End of November Garden

Well it’s coming to be the end of November and it’s officially cold out.  Don’t you hate it when it’s so hot in the summer you wish for winter, then all of a sudden it’s winter and you’re outside crying because your legs are so cold you can’t walk.  Even though we’re feeling the cold here, the broccoli and cauliflower are doing well under  the greenhouse.  We picked a few more today to have for dinner.  We are anxiously waiting for
when we can pick more cauliflower, the first batch we steamed and it was hands down ~the best cauliflower ever~.”
Cauliflower.. we’re waiting for you.  Such amazing looking plants…
Leaves are changing.. season is ending.. and in less than 2 months we will start our Spring seeds already!
Matching garden attire is never planned, but always acknowledged.

Mid Week Garden Update + Turkey Day

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Hope everyone who is celebrating has a great meal with some of your best friends.  This year we’ll be eating turkey at some friends home, which I find ok considering we had it here last year, as well as a bonus Thanksgiving in August celebration.  I will admit though for dinner tonight we had stuffing.. couldn’t resist getting in the spirit.
Since returning from London, we haven’t had much garden time as we had to jump right into a job, but today we opened up the green house and find some beautiful broccoli and cauliflower surprises.
Also the onions are looking very strong and should be making magic under the soil very soon…

Cauliflower Success!

Well there was some good news growing under the green house when we opened it.  For the first time, our cauliflower grew successfully!  It made us both dance.
We ate it tonight, man it was delicious. 
In the green house you can see a few more cauliflower heads growing…
A post Sandy harvest, picking up green tomatoes thrown all over.  Into a paper bag they go and hopefully they’ll be red soon enough..


Hope everyone who was hit by the storm is ok.  As I’m sure you’ve seen on the news, Hurricane Sandy hit NYC and the East Coast pretty hard.  We were one of the lucky ones but many people weren’t this fortunate.  I’ve just been looking at pictures all morning and making sure all our friends and relatives are ok.  It’s going to be a sad day.  Give someone a hug if you see they need one!

photo 5.JPG

photo 1.JPG
Matthew took this picture late last night, power out to lower Manhattan, crazy to see.

Garden Update: Monday, 11AM

Well it doesn’t look good and we are hardly even hit yet, but the ongoing winds for the last 24 hours has not been friendly .  We found out last night that NYC is going to have gusts now up to 90MPH.  In much fear, we hit the roof last night at midnight with a flashlight to find more rope and tie everything we could possibly down, but really, what are you supposed to do?   At that much power, everyone’s roofs are going to be cleared.   The worst for us is tonight into the morning…

As of 11AM, this is the garden.  One of the pea fences are broken already and all the fabric is completely torn.  I really wish I would have picked all the green tomatoes! They are probably on the street now…
If you’re in the storm, be safe, stay inside. I took this picture in a doorway, zoomed incredibly in. 
This is getting pretty crazy.
UPDATE: PEA FENCES ARE DOWN. We had to frantically push against 50mph winds to tear them out (I know I went against my advise, but I had to save possible lives), including ripping the peas out of the ground.  They were almost ready to produce.  Can’t believe we just ripped them out like that, my heart is broken, but the fence was ready to fall down and blow off the roof.  I also grabbed some green tomatoes as I ran back while crying.

The good thing: Last night in a panic of anxiety (which is going nonstop) I baked chocolate chip cookies which I stood in line for 45 minutes to buy supplies for earlier that day. I need to do something to keep my mind off this because every time I look out the window I just see trees shaking and hear the wind gusting everywhere from my windows to my front door.
photo 4.JPG

Storm Is Coming..

Well it  looks like Frankenstorm is going to get us, possibly real good.  The city has already put into a effect a mandatory evacuation of Zone A, all subway and buses are closed down starting tonight at 7PM.   With no transportation this basically means the city is shut down.  Already I know NYU cancelled their classes for tomorrow, so we’re predicting that since the worst of the storm isn’t going to hit us until Monday evening, classes (including the one we teach) will probably be cancelled Tuesday as well.   It’s predicted we’ll see wind from 35-50mph pretty steadily, and possibly gusts up to 80mph on elevated buildings (hello, rooftop garden).   It’s kinda crazy here now, just waiting..
As soon as we woke up this morning, we immediately found out about the transportation, so we knew to get up to the garden ASAP to get everything tied down.    Let’s be honest though..  if we’re seeing wind gusts at 80mph, the garden probably isn’t going to be our main concern.
To put in perspective.. this is the garden at 11AM on Sunday.. with the storm actually not hitting heavily until tonight/tomorrow.  It’s already this windy..

This is what I saw when we first went up today, our heavy tree has already blown over.
photo 1.JPG
And now it’s tied up..
photo 3.JPG 
Every structure is tied and weighted down the best it can be..
photo 2.JPG
photo 4.JPG
Be safe all.. it’s going to be a crazy next few days.

