The Artist

We just saw “The Artist” this afternoon at BAM (btw,  beautiful theaters). One of the  best films I’ve seen in a while, really witty and will make you laugh. Bonus points for animal lovers. :)   Please see it! :)

Jane Priser’s Cat Creations

I randomly came across Jane Priser’s Flickr page through a random Google search for what term, I forget, probably “pastel cats” (its a favorite search I do!).   There I found this and fell in love.  So after a few clicks, I was able to find that she had a Etsy shop, but the cat wasn’t listed! I quick sent her a message and just a little while later she agreed without any hesitation to make one just like it. I SWOONED.  And when it arrived a few days ago, I SWOONED AGAIN. 

This sculpture is completely hand sculpted with clay, with bright blue eyes, it looks like a cat from space ready to steal your heart. It’s one of my favorite items ever from Etsy (and that’s saying alot, I’m a Etsy addict).

photo 2.JPG


Now it’s featured by the door so everyone can say hello and goodbye to it.

photo 4.JPG

Here’s some of her other amazing work that’s cat inspired she’s selling:

il_570xN.302059405 il_570xN.122759557

Hidden Animal Mugs

I found these on my internet journey and knew I had to post them.  Who doesn’t want to drink some tea and coffee and find a animal head poking out to say hello? Hey, I do. And for $21.95, we all can have one!




I also found this related item…they have 3-d winter animals/figures on the bottom!


And a bunny one!


And a cool octopus one too.. I can’t stop looking at these!


Sleep No More

Last night we experienced “Sleep No More”.  What is “Sleep No More”? Well I’m glad you asked.  Wiki says:  Sleep No More  is an immersive theatre installation created by British theatre company Punchdrunk based on Punchdrunk’s original 2003 London production and their 2009 collaboration with Boston’s American Repertory Theatre. The company reinvented Sleep No More in a co-production with EMURSIVE, which began performances at The McKittrick Hotel in Manhattan on March 7, 2011.

To put into my own words? It’s a interactive theater experience.  Everyone who attends is required to wear a mask the entire time, the only people not wearing the mask are the characters.  The storyline is based around Macbeth, with characters appearing in the fictitious McKittrick Hotel at random times.  It is a 3 hour experience of walking around 5 stories and opening every drawer, closet you can possibly find to put clues together, or just be nosy.  There’s rules: You can never take your mask off, you can never talk.  The only people allowed to talk are the characters who appear and act out scenes as the audience surrounds them and then chases them throughout the hotel to see where they end up next.  There’s multiple floors so there’s many characters and scenes happening at the same time which eventually ties them all together, but I found it fun to just explore for the sake of exploring.  I was sitting on beds going through documents in someone’s briefcase,  turning jars upside down, trying to find keys to unlock lockboxes, stuffing my face with candy in the candy store that is left unattended to.  

If you’re in NYC, you must go.  It ends very soon and tickets are $75 a piece, but it’s a experience you won’t forget.  Afterwards for the next few hours we felt like we were still in the hotel, it messes with your mind.  We found ourselves watching a tag football game after leaving with our masks in hand forgetting that the players weren’t actors and we are in “reality” now. 

Go see it!

Picture of us afterwards:

Sleep No More!

And pictures I found online as using a phone/camera is strictly prohibited (and fairly so, it ruins the romantic notion if you see someone tweeting in a corner):




PBS SundayArts

Thanks to Facebook, I was alerted this morning that we got a mention on PBS SundayArts! This week it’s a special “Fashion at Lincoln Center” and designer Cynthia Rowley talked about our collaboration for her Resort collection which we created the video lookbook for. 

You can see the video here incase you don’t want to wait for it on PBS. :)   It’s at about the 13:25 mark.

Watch the full episode. See more SundayArts.