Dear Myspace

You suck!  Why are you always down?  Why are you always giving me errors?  I know that you have almost 100 million profiles and are close to being the top most visted website on the internet (passing yahoo and google), but you have worked for crap the last few weeks. 

What’s the deal Tom?  Seriously, you are making the Grandpas upset. 


I have enough entries to last me for the next few days but I don’t feel like typing them out right now.  I’m SO tired.  This was my day in picture and video format.   Full entries coming later…



Shoot today went GREAT. The team was just all on the same page mentally and everyone had fun.  Szandra is such a great girl , she thankfully pushed back her flight to be part of our shoot today.  We’d cast her again in a heart beat.  Here’s some "behind the scenes" pictures.

101_1034 101_1026


? Block

My day accompanied by camera phone pictures.  So I woke up and had to head over to Toys R Us  since today was the last day to get the Animal Crossing virtual gifts.  There is a Toys R Us one bus away, so I jumped on the bus and off I went.  Well, I got to the Toys R Us and it was more like ARGH R Us  – it was so disappointing, they had nothing! Needless to say,  the press release didn’t reach that store so I couldn’t get my gifts! I was like "this sucks!".  So unfortunately I had to what I really didn’t want to do, go to Times Square on a Saturday afternoon.  So I jumped on the F and off I went.  While crossing the street, I saw an apple. I waved, he waved.  Yay!  Thankfully Times Square Toys R Us (yes, they have a ferris wheel) had it all set up.  I ended up getting all  6 items plus extras of somethings! Woo!  I sadly spent over an hour in the gaming section glued to my DS.  There was one other Animal Crossing Crazy there too getting her items.  We are so cool!  I also saved Frog – Toys R Us!  Welcome to the family!  So I was about to come home and I received a phone call from Matthew telling me I must find Diablo II so I headed to 30 Rockefeller Plaza and got that.  While there, I found a Starbucks!   The lovely Big Teddy Mama Liz  has been telling me about this new drink, the Tangerine Frappuccino Juice Blend. So after hearing what it was, I had to get one! OMG, SO GOOD! I want another – right now! Seriously, everyone needs to have one! And then I came home after buying bagels for the shoot tomorrow.  We have a shoot tomorrow, it’s going to be great.  We’re excited. Yay.  I must go eat now and then sleep. And maybe Animal Crossing really really fast (i promise!)

Warlords + Guy Bourdin

646604bPamela surprised me this week with two presents.  First, up was the long awaited expansion pack for Civilization 4: Warlords.  I am obsessed with this game right now. I haven’t played Civilization recently so Warlords is making me dust things off and get back into the hour passing insanity for which the series is known. 

Things work out well because Pamela has rediscovered the joys of Animal Crossing on her DS.  Otherwise, I’d never be able to sit for hours at a time, eyeballs glued to the computer screen.  Initial impressions are positive for the game although there really isn’t that much expanded upon.  However, I am happy that I can play as the glorious Hannibal, leader of the Carthaginians.

The second surprise was a copy of the new book, Guy Bourdin: A Message for You. I am super excited to look at this book because one, Bourdin is probably my favorite photographer of all time and two, we have a very Bourdin inspired shoot in a few weeks and it will be good to look at for inspiration.  The package is a two book collection (which is beautifully put together) assembled by Bourdins long time favorite model, Nicolle Meyer.  I feel guilty getting my sweaty hands (yes its still hot out) all over these pristine books because they look so darn beautiful.  First reactions are, wow!  What a beautiful set to add to the collection. 

Exciting Times


Things have kicked into high gear as of late of the photo
world of Reed + Rader . Lately, Pamela
and I have made inroads by having the opportunity to work with new people. Our work has grown leaps and bounds in the
past few short months because of the push of experimentation and promising
never to sit still for too long. Staying fresh is what it’s all about in the fight against monotony. We have a long way to go and we are not about ready to sit still right now.

A few weeks ago we had took the opportunity to shoot two
tests for Anett and Barbora at DNA Models. The shoot was incredibly laid back and turned out great.  We have two other big shoots coming up in the
next three weeks.  This weekend we have a spec shoot with a pull
letter for the stylist that is already proving to be our best work ever. It’s very exciting to go into every new shoot
knowing that it’s going to be better than the last – we make it that way. There are also plans for more ambitious
location work, shooting in new studios, and taking things to places like the
Soho House in the near future. Having a
chance to work with new wardrobe, makeup, and hair stylists from Illusions, Oliver
, and Jump Management is also exciting and will definitely open up new


These are exciting times. Considering we moved to New York a year ago, things are happening that are beyond our wildest dreams. Each day brings new challenges to hurdle – challenges that just keep coming. We say – bring it on! Mister
Wubba says the more Polaroids the better

Town: New York

The highlight of my day was catching a hammerhead shark.  After 4 fruitless attempts, I finally got him.  I would like to thank Rod (standing behind me) for his support and applause.  Of course I didn’t sell it to Nook though, I had to give it to Blathers – love.  I then went on to make this letter which can be seen at townhall.  Whoever is planting the flowers, please plant them where I mustn’t walk over them!


Camp Shigeru

From August 14th-18th I will be virtually away at Camp Hyrule staying in my virtual camp cabin! I’ve never been to camp before (unless you count basketball camp but that’s not really camp!)!

"If you like to talk about video games, play practical jokes, and rub
elbows with Nintendo’s expert gamers, then pack your bags and get ready
to meet new friends at Nintendo’s Camp Hyrule 2006."

Sign up ends tomorrow @ 5 PM! Don’t miss it!


I wore this shirt today and I felt like the pigeons respected me more than usual. I mean usually I let them walk in front of me on the sidewalks and I do talk to them out loud, but today more than regularly they came up to me and walked near my legs.  I think they appreciated it.

I also went to the movies by myself today and saw "The Devil Wears Prada".  I liked it.  It was witty, sarcastic and just a good lazy 2 hours to spend the afternoon.  BTW, I like Anna Wintour and always have.  Just for the record.

The Hills

Dear Lauren “L.C.” Conrad,

I like you.  Seriously.  You seem to be a pretty, kind and down to earth California girl.  I don’t even hate you because you have an internship at Teen Vogue that I don’t think you deserve and I’m sure you aren’t really an "intern".  When was the last time a intern appeared on the front cover?  I also don’t think you can afford  that fancy apartment you stay at.  Anyways LC.  I enjoyed Laguna Beach  and now I’m addicted to The Hills.  You and Stephen were the only ones I could somewhat stand during the show so I’m glad you got your own show.  But let’s talk boys, LC.  What’s up with your relationship with Jason?  Why do you let him walk all over you? We know you are better than that.  You deserve a boy who won’t get mad at you because a boy calls your cell phone or that you have to cast boys for a photo shoot.  In my dreams, you end up with Stephen.  I always thought you two were perfect for each other.    Jason doesn’t deserve you.   Why did he suddenly just appear? You were happier before that answering machine message appeared.  You should just have erased it! But you didn’t.  And now we must deal.  Flowers aren’t going to solve every fight you have in your relationship.  Lose him LC, lose him!