Pictures Post

I take alot of pictures.  I basically document everything.  Here are some pictures from the past 2 weeks that were on my phone that I wanted to share.
We are talking at Pratt tonight, come on out! Follow the arrows.
We gave a talk at Pratt.  Go up the stairs and you will see us!
My hair shadow looks dramatic in this picture.  I’d like  to think that my hair is always blowing.
There is a person nearby that decorates their apartment for every single holiday.  It’s one of  my favorite houses.  If I ever see the person I will hug them.
This is going to be a big strong tree someday.
I had a dreamy milkshake.
Xanadu helped me clean it.
I love BBQ wings but I find it hard to find BBQ wings at some places here, most of them just sell buffalo wings – no sauce and too breaded.  But this place, a new burger place that opened nearby, made them real good.
Cat friend, JAVA.  Persian fluffy man.  He was a bit shy…
It felt like spring..
I made a cornish hen, I probably won’t again.   I should have just made a regular chicken.
Brother Bear continues to become more furry and gorgeous.
That’s because he gets bi-weekly baths. He’s learned to love them.  Ok, not love, he’s learned to tolerate them and me while I wrap a towel around him and dry him.
Easter is all around us.  I saw this duck.  Hey guy.
This is one of the Pratt cats.
We had friends over to have our first dinner at our new table.  I made chicken pot pie, roasted garlic cauliflower and corn muffins.  The cauliflower might be one of new favorite dishes.
DOUGH just showed up.
For dessert our friends bought DOUGH which is a donut shop in Brooklyn. It is probably (not just saying this) the best donuts I ever had in my life.  I ate 1. Or 2. Or 3. Stop it.
We are thinking about getting a new refrigerator.  Man, I can never spell the word refrigerator right.  It’s only right because Windows Live Writer tells me I spell it wrong.
Hanging up THE FAMILY prints. Eventually the entire wall will be covered.
We hung up prints of THE FAMILY on the wall.  There will  be alot more soon! This is a big project years in the making.
Quick dinner:  Buttered Spaetzle noodles, peas, garlic bread.
We repainted our floors as it’s been almost 8 years and they needed some love.
Essy decided to walk on the wet floors then run all over…WP_20130310_027.jpg
Xanadu is just too beautiful for words.WP_20130310_005
I got a brain MRI. My neurologist suggested it and a EMG (later this week) for my headaches I’ve been having and that have been getting worse the last many years.  It was my first MRI of my life and I totally psyched myself out by reading horrible experiences on others peoples blogs.  Turns out it wasn’t too bad at all. 
Matthew made some delicious cheeseburgers.  THESE FRIES ARE THE BEST.  THEY TASTE LIKE FAST FOOD FRIES.  IM NOT LYING! Go to your grocery store and find them. WP_20130306_00820130306144348.jpg
I bought 6 jars of peanut butter because I’m a peanut butter monster.

Afternoon Snack

This is my favorite snack of the moment.  It’s filling, sweet and pretty healthy.  When I came home today from a 7 mile walk this was the first thing I made.
1.  Grab a few dried apples. 
2. Grab a handful of dried pineapple.WP_20130310_019
3. Grab some apple blueberry granola.WP_20130310_021
Throw some sweetened coconut flakes on top.WP_20130310_022
Enjoy with Jasmine Green tea.
I’m on a big dried fruit kick right now and ordered all this fruit from   I thought it was just a regular company, and then I was blown away by their packaging design.
Imagine expecting a plain brown box and receiving this…
Imagine expecting plain bags and receiving this.   They make me smile enough to order from them again.

Table Area Complete With New Rug!

