Marni to Mouret

Sophia Neophitou,
fashion director of Russian Vogue, is the queen of sexy, fitted
outfits. Lucinda Chambers, style icon and fashion director of British
Vogue, never does anything but baggy. So what happened when they
switched styles for the day?  Read more.

I thought this article was fascinating with 2 such powerful women in fashion who are so secure with their bodies and style, but when taken out of their shells, aren’t at all.  I’m more of a girl like Chambers, not comfortable with showing the extra skin and hates the extra attention that comes with it.  I sometimes think I tend to wear the baggier, layered, boyish cuts just to draw attention away.  In my mind sexiness can be displayed in a baggy overcoat or a form fitting black dress.  I guess it comes down to comfort, physically and mentally.

Ursula 1000

Ursula 1000 – Here Comes Tomorrow (the track).  I’m in love with it.  The mans vocals are so addicting.  He’s in a band called Misty Roses a website tells me.  A iTunes search gives me the only album they ever came out with.  To buy? To not? Ugh.

Had shoot today.  Will upload outtake video later I think.

Super Mario Bros.

It’s true.  I have been obsessed with the new Super Mario Bros. this past week (omg its only been 5 days?).  Matthew bought it on Monday and minutes ago, I beat it.  It was glorious and I would like to thank all of my supportive friends and family for giving me their love and not expecting me to talk back when they talked to me.  I would also like to thank my left thumb and pinky finger because they felt like they were going to fall off a few times.  The game is GREAT and the DS is wonderful.  It’s the first game I played since I was a child that I really became super obsessive with (more than Animal Crossing).  The last world (8) had its ease and troubles.  The castle before the final castle kicked me hard many many times.  Staying on those green movable blocks is close to impossibe.  Anyways.  I am back now, somewhat (there’s mini games to play now!) xoxo to Mr. Mario, Princess and Shigeru.


I am absolutely in love with my Apple Airport Express and now that I have the majority of my CD’s ripped its never been easier to constantly have good tunes on. 

Currently listening to:

Koop – Waltz for Koop
Fantastic Plastic Machine – Self Titled
Ursula 1000 – Here Comes Tomorrow
Dot Allison – Afterglow
Dzihan & Kamien – Freaks & Icons
Pizzicato Five – Overdose
45 Dip – The Acid Lounge


Pamela is way obsessed with the New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS. I rarely see her anymore but I can hear the familiar coin *ding* noises. When she’s not playing she’s watching me play. She’s crrrrrrrrrrrrrrazy. :D

Trunk Shows

So when I get up during the night,  I check my email.  Doesn’t everyone? It’s a bad habit and it usually ruins my sleep as email never stops.  Today when checking it during my "half-asleep" mode, I definitely wasn’t going to be able to go back to sleep. Neiman Marcus/Saks emailed me to look at the Fall 2006 trunk shows of Vince (that’s an exclusive link my dears) and Marc by Marc Jacobs.  And if by any indication of how much I loved the dress that was included in the email, I am in trouble.   Everything is pre-order, obviously, but I’m debating on getting a few items.  I mean they’re basic pieces so they’re worth it.  I can wear that knit tunic everyday in the fall – it gets chilly often! And then when it gets hot, I can put it in my Marc Veruka shopper bag!

Top row – Vince
Bottom row – Marc by Marc Jacobs



I hate livebooks – there I said it! I hate every website that has livebooks.  I question anyone and everyone who would pay $900 for this service. I will delete every bookmark I have that uses livebooks as  I stage my one woman revolution! Let’s all dress the same, talk the same and walk the same!  When we get signed to an agency, the first question I will ask is "Do you show your talents portfolios through livebooks?" and then if they answer yes I will grab Matthew’s hand and run out (or not). 

The New Super Mario Bros.

The Nintendo DS is quickly becoming my favorite video game system of all time.  Since we got (pamela bought it) a DS I have had a gaming rebirth of sorts and with so many great games its easy to understand why.  I picked up the new Mario from Nintendo World today and I must admit it – I am in love.  The game rocks the socks off my nostalgia loving self and other then the controls which could be a tad tighter the game is perfect. 


*Yes, they are plucked and shaved* ;)

Sample Sales

I had an endless list of secret sample sales that came across under my nose, but I forgot to post them last week and upon just remembering, realized they all happened last week (except 1).  Sorry!   Here is the one left though…

Showroom Seven, May 8-19;
Mon.-Sat., 10 a.m.-7 p.m., 498 Seventh Avenue between
36th and 37th Streets 24th floor, Imitation of Christ, Issa and much more.

In other news, we have 5 tests this week.  So that will be life.  Shoot, edit, email, shoot, edit, email.  Repeat many times.

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