stared at her Dora the Explorer plate.  I wish I could know what was going through her head during those 36 minutes of non movement.  Was Dora talking to her?  Was she plotting to hurt Dora? Was she living in a animated rainbow? Who knows.
20 minutes later, she was still here.  I rubbed her face and she was soaked.  I’m pretty sure she just put her head in it, so in fear of Essy drowning in catnip tea, I removed it.  The tea bowl was full of Essy fur.

If you can get this, I would try it.  I have a few more teabags that I will let Brother and Xanadu try.  Just watch out for Essy!

Birthday Bear Turns 19!

Today our beloved Essy Francis turns 19 years old!  Essy is the shining sun in my life, the stars in my sky, my heart pitter-pattering.  I love her dearly.  Happy Birthday Essy Mom Cookie Bear!  You can have unlimited Fancy Feast and white bread all day today! 
Essy received special emails, tweets and voicemails on her birthday! <3
This is Essy when she was 1!  What a cute baby.
essy old
Have a great day Essy.  Relax with some catnip!


PS. Don’t forget to check out her blog! It’s been active since 2006!

Bofinkles On The Telephone

This is a tale of FiFi Bofinkles and the telephone.  As soon as I get on the telephone, Bofinkles jumps on my  lap.  Bofinkles doesn’t understand I’m on the telephone, she think it means “Bofinkles Time”.
Example from  today:
Me on the telphone “Hey, how are you doing?” and continues conversation…
Bofinkles sprints over, jumps on my lap “What Mom? Do you need me”?”
Bofinkles: “Hey, I’m talking to you.  Do you need me, do you?”
Bofinkles: “Ok, I am getting closer to you.  I will jump on your shoulder.  Are you talking to me?”
Bofinkles: “Why aren’t you responding to me standing here, looking at you? Maybe if I pretend I fell asleep while you were talking to me you would notice..”
Bofinkles: “Ok, so about that conversation we were having.  How are you?”
Bofinkles: “Omg, are you ignoring me again?  What If I just fall down..?”
Bofinkles: “Just look at me.  Please!”

Life of FiFi Bofinkles

FiFi Bofinkles lets you know when she’s arrived.   Right now I  know she’s here because she’s sprawled out in my lap, paws pressed into my leg, tail wrapped around my waist, occasionally batting her eyelashes at me when I need to rub her belly harder.  When Bofinks arrived we quickly learned she doesn’t just lay in a area, she exists in that area, she becomes that area.  She’s not one to curl up into a ball, instead she likes to stretch it all out.  If you’re in the way, oh well, you’re going to have a Bofinks legs on top of you then.
This is her life:
When I wake up in the morning, either there’s a Bofinks on my  head, or she’s sharing (that means I get 20%, she gets 80%) my pillow.  I see her bright green eyes just staring at me. She’s slightly in a daze, wondering if she really wants to wake up or should go back to sleep for a few more hours. 
photo 2.JPG
I slip out of bed very slowly, bending my legs in ways that I didn’t think were possible just so I don’t make Bofinks uncomfortable and angry.  When I finally somersault onto the floor, I get up and look at her.  She’s made herself more comfortable and has slipped under the comforter.  Is this a person or a cat? 
photo 1.JPG
When she finally wakes up, I kiss her, I hug her. I wrap my arms around Bofinks and Xanadu at the same time and make them both angry.  I am very happy though.
photo 1.JPG
The sun hits, the cats move themselves every hour to catch the sun directly.  Bofinks has this down to a science.  She’s laying on paint brushes, her bright pink belly is out, she doesn’t have a care in the world. I give her belly a rub, she flexes her paws at me to thank me but doesn’t open a eye.
photo 2.JPG
It’s bed time.  I come back into the bedroom.  It appears Bofinks decided to crash early this evening.  Somehow she’s slipped under a blanket and needs an entire bed for all 8 pounds of her. I try to lay in the area above her head, all 10 inches of it but I’m bigger than that.  Bofinks doesn’t care.  I try to push her over, but she glares at me.  Finally she rumbles a bit, rolls her eyes, and gives me another few inches that she thinks is acceptable to sleep in.
photo 1.JPG
Are you comfortable Baby Bofinks? I hope so. She’s all tucked in, goodnight girl.
photo 2.JPG

