Gore, Turtles and Falls

AninconvenienttruthThis blog entry is full of pictures.
My day: I had class. I went to the post office and waited in line for 33 minutes to send out a CD to a magazine.  I went to American Apparel for the first time and bought 2 dresses (and a shirt/head band for my other half).  I caught the 6 uptown.  I went to Heavenly delights and bought candy. This is what $7 worth the candy (its like, nothing) looks like.  While in the store I also saved 3 new family members.  While there I saw another turtle (his twin brother) but told myself it was an imposter and didn’t get him.  I ventured to 59th and 3rd to go to the movies by myself.  After shelling out my $11 for a ticket, I took my seat to view Al Gore’s new film "An Inconvenient Truth".   It was very good and I will make a post about it this weekend with sad world facts and how much we suck and how we need to save the polar bears/chicks/caterpillars and how we’re going to die.  Other things I learned during the movie is that Al Gore doesn’t go anywhere without his Apple Powerbook (seriously) and his Treo.  I also learned that Al Gore loves incorporating cute little people (more) into his slideshows.   Baby boop danced during the movie! During the movie, I kept thinking about the turtle I didn’t buy and how he wasn’t an imposter and how now I sepearted the twin turtles, so I went back to Heavenly Delights and thankfully he was still there! I saved him!! I did it! We were so happy! After that, I continued up town to 89th street where I went to Petco to buy Essy food and also got her new toys.  I got her a "cat teaser" and a lady bug that chases her.  The verdict is still out.  I saw frogs too.  It then started to rain. That leads to slippery stairs. On my way down the stairs to catch the subway, I fell down the stairs.  Practically the whole stair case.  My back landed on the edge of the stair and then I bounced down more stairs.  I think I might have broken my tailbone. People crowded around me to help me. I literally can’t move.  I almost cried/passed out while people made sure I was ok. I was worried that I ripped my Stella Mccartney hoodie that I had on, but I didn’t.  I will have bruises soon. I took the 6 to Grand Central, transferred to the 7 train where I got live music, and then transferred to my train – the G train where I finally got a picture of the giraffesMe and my 4 new children rode home, where I grabbed the bus once I got out of the subway station.   The Grandpas greeted me when I got home.

I must go tend to my ice pack now and continue to cry. Good night.

The Meow World

As previously posted, Meow Mix is sponsoring a Real World esque show for cats! The purty ones are located at 425 Madison just until Friday! So of course I went today to visit them and spent 2 hours sitting on Madison Avenue staring at the cats and talking to them like the crazy cat woman through the window! You can see the pictures by clicking the meowza below! The concept of the show:

"10 Cats to Live Together in a House and Vie for Job with The Meow Mix
Company Reality show contestants will do anything to win.  Ten felines from shelters all over the country have been selected to compete in the inaugural edition of The Meow Mix House.
The cats will travel to New York City and live together in a
specially-designed house, located at 425 Madison Avenue, from June 13th
to 23rd. 
Host Tom Shillue will lead the cats through a variety
of reward challenges, including contests to see which kitty can purr
the loudest, catch the most toy mice, and fall asleep the fastest. The
cats will be evaluated based on their performance in the competitions,
how they interact with the other cats in the house, and in general,
their ability to prove themselves as “Meow Mix material.” Every day one
cat will be evicted from the house, until only the pick of the litter
remains. All the kitties in the Meow Mix House are winners, however,
since whichever puss gets the boot will then be adopted into a
permanent home, and receive a one-year supply of Meow Mix as a
consolation prize. 
In addition to winning a new life with a new family, the last cat
standing will also receive a job working for The Meow Mix Company as Feline Vice President of Research and Development.
He or she will be responsible for taste testing and offering valuable
feedback on new Meow Mix product launches and line extensions. "

The show airs every Friday night @ 9 PM on the Animal Planet!  You can vote for your favorite at: www.MeowMixHouse.com.   Who will get voted off next? I don’t know – but either way – the cat is going to be happy! And so am I!


AI in the house

Our old school that we graduated from (Art Institute) recently contacted us to do an interview.  They somehow got a hold of work that was in our books when we graduated (oh god) and want to do a section on us that will be a part of a presentation given to high school students all over the country.    If you are one of these high school students, I apologize in advance as our answers are really dull as I suck describing our work in typed words.   Besides that, our work has changed so much over these few short years that the images they are showcasing are a bit eek! in the eyes of ours.  Art Institue should give us some of their profits. We gave them close to $100,000 a piece  to attend their school and in return they get to use our work for presentations, use our work on promos that go out all over the world and we’ve let a few students assist/intern for us during shoots for experiece.  We’re quite nice people. 


Firstly, it is so hot out.  It’s disgusting.  I feel disgusting. I hate this weather.  And we can’t run the air conditioner much or our monthly bill will be $500 like last summer.  Did I mention I hate it? I do! I’m moving to Australia for the summer.  It was only 30 degrees there today in the morning.  The World Cup announcer told me so!