Well the table area is sorta complete.  Minus the television that needs to be mounted and the custom cushion I need to get made for seating on the bookshelf, this section is done!  I have been on the lookout for a colorful fun rug and when I saw this on FAB last week I was clicking order almost right away.  FAB is sometimes slow with delivery and my order still says “processing” but today I got a knock on our door and it was a UPS man delivering the rug. I cheered in excitement!
All the cats were excited about it too.  “Mom, what is in this giant plastic tube?”
So we opened it up.  Check out the beauty already.  This is a leather shag rug, all the leather strips are individually attached. 
Information incase you want one too. I think you should get one.  It comes in different colors, even single shades if the rainbow is too much for you.
So we rolled it out and officially all the cats were scared of it.  I think it’s because of the leather feel on their paws, it’s cold, it’s textured.  Do you see how Xanadu’s right paw is up? She basically walked on 3 legs.  She’s silly.  Brother was just walking around it.
Her paw is still up in the air.
I love how it feels.
I love the feeling so much I decided to take a peaceful nap on it.
So then we moved the table, chairs, television, pictures out of the way.  Put the rug down.  Then moved the table, chairs, television, pictures back in.
Doesn’t it look beautiful with the table and the colorful chairs?
*Look closer – Do you see Xanadu? She’s not standing on the carpet, she’s actually standing on the table base, she’s still unsure of the feeling on her toes*
With all of our toys we have it fits perfect.  Matthew thinks it looks like a nursery but I consider that a compliment as nurseries are fun and colorful.  Minus the babies.  Plus the cats.WP_20130307_030.jpg
The leather is all random on the rug, there’s colorful pieces, dark pieces, metallic pieces, pattern pieces. 
*Look closer- There’s a Brother Bear in this picture.  Where he’s laying is where we will get a custom long cushion made*.
I’m really happy with the palette and how it all blends together.  Every time I look over at the area I just smile.

Removing a Carpet Is Hard Work

I am sitting here with a heating pad on my back that wraps all the way around my chest.  I can’t bend down.  This body was not built for manual labor, no way.  Today we continued our series of renovations and removed a carpet we glued down years ago.  Many years later we would regret this when we wanted to remove it.    We are moving things around in our loft, the farmhouse table is going to be in the kitchen area which excites me beyond belief. We are also adding new custom kitchen cabinetry. This hideous carpet has been bugging me for years, so I have been waiting anxiously to get rid of it.   I already bought a new area rug to put in its place but it doesn’t arrive for a few weeks – I can’t wait for it!
Quick process:
This was before we removed the carpet.  We did put the cats away, don’t worry.  Here the cats know something is going on and are spending as much on the carpet as they can. I believe Brother Bear thought this entire carpet was his new area.
Adhesive remover put all over..
Carpet all scraped up:
Area all sanded:
Area all clean now:

Didn’t that look easy?
Yeah right.
Hard working pictures behind the cut.

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Farmhouse Table – DONE!

I briefly mentioned in this post we were building a farmhouse table and I’m happy to say it’s done.  And it’s beautiful, oh it’s so lovely that it makes my eyes sparkle with sunshine.   In one week Matthew and our friend William built the table from scratch, then we sanded and stained it.  Then the table was done – but what about chairs?  So we found chairs from various places in Brooklyn, and then proceeded to paint them to our liking.  I knew I wanted color, but I was unsure if I wanted color in the table or chairs – so I picked  the 2nd option.    This project was lots of fun to do and done pretty quickly.   For the price  of a farmhouse table and chairs  in a store, I would definitely recommend building your own so you get to customize it to your liking and pay WAY LESS.
Here it is our.. our farmhouse table!
The stain turned out beautifully.  We used Minwax water based in color Classic Black.  It’s the perfect shade for what we wanted, so happy with how it looks.
I have been saving chair inspiration and finally we decided on purple, blue and yellow.  4 of the chairs have 2 shades of each color, such as the purple seat’s is slightly darker shade than the rest of the chair.  For these we just primed, spray painted and then put on a protective coat.
We have very high ceilings so even though the table is 8 feet long it seems tiny still! We have alot of ideas of general renovation in here so the table is going to be eventually moved near the kitchen where lots of other things will be changed nearby. 
This was how we felt when we finished, thumbs up.
I came home to Matthew spray painting the chairs and saw this on the wall, hugs hugs hugs.
Last night we had our first dinner at our new table.  This was our first real table we had in 10 years!  I felt like I was at a fancy restaurant.  I love our table.
I also really liked the pepper steak tacos we had, nom nom.
The table is also a big hit with Xanadu who protects (and attacks) from above now.