Last Harvest For Many…

Yesterday was the last harvest for carrots, peppers and tomatoes.    We also got the green house out and built it to protect the broccoli, cauliflower and onions.  The storm is about to hit here, so I’m glad we got it done in time.
Carrots were picked.. these guys have been sitting for a while waiting for us.. that’s the amazing thing about carrots, they last forever.  Can we talk about how wide some of these are?  Good job carrots.
photo 5.JPG
My babies, the pepper plants, were knocked down.  There were many peppers to be picked which is great because I just ran out of peppers the night before!  Aren’t they gorgeous?
photo 4.JPG
More tomatoes.  You know, they never stop.  I think I’ve wrote this 10 times already, but they really don’t.  Even though I said they are done, I bet I will post one more time with more tomatoes this year.
photo 5.JPG
Greenhouse is up.. this year we are squeezing every last inch out of it..
photo 3.JPG
In the green house..
photo 2.JPG
We also cleaned up the entire garden, put supplies under tarps, etc.  It’s always a bit sad as we know this is one of the final steps of the year..
photo 4.JPG

Tomatoes Are Down

Our beloved tomatoes, the monsters and protectors of the garden, were cut down this week.  Every year we say “the tomatoes were the best this year” so I will say.. the tomatoes were the best this year!  We easily yielded over 100 pounds of tomatoes and my freezer will forever be grateful for the sauces these tomatoes will provide us for the rest  of our lives.
The tomatoes gave us one last harvest.. even in the middle of October.. couldn’t have asked for more productive tomato plants this year!
photo 5.JPG
photo 1.JPG
After:  (*weep weep*)
photo 2.JPG
The garden is looking a little empty without them.  Don’t worry, they will be back next year.. better than ever?
photo 3.JPG

Goodbye Corn

Today I picked the 2nd round of corn and chopped down all the corn plants.  The plants will be cut up, buried and eventually turn into great compost soil.  If you remember we had great success with corn this year and picked the most delicious ears in August.  Because we are risk takers we decided to try for a second round of corn and attempt to beat the weather clock.  Although these corns aren’t as big as the first round because they didn’t have the hot weather corn loves, they still grew really well for being Fall.
photo 2.JPG
Goodbye corn, I love you so very much.
photo 5.JPG
It kills me to chop you guys down but you will always be special to me.
photo 4.JPG
Here’s all the ears, almost every single plant had one to pick.
photo 5.JPG
See you next year corn!

Garden Update

Here’s a quick update on where the garden is at right now.  A few boxes have been cleared,  many boxes need to be cleared. We are waiting for the harvest to stop before pulling them..
For example, the tomato plants are brown and are seeing it’s last days.  But check out all the red tomatoes it’s still producing. I feel like they will never stop.
The pepper plants are still doing great.. they’re always the warriors of the garden:
Update on the broccoli. 
And the surprise! Cauliflower.  We have not had great/any success with cauliflower.  To be fair we only tried growing it in the first year of our garden, so we hope now things will be different.  This is a good sign to see a few baby heads start to appear…  Also, I’m missing nail polish, I’m totally aware of this.
Remember when I chopped down the kale a few weeks ago? Well the kale really doesn’t want to end it’s season because this mini kale plant suddenly appeared in it’s place.

Happy Monday!

What the title says – Happy Monday! I love waking up early.  Well, I don’t like waking up early.. but when I do, I get so much accomplished and feel better about that.  But I don’t like the actual act of waking up early.  It’s not even noon yet and I’ve worked out, ate breakfast, got a shower, did a million work emails, fed Essy 8 times, woke Matthew up twice to ask him questions, drank many cups of tea.
Speaking of Essy, how beautiful is this mom bear?  18 years old and still 100% trouble. 
photo 4.JPG
We are working on a fun Christmas project..  
photo 1.JPG
This is my current favorite tea in the world.  If you drink tea, please try this.  I find it a bit pricy ($6 for 20 bags at my grocery store) but it’s one of the best black teas.  It has a strong smell to it and reminds me of Fruity Pebbles which is a good comparision.
Here’s a update on the broccoli and cauliflower plants. Yesterday and today have  been 70 degrees which is unfortunate, but tomorrow is back to being chilly which everyone prefers.  Everyone being me and the broccoli plants.  We are having issues with aphids this year, they are ruining our lives.  We have tried every type of spray, we have tried jetting them off full force with the hose, but they come back.  Everyday.  We started using this spray a few days ago and it’s seemed to have a positive impact as the bottom of the broccoli leaves now lie hundreds of dead aphids.   I never wanted something to die as much as I want these aphids dead.  I feel like a horrible person saying this, but seriously.  Please leave our broccoli alone!
photo 4.JPG
It seems like round 2 of corn is happening.  We are racing against the weather (I know, I can’t have it both ways), but every plant has a ear of corn on it now!
photo 2.JPG
We tore down the back box of red beans, they did good this year.  We also cleaned up the cucumber (did amazing this year!) and pumpkin plants but I didn’t take pictures.  The season is winding down…
photo 3.JPG

Harvest Today

Not only did we harvest the basil plants today, but lots of others had to be picked.
photo 4.JPG
As you can see the tomato plants are on their  last legs, but continue to produce tomatoes.  These are all big  beef tomatoes hanging here.
photo 1.JPG
So along with the tomatoes, we also picked lots of green peppers (plenty more still on the plant!) and cucumbers.
Sorry about the strangeness of this picture, I was balancing on one leg on top of the couch.
photo 1.JPG
I already cut the cucumbers to make half sour pickles.  It will be a struggle not to open them for a week….
photo 4.JPG