The Life of Xanadu

Xanadu Pluto is our 6 year old crazy Siamese.  Even though she’s hands down the smallest cat in the family,  she’s most definitely the boss and monitors the rest of the Meowza family.  A few days ago we caught her on live  stream when we weren’t home just sitting next to the door guarding the bowls.  Does she not allow anyone to eat while we’re gone?  She would sit there very proud and occasionally run after something, most likely FiFi Bofinkles.
photo 5.JPG 
A few days ago after my mission to find new Halloween decorations I came home with this cute pumpkin rug.  I put it down and waited…
3.4 seconds later, Xanadu was on it claiming it as her own.  Sometimes she wraps herself up completely in it and gets stuck.  I will try to get a picture of that.
photo 5.JPG
Have paperwork? Don’t worry, Xanadu will lay on it and take care of it.
photo 1.JPG
The only one she has to watch out for is Brother, he’s not very scared of her at all.  Sometimes they lay like this (by the way notice how bigger Brother is than her) and Xanadu attempts to stick her head under his tail.  Then he whips his tail and continues to hit her in the head.  She closes her eyes and enjoys every moment of it.

The Love Glove: Will Change Your Life

Let me introduce you to the love glove.  It’s a glove which will cause alot of love to your furry cats.  Essy is 18, she knows what she wants and what she doesn’t like.  One thing she doesn’t like is being brushed, she hisses at the furminator and brushes in general.  This causes a problem because she sheds crazily.  One thing she loves though is being rubbed and petted with your hand.  She can lay there for hours with your hand on her belly between her arms.  In fact just as I typed the last sentence, Essy who is across the room met my glance, jumped off her chair, plopped on the floor and stretched it out with a “come and get me” nod. I’ll be right there babe.  So here comes the love glove, it’s basically a brush that you wear, so cats feel your hand rubbing them, not that brush they hate.  We just got it and tested it on 4 of our critters, it’s a sensation.  All the cats are begging for it, they stretch out as soon as they see  it, they purr, they rub, they cry out in happiness.  It was a bit intense to watch them get all these emotions.  Essy loves to put her chin on the ground and get ear and head rubs with it.  Xanadu plops upside down completely and likes it on her  belly rough.  FiFi Bofinkles likes it on her head all the way to her tail, knocking over anything in the process and completely furring up my monitor as  she rubs her fresh fur body all over it.  Brother Bear likes it to relax.
If you have cats, try it out! You’ll cause lots of purring.
Bofinkles about to pass out.
photo 1.JPG
Xanadu passed out.
photo 3.JPG
Essy looks like she has a beret on.
photo 2.JPG
All this from just a few quick rubs on each cat.  Life changing.
photo 4.JPG