I will post behind the scenes to making this project later this week.

Uncle Mikey’s Dried Pineapple

Have you ever eaten something so good that all you can do afterwards is shake your head?  That’s what I find myself doing every time I eat some Uncle Mikey’s dried pineapple. Let me take you back 1 week ago..
It was Saturday February 16 and someone stopped by to take a look at our garden in perhaps getting some thoughts for their thesis project which focuses on gardening.  Upon stopping by they gave us a gift, it was a small package of dried pineapple.  Thank you Ann for giving this to us….You shared this with me and now I will share it….
I am not usually a fan of dried fruit because every time I buy it in the store it’s looks like gummy candy that is filled with sugar. Dried fruit shouldn’t have a big list of ingredients.  I want my dried fruit to taste real, like, well, fruit.    I am a big fan of pineapple so I was excited to try this.  On first look the dried fruit wasn’t poofy at all, in fact it looked very thin. I never saw dried fruit that actually looked like it was a dried version of the fruit! So I tasted it, and unicorns and sparkles magically appeared around me.  Glitter fell.  The angels sang.  Man, this was GOOD.  So good I immediately declared it out loud my new favorite snack in the world.  I did a quick Google search and learned that Uncle Mikey’s was based in Hawaii and they didn’t sell their products in New York. I was heart broken.  But there was still hope – they sold it online! More angels singing.  So about 20 minutes after finishing this bag above, I bought a 16 oz package of dried pineapple online. I could not wait for it to arrive!
So yesterday, Friday February 22 my package arrived!  Can we just say how amazing it is that I got fresh dried pineapple from Hawaii in less than a week?  Can we also say how amazing it is that Mikey himself sends out emails curious about how you learned about his product, telling you it was shipped, and just other great words of happiness because he is a good guy. I want him to be my new best friend so bad.
Here is my 16 oz of dried pineapple, aka, the greatest pineapple in the world.  Their slogan is “no weird stuff added” which is true, this is just fruit, nothing else.  How can dried fruit be this amazing?  I don’t know! But after snacking on some, I found my way writing this blog entry. The pineapple puts me in a trance – “I must tell the world about this pineapple”. 
It was vacuum packed so I quickly cut my way in.  WP_20130223_050
There it is.  Oh my god, look at this pineapple.  People, look at it. 
The texture is rough (in a good way), you need to chew it.  It’s not gummy, it has bite.  Do you know when you eat pineapple and your tongue burns afterwards?  Well you know this is the real deal because after eating this dried pineapple, I get the burn. My mouth waters just thinking about it.
He also sent this other sample pack.. I was dying to try everything when I saw the selection on his website.
The apple banana! Oh heavens! Did you even know there was a such a thing? It’s delicious! The guava leather is delicious too, I snacked it on the way home tonight on the subway and the ladies next to me complimented the smell. I almost offered to share but I couldn’t part with it.

If you like dried fruit – please try this.  I know it isn’t cheap, but honestly it’s worth it.  It’s one of these things you find in life and hopefully you will have forever. I know that was a dramatic statement, but I mean it.  It’s that good. 

Thursday Thoughts

Pictures from the last week..

