Ok real quick! After the casting today we saw a sign in our stairwell that said "SIAMESE KITTENS for sale – 10 weeks old" and we were like OMG OMG OMG OMG! Because we’re cat crazy and we want to get Essy a little sister so bad.  So I called the number and then we went to look at them  (one floor up) and OMG OMG OMG OMG, I’m in LOVE! They are SOOO playful and SOOO beautiful! I love that the mommy and daddy live together and have all these babies running around.  I’ve never  experienced meowzas this playful before, I’m in heaven.  I cried! I want one! They’re $300 a piece though and that is alot.   I want one!!!!!!! I’m attached! ARRRRRRGH! MEOW!  Pictures of the family!




The next days are going to be busy, busy, busy.  I might lose a pound!

Saturday – Casting, Prep
Sunday – Dinner with booker, Prep
Monday – Casting, Book Model
Tuesday – Meeting with modeling agency, B&H for insane amounts of film, Book Model
Wednesday – Shoot (all day)
Thursday – Get Wednesdays film processed, edit it, make giant prints of it (for 2nd half of shoot)
Friday – Shoot (all day)
Saturday – Continue to edit/print negatives for shoot
Sunday – Shoot (2nd half of Wednesdays, all day)
Monday – Family visits
Tuesday – Family visits
Wednesday – Family visits
Thursday – Sleep

Vincent Gets Off

Alison got kicked off, I can finally say it! We had a hunching she was going to get kicked off since she emailed us last Thursday and asked us to take some pictures of herself for The Today Show interview she was doing.  Boo – she didn’t deserve it,  and I swear I just don’t say that because I know her.  Wtf is Vincent’s problem? The guy was OK in the beginning (i like quirkiness) but now it’s just startling how dresses "get him off".   Bradley last week and now Alison but Vincent and Angela  are still left? What is this world coming to, can’t Tim Gunn intervene?

Here’s a really random clip from the Alison shoot on Monday.  We’ve shot her stuff a few times before, and yes she’s insanely nice.

Nook, Cheer up!

Wooo! Paid off my debt, now I’ll  only need to catch a million more beetles to pay off my my debt for my newest addition! Oh well, I shall enjoy the $0 balance for a day.  PS.  Why is Nook so sad lately? And why does Pascal always do back flips into the ocean, it scares me!

Acdebt1_1  Acdebt4_1



Mahmoud Blogs!

For what it’s worth, I thought this was cool just based upon the idea.  Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has a personal blog that he posts in.  Not only that but he set up a online poll asking if they think the United States and Israel are "pulling the trigger for another world war."  Who knew – Mahmoud is a code master! Exciting! Let’s all add him to our ring of friends! Maybe he has ANIMAL CROSSING and I can add him to my  friends list and we can visit each others towns and I will give him coconuts because he probably doesn’t have many there (so then he can catch lots of beetles), and he can  give me some special blue roses that he has been secretly growing!  Maybe Angus lives there?! OMG – I hope!

No Subject

Sometimes the internet is so boring as I aimlessly click bookmarks that I know aren’t updated for the 20th time that day.  I need to be sleeping but I can’t fall asleep.  I was playing Animal Crossing in bed but my DS battery died and I can’t play plugged in because the plug is on Matthew’s side of the bed – ugh. We have too many shoots this week and next week and the following week.  It’s going to be busy but really really good (and pay the bills).  My dad is coming out to visit for 2 days somewhere in between there too.  Classes start back up at SVA on the 5th (?) too.  We’re super excited about our classes and especially thesis.  We love showing work.   Tonight we got 2 boxes of Frosted Flakes for $5! Impressive.  Essy likes smoked honey turkey.  I am obsessed with Snapple Iced Tea and can’t have dinner without it (after announcing the trivia fact, but lately I’ve been getting the same ones over and over again).  I really need to get to bed. We have a shoot tomorrow.

Salsa and Chips

Tonight we went to Chevy’s.   From all  the fancy mexican food we had earlier this week, we needed yummy fake mexican food.   Plus Chevy’s, as previously talked about, has the best salsa and chips.  We ask for refills on our chips about 2-3 times.  So great!  And OMG, they have the BEST corn tomalito!  I could just order a whole plate of that! My chicken tacos were good but I always forget to tell them no onions so I always have to pick them out.  Diet Coke too! GO MEXICO.  Afterwards we jumped over to take a walk down the Battery Park Esplanade.  Battery Park, aka our future home, 2020.  We saw Jersey too.   We looked at Pink Bunny’s parked yachts too, pimping.  Then we took many pictures like this.   Then we went over the pedestrian bridge.   This is the progress so far on WTC grounds.  Then I attacked people at Chambers Street.  Matthew got hit by a train.    Then I played with Essy.

We love you Undercover Kitty

Cats stay inside, treat them like you would treat your children! Poor Fred, he didn’t deserve this. Fred became my obsession earlier this year due to his braveness. He ended up saving so many kitties and puppies out there!  That stupid DA – ARGH, hatred! She uses him for a sting,  doesn’t adopt him for the right reasons and then this happens to him?!  ARGH.  I hate you! Essy will keep your poster up above her bowl forever for you.   We love you so much.