Brother Bear Is My Boy

In just 2 months,  our little (who is actually the biggest kid in the Meowza family) Brother Bear will be 3 years old already!   Everyday we watch his personality continue to change.  Brother came from a shelter in the Bronx and when we first got him, he was not very friendly.   He was scared, ready to attack and we imagine came from not a good place where he wasn’t treated right.  Over the time we’ve had him, with the numerous vet visits for many conditions, this guy just keeps warming our heart everyday.  He’s grown from not wanting to be touched at all, to one who begs for head bumps, ankle rubs, and will jump up with us in bed and curl up on my feet.  I read one of the biggest Maine Coon characteristics is their “goofy” personality.  I never thought Brother would become it, but he’s turned into a pure goof ball.  From the laps he runs which ends in him sliding into his condominium house, sliding 10 feet, crashing into the wall, to the way he rubs his tongue all over plastic to his side head glances he does when he’s surprised, to the way he hides under the  bed whenever there’s a hint of a storm, he’s one silly and sweet man.  He is the youngest in the family, but being 14 pounds has him as the biggest as well.  Even though he could easily pin down any of the girls, he never hurts them, ever.  He lays near them, he follows them, he lines up behind Essy when it’s eating time so she can eat first (even though he shouldn’t be eating her food to begin with, but that’s another story), he lets them all pick their beds and always gets stuck with the smallest bed that’s left, he’s such a gentleman.    Every morning when I wake up, he gives a big baby meow (very soft voice) as soon as I swing my legs out of bed, then he follows me out the bedroom, and will continue with me until I plop down on my computer.  There he will sit next to me on the floor, or on my toes (in the winter, this is great – furry belly to keep me warm!) and just stare at me, feeling safe that he’s next to me.  If I have to go to the other side of the room, he will follow. Right now he’s a few feet away, looking up at me.. I’m looking back at him telling him such a great boy he is and how much we love him.  We love Brother Bear.
photo 1.JPG
Note his mini Santa beard he’s slowly starting to grow…
photo 2.JPG
Love this guy so much.
The surprised side glance he does.
This is the first picture ever taken of him when he came here.  He ran under the bed, and finally I got him to reach a arm out to grab a ball and go back under the bed with it.  We’ve come a long way.

Essy’s Blog

Did you know our 18 year old girl Essy has a blog?  She’s the queen of the house, the apple of our eyes, the love of our lives.  She’s been blogging since 2006, there’s lots of sunning pictures, food pictures, sleeping pictures and just general stare downs.  Check it out here, or you can always check it out in the sidebar over there  ——————————->
photo 2.JPG

Cat Stories

Hey Mom, how are you doing? Just sitting with my paws over the edge.  It’s comfy.
photo 1.JPG
Boy, am I tired!
photo 2.JPG
Can I get a kiss?
Where’s Xanadu? Oh there she is..
photo 4.JPG
Let me lay on a desk and mess all your documents up, it’s totally ok.
I have a nice pink belly, would you like to rub it?
photo 1.JPG
Why is everyone sleeping behind me?
photo 2.JPG
Ok, I guess I will sleep too..
When you are ready for bed, I’ll be here waiting for you with my paws crossed like a gentleman.
photo 3.JPG

Cat Door, Come On In

We have a cat door on our bedroom door.  We originally installed it to keep the air conditioning in so we could keep our door closed at night.  Xanadu had no problem going in and out, Brother either.  Essy doesn’t really go into the bedroom much but if needed she will go through that cat door at full speed so it shakes on its hinges.  FiFi Bofinkles though, she doesn’t really get cat doors, she doesn’t understand why she has to press her nose against something to open it so usually she just pounds on the door at night with her paws until I wake up, open the door, pick her up and insert her onto my pillow, followed by a nice love tap on the head which then causes her to close her eyes and curl her toes.

But that door broke.

It was installed for years, was kind of cheap plastic, and Xanadu and Brother fist fought on opposite sides of the door too much.  Plus Brother squeezed his big 14 pound body through that door so  many times I think it shortened the lifespan.  So that led to just a cat door frame with no actual door.

But that all changed today.  Let me introduce you to the TubbyKat Door.
This just arrived, lifestyle of a Maine Coon!
This cat door is for big cats up to 25 pounds.  That means Brother can grow some more and still fit in! This door is monster, it looks like a mack truck.   The best part is there is a magnet at the base, which means the flap door always closes after a kitty enters or leaves. 

photo 2.JPG
We just installed it and Xanadu was our first victim.  It took her a few minutes to wonder what was going on and how was she going to get in. She tried to ignore the cat door and just use her paws to open the door like a human would (her preferred method, she’s way too smart).   She could see us, we could see her.  Eventually she went through which caused us to clap and yell “hooray” which caused Xanadu to drop to the floor and look terrified.

photo 3.JPG
So we immediately left and Xanadu was like “What? I just got in and now you guys leave.  This isn’t funny.”  Eventually it took her so long to get out the door I had to bribe her with pieces of my ham sandwich.  She came out.

Brother has not tried it yet, although I’m sure smiles will ensue.