This is my new favorite website.  The truth is that I worked out tonight while dancing to this, when the cats come in, I dance hard. 
This is our daily afternoon snack.  It happens between 4-5PM.  We each have one piece of whole wheat bread with cinnamon raisin peanut butter + red raspberry  jam.  It’s magic.
praymid hill
This is a outtake of a project we did earlier last year. I found it today and now I want to rework it to share it with the world.
We had Mexican a few nights ago.  The tortilla soup was not as good as mine, but the cheese fries with black beans were magical.
2013-02-20 10-13-31.205
This is my new sweatshirt.  I do like cats.
I have important roles like standing on top of the table to hold the boards in place while Matthew puts in screws below. I do this with fluffy heart socks on.
photo 2.JPG
Magical devils food cheesecake at a Nets game.  This is the best buy at the Arena at my opinion. It’s a giant (2 people serving) piece of cake for $8.75.
Grandma pizza is real good.
Some goodies friends brought us back from Cambodia. It’s black pepper beans and lotus tea.
Construction victim, poor Sambas.
Matthew’s shoe was in a construction accident.
Turkey + avocado + tomatoes + walnut pesto + lettuce sandwich.  With tomato soup.  Had a solo lunch with a book…
I’m current reading the biography of Marie Antoinette.  I’m really into that time period right now.  I had homemade tortilla soup one night with this book.  This book is such a great date.
A friend came over and brought donuts.  The bottom right is my favorite – roasted coconut.  LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE.  If you ever come to New York, go to Dough in Brooklyn!
I had went to my favorite tea store in New York, McNulty’s. The men in the store are so helpful and make me smell every single tea, I adore them.  I could spend a very long time in here.  I was in here because my doctor told me I have to cut down on caffeinated tea, apparently he thinks there is something wrong with 7 cups of black tea a day.  Apparently he thinks it’s causing my horrible headaches that I have been taking medicine for. This is such sad news, because I need my tea! Oh man.. what am I going to do.
So I got decaffeinated chocolate mint and english breakfast.  I also got a oolong which is much lower in caffeine.  The ceylon was for a friend.   I can now report almost a week later, my headaches aren’t as bad or as often.  I am on the lookout for great decaffeinated teas, this is a major change in my life.  But if it’s helping my headaches, I welcome it.. although I miss my usual teas. :(
I met a clown in the Subway and got this balloon.  I carried it all the way home.  It’s on my wall now.WP_20130215_005
I dressed in ice cream cone colors.WP_20130212_005 (1)
This is Brother Bear’s crinkle ball.  he puts it under his body.WP_20130212_004 (1)
And then slides it under his belly.  Don’t touch it.

10 Years Anniversary!

We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this weekend (blizzard style).  On February 10 it will be a official 10 years!  Our 2 blue haired selves would have never imagined everything that would happen in the upcoming years, from school to moving to New York City to our work to traveling to our cats to just growing up together.  It’s been a fun 10 years.  Can’t wait for the next 70.

(PS. I bought this card for Matthew off Etsy.  You can buy one too.  It’s one of the best cards I ever seen in my entire life, I want them all).

Hello to 2003 Pamela + Matthew.

Portrait Party Behind The Scenes

As I mentioned in this cupcake post, we recently had to get our portrait taken for a project.  The project is focused on our stuffed animals, “The Family”.  I will make a post about it soon! Here’s how the final turned out.  This is one of our better portraits we have had taken because it’s very Pamela +Matthew with fun, cats, our stuffed family.  Thanks to the photographer Claire for putting this fairy tale setting together.
Portrait Reed+Rader
One of the first things we got asked about is the cat up front.  Everyone wants to know if it’s real.  Of course it is! It’s Xanadu Pluto, our crazy Siamese.  The thing you have to know about Xanadu is she’s a model and loves the spotlight.  In the hour we sat for this portrait, Xanadu basically didn’t move (except once she came back to lick some of the icing off the cupcake).  She lives for attention. 
I had to stretch my legs a few times because I can’t bend like I used to.  Xanadu looked over but didn’t move her body.
Nope, still mot moving.
This is her helping the photographer set up.
Yes, this floor is very comfortable.  It will do. WP_20130203_081
No, I think those markers need to be moved.
I approve of these props. 
Xanadu liked the Care Bear crown.
Also the My Little Pony. Man I love My Little Pony.
This octopus is not part of our stuffed family but he was a nice gentleman on set.
These guys are part of our family.  They are the Grandpas and they are eating pizza and talking on the telephone here.
Then the shoot was over and the party was thrown into suitcases.