Secondly, I got a Dymo labelwriter today. 400 Turbo.  USA played the commercial so many times last night that it sold me.  I picked it up today and it’s the most amazing thing ever.  I will print labels until I collapse from exhaustion.  If anyone receives mail from me, you will see the beauty that is the Turbo 400!  The labels print in 3 seconds! AND you can print postage (with the postage stamps) so you will never have to face the post office again! I’m going to buy a digital scale too so I can become the postal lady in the neighborhood and all the Hasids can bring their packages to me to mail out! I wish! The software still confuses me, and I can’t really think straight with the heat – but trust me, it’s amazing!  If they were cheaper, I would buy everyone one for Christmas (sorrs!).  I should buy Dymo stock (I don’t think they have it – I just checked). 

PS. Go Brazil.


As some of you know, I’m an animal freeeeak.  I feel strongly about protecting our animals we see everyday on the street and in our homes.   Some animals just  don’t have it as easy as others, and it’s not their fault and they shouldn’t be punished.  Every animal deserves the same amount of love and care.   I am a donator for Animal Haven, a no-kill shelter located in New York City.  Animal Haven’s mission is to carefully place cats and dogs in loving homes, as well as give lifetime care for those who cannot be placed.   Every summer  Animal Haven holds a raffle, "A Dog (and Cat) Days of Summer Raffle". Yearly proceeds from the raffle help them weather the financial doldrums of summer.  Last year’s raffle grossed $40,000! Since all the prizes are donated, nearly every dollar was spent  on the animals! Each years raffle proceeds cover their vet bills for a part of the summer months.  If every book they send out to their members is sold, it would cover the cost of food, electricity, animal caretaker wages, vet bills and medical expenses until the fall!

Tickets are $2 a piece.  If any of you can splurge on a $2 ticket (or more!) you’ll be taking a large positive step in the right direction for all of these animals that deserve unconditional love.  If you wish to donate, you can either paypal me the payment or send it to me through the mail.  I will ship your donation ticket to you in the mail as well.   Please email me for more details!

Prizes: GRAND PRIZE = Sun and Golf Weekend in gorgeous Del Ray Beach, Florida! 4 Days/3 Nights for 4 guests in your very own private house on the 17th Hole of the Mizner Country Club.  You and yoru guests will enjoy your own private pool, golf cart, guest house and view of the golf course.  Play, bathe and relax! *Some travel restrictions apply*
100 other great prizes!

Drawing will be held on Thursday, August 31st at noon.

Please email me if you have any questions! And don’t forget, donations are tax-deductible! Make a difference in the life of these beautiful critters!


Today was long

I apologize in advance for these random posts.  I didn’t have any free time today to write up a complete entry so today’s events/thoughts will have to do.  I left the apartment today at 8:00 (AM) and got home at 11:15 (PM).  Needless to say I’m ready for bed (bed meaning my DS). 

Let’s just get it over with.  BRAZIL/CROATIA @ 3:00 PM (Eastern).  I think I’m going to paint my face! It will be war here!

We wore our pre-game team jerseys today (in case you are new: Me = Brazil, Matthew = Croatia).  You can tell who the crazy football fans are! I love it!  Experiences from today: 1) We ate at the tick-tock diner and our waiter asked if Matthew from was from Croatia (everyone does!) and then he pointed at both of our shirts and said I was going to win and Matthew was going to lose! And then he talked more about  the World Cup.  2) Walking down 53rd St and people yelling "BRAZIL!!" out of their working trucks at me.  3) Coming out of MOMA and a doorman in front of a very nice building points at us and gives the THUMBS DOWN sign to me and the THUMBS UP sign to Matthew.  After he asked if Matthew was from Croatia, he took off his white glove and slapped Matthew high-five and told him he was from Croatia! He said 3:00 tomorrow! I said GO BRAZIL!

We love the giant bear on 23rd St! What happened to his twin brother though?!

We saw "M" (1931) at MOMA tonight.  It was the first time seeing it, and seeing it on the big screen was even better. Also, the MOMA theater is really nice!  "Marked by the sinister aura characteristic of German Expressionist cinema, Lang’s first sound film inaugurated the ever-indomitable serial killer genre. Showcasing Lorre as a murderer with a taste for little girls, Lang pushes the audience to be both repelled by and sympathetic toward his unsavory central character."  The film was witty, sarcastic and the performances were great! You should see it!

Checked out the exhibit at the SVA Gallery called  "Doors Mirrors Windows". I know I’m supposed to have SVA spirit, but I didn’t think it was very good.  The only highlights for me was Jenny Herbert and Jeongmee Yoon’s work.  The others – eh? Didn’t knock even 1 sock off. It is free though.

I’m obsessed with operating on people! Well ok Im obsessed with Nintendo’s "Trauma Center".  I wasn’t expecting anything super good out of it, but here it turns out to be addicting.  It’s one of those games you can’t put down until you move on to the next level and save (and then you just want to do 1 more!).  What’s Angie’s problem by the way? Oh and why can’t I be a slutty looking doctor with a hot looking nurse?  Why’s it gotta be the other way around?

Oh.  And hi to all the new blog visitors.  The blog got a couple hundred hits yesterday.  So, yeah, hi!