Last Night in Pittsburgh – One Year Later

A year ago today we loaded our Pittsburgh home into a moving truck, waved goodbye to our amazing apartment in the clouds, and set off on new adventures in New York City.  It’s hard to believe that it was only a year ago, while at the same time it seems just like yesterday.  Did Pittsburgh or anything else before NYC actually happen?  So much has changed and continues to change each and every day. 

I can’t believe the difference a year makes.


<3 Meowzas

BTS: Video

Remember the set I posted a few days ago? This is what it was used for.  It came out really well for $7.  Model: Yana Verba (Elite), Stylist: Darcy Stockton, Makeup: Laura Dambra, Hair: Renee Majour, Photographer: Us.

Brian Kinney

The new and final season of Queer As Folk came out today on DVD.  I marked it in my day planner because I’m desperate as I haven’t seen any of the final season.  I went in today to Best Buy and couldn’t find it anywhere and a somber reality set in – they didn’t have it.  But then someone helped me find it where it was secretely hidden and now I have it!  I plan on selling it on eBay when I’m done watching it.  I could have netflix’d it but I canceled my netflix (for the 10th time) as months when I watch 1 movie isn’t worth the $20.    I also picked up the new issues of i-D (horror!), Flair and WWD Magazine (Fall).  I could stay in Universal News all day,  but usually they’ll kick you out after half an hour. :(

Spitting Good Time

Looooooooong day today. 11 hour shoot.  Very tired feet.   Yana was amazing and a trooper.  Quick few second video best explains the shoot.  It was our best shoot to date I believe.  I’ll have more videos that I’ll post when I wake up tomorrow afternoon.


To the 20 or so of you that look at this weblog a day…

You are allowed to comment on any post without having to have an account or anything.  Please grace us with your glorious words of wisdom. 

That is all. 

Squeaky shoes

Last night, I finally found my beloved Marc Jacob Mouse Flats in stock!  They are from the Spring 2006 collection and are sold out EVERYWHERE! As soon as I went to the website and saw they had one size left, in my size, my heart started to beat  rapidly as I pulled my credit card from my purse and began typing furiously.  When I checked on them today to swoon, they aren’t available anymore so I got the LAST PAIR! It’s fate!  We’re meant to be together!!!  Plus I got free shipping! They are famously known for the white version,  but I got the black version as I think it would go with alot more of my wardrobe.  Because they are a bit kitschy (ok alot), I’ll tend to wear them every now and then as I don’t want to be known as a Habakkuk lover girl.    Ebay has some pairs up now (in white) if you are interested. Expect to pay $300-$400 for these lovely mice.



I just cleaned the bathroom from floor to ceiling and it looks absolutely glorious.  The only negative here is that I don’t think Essy is very happy with me making over her "area".  :|  

On another note, I picked up a Rigid 9 gallon wet/dry vac at Home Depot yesterday.  I wasn’t expecting much for the cheap price but this guy has insane suction – just ask Pamela, I tormented her and Essy for all of one minute.  This thing will work out just fine.  :thumbsup:

Reality TV comes alive

It seems like everyone is somehow involved in Reality TV.  Last week we found out that one of the girls I know and shot her lookbook for is going to be on this seasons Project Runway (which airs in July!).  Go Alison!  She’s in Mr. Wubba polaroids – can you spot her?   Also found out today that we’re booked to shoot one of the America’s Next Top Model girls next week.  I don’t watch the show so I know nothing about her.

I’m going  to Target soon.  I love Target.  I hope it doesn’t rain until I’m home.