Hello 2013!

Welcome the year 2013!
Although I will promise you I will be writing the year 2012 on everything until at least July. I don’t make resolutions per say, but here’s a few things I look forward to, and hope to push in the next 12 months.

I turn 30 this year, and it’s totally ok.  You know when you’re young and you think 25 is old, and then you turn 25 and you glare at your self in it’s youth.  That’s how I feel about 30. 30 isn’t old.  30 is still young.  Will I say this at 40? We’ll see.  But I welcome 30, even though I’m very curious what the next decade will bring in life events.

Continue to take care of myself.  This year during June I started working out regularly for the first time in my life.  Now it’s January 1st and not only did I lose multiple sizes in clothing and currently 17 pounds, but I feel great.  I realized before how much I was just sitting at my computer and not being active.  I started to feel tired and not motivated.  Now with the help of monitoring myself everyday and knowing when I need to get up and move, it’s made me feel alot better about myself and become aware of what I need.  I also  learned how to eat better this year without starving myself.   You can still eat that piece of fudge, go for it, but it’s about learning when to stop.  This is hard when the fudge is so good, but once you learn to control yourself, it becomes quite simple to just “stop”.  I’m proud of myself for finally learning to take care of my body and I hope this continues.  One thing I want to give credit to is the Nike Fuel Band.  I received this a few months ago and I have to say it’s been very helpful with reaching my daily goal.  Sometimes you don’t quite realize how inactive you are being, and then you look at your fuel band at 8:00PM and realized you haven’t moved much at all.  Each day I need to get to 3,000 fuel points.  If I look at it at night and I’m not close to it, I will either get up and exercise (usually either running or dancing – I find dancing is a powerful workout) or take a long walk.  Do I need to get a carton of eggs? Ok, well instead of going to the grocery store a few feet away, let’s walk to one 2 miles away.  The fuel band really helps encourage to have a daily game with yourself.   If you need to get motivated, I really can’t say enough good things about it.  If you get one, be sure to add me to your friends, you can motivate each other on this and a little push sometimes really helps.
Take more fashion risks.  Have you always wanted that shiny purse box but wasn’t sure what to wear it with?  Figure it out.  You don’t need to pair it with a sparkly dress, just wear it with your grandma winter coat.  You can wear anything, don’t be afraid.  I just got this bag and I’m in love with it.  If a little thing like a shiny bag will make me happy, then I’m going to accept that smile.
Stop and tell someone you love them. Make sure that person you actually love or that might be weird for a stranger on the street.  Have pets? Tell them you love them.  Pets need time out of every single day for your devotion.  They become good critters because you are a good critter friend.  Let them know how special they are to you.
February will be the month of Matthew and my 10 year Anniversary. Who knew that 10 years ago when we first met in a college dorm in Pittsburgh that eventually we would have everything we have today, because we did it together.  It’s a good feeling to realize you created what you have. Be proud of it and keep working towards better.
Keep exploring the new.  Stay ahead of the curve, learn new things, push yourself, don’t be afraid of the unknown.  Doing the same thing is boring, don’t fall into that trap.   If you learn one thing, learn 2 more and then put them all together.  Who knows, it could be something amazing, but you don’t know unless you try.  Changes don’t come overnight, be patient.  If you’re proud of what you’re doing, then you’re doing great. It will come.
See more. I live in one of the greatest cities in the world but don’t take advantage of it as much as I can.  Make sure to see a show before it ends. Want to try that taco place? Do it. Go to a park and do nothing.   Show NYC how much I love it.
Get a washer and dryer.   Make my dream come true.

~Weekend Mode~

The weekend is here, and tomorrow we will go back to work.  We promised ourselves to take off the holiday until tomorrow, when programs will be booted and back to editing we will go.  We have a project to edit, and many storyboards/ideas to bring to life.  We have cheated a little bit, I sent out some work emails, I spotted Matthew in Maya doing 3D, but for the most part it was a ~no work holiday~. 
On Friday I headed to Queens to Michael’s, I have begun scrapbooking.  I tend to collect everything, every receipt from a special dinner, every card ever given me, little monsters I cut out that I can’t even remember why.  And these boxes I throw them in are starting to add up, so I’m going to scrapbook.  I used to this regularly years ago, so I have quite a few thousand days of memories to catch up on.  I will do a more involved post about  my scrapbooking goodies later..
~Scrapbooking Center of the World~.  Or NYC.
I got lots of paper and storage boxes.  Almost everything was 50% off so I couldn’t control myself.  Also, Halloween paper books were 1 penny, I have no idea why.  It was a deal of a life time. I didn’t get stickers or the sort because I have thousands of them just here waiting to be used.
I wanted to share with you my amazing new cat earmuffs too. I have been on the lookout for these for months, but finally a pair popped up on Ebay. They were sold at H&M Europe as a specialty one year, but  never made it to the USA.  Except for now, where they will reside on my ears at all times.  Everyone enjoys them on the street.
Nets vs Cavs tonight.  Can't decide who to root for so we are going for them both.
See, I have them on here too! I can’t get enough of them.  We went to a Brooklyn Nets vs Cleveland Cavaliers game.  We are fans of them both (Matthew is from near Cleveland, I married into this life) so I didn’t know if I should wear my Cavs jersey or my Brooklyn jersey.  Who was I supposed to cheer for?  Instead I wore the Cavs jersey, with the Nets coat on top. I cheered whenever anyone scored a basket.  It was the best game, because I was happy with whoever won! Nets ended up winning.
I cleaned my spoons and tea mugs this weekend.  That was a highlight (honestly).  I’m tea crazy and it tends to stain some things.  I’ve tried baking soda before but I didn’t think it was that good, so I read that a Magic Eraser would solve all my tea problems – and it did.  Spoons are tea free.  Mugs are spotless.   Woo Woo!
I hugged this boy alot this weekend.  It just comes natural though.
Its not Christmas until cookies and chocolate arrive from Ohio....
A shipment of our annual Christmas cookies from Ohio came.  Matthew’s mom makes such amazing cookies, the peanut butter blossoms are my favorite! They are delicious and dangerous.  They are a highlight to every holiday season.
We’re going to spend the rest of the day here, most likely with Xanadu squeezed in somewhere.  Matthew will play Skyrim, I will drink tea and read.  Right now I’m reading Complete Stories by Dorothy Parker.  The stories were almost all written in the 20’s or 30’s period, they will make you laugh at the good nature of the women, and sigh at some of the portrayals of the husbands.   Dorothy was the Carrie Bradshaw of the 20’s.

Sitting On Clouds

A few years ago we bought a pair of computer chairs.   I decided to go against the grain and buy a fancy blue cushioned one. I thought it was a great idea, until I quickly realized the color was going to fade.  We’re talking real quick.  My vibrant blue cushion quickly turned into a faded blue, almost washing the color away completely.   So today I decided after looking at it for years to spruce it up and add some color to the seat that houses me the most in a day.
This is my sad chair before.  The color is gone.  Please ignore the cat scratches up top, those are staying.  I think they add character.  They say “I have cats and I let them do whatever they want.  My cats rule me.  Help me.”
I had this cloud fabric in one of my craft bins that I’ve been waiting to use.  I was going to make a pillow, but decided to use it on this project.  I measured the chair and cut what I needed. Then I pinned it to the chair to make sure the fabric was flat across.  Then I turned the chair upside down and stapled it  underneath.  This was so simple to do.
Then I flipped the chair back over and look at it – bright and colorful! No more faded colors.  No more sadness.