Family Glory

On my birthday Matthew got me the most wonderful present! A 30×40 custom created print (who he commissioned a favorite artist of ours to do) of our beautiful family!  It features Birdhead the leader of the family (and my stuffed lovely who I’ve had the longest/means something beyond special) which I’m very overtaken by and the other original members of the family.  I’m finally home during the afternoon today to enjoy the daylight so I took some pictures of it.  Here’s the actual framed print and the web size screencap.  It includes: Wubba flying in the sky with a smile, Jolly  (red) and Jolly’s Brother (blue) enjoying their favorite hobby: pizza eating, Grandpa and Grandpa’s Brother enjoying the green grass and relaxing with their G train shirt on, Pink Bunny sniffling around in the grass, Green Birdhead/Clone/Birdhead (the largest Birdhead) enjoying the beautiful weather and looking beautiful.  I absolutely adore it!

101_4609 Birdhead

Crab is so excited

A few days ago I finally started a personal project that I’ve been meaning to start shooting for quite some time now.  The end goal is larger than life sized 60×60 inch prints of the family monumentalized in pure colorful splendor.  I’ve only shot two people so far but I’m super excited with how things are turning out.  Two polaroids are below of Crab and Robot.

Polaroidcrab       Polaroidcrab

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

If you know us or our work, you know we are heavily influenced by German Expressionist films.  One of our favorite films (ever) is Wiene’s 1920 classic "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari".    So you can imagine our delight (and horror) when we heard it was being remade last year.    We anxiously stalked the website (and emailed the director who actually responds) to check when it was going to be playing in NYC for the first time, and this week – it happened! Tonight we hit up the lovely Pioneer Theater to pray that our beloved Caligari wasn’t butchered – and it wasn’t!  Obviously the original holds a special place in my heart so it’s very hard to compare, but thankfully the remake held up (to the most a remake can).  The most impressive part is learning that the majority of the whole movie/set was shot on green screen and then the original set/backgrounds were digitally imposed. Even the desk in Caligari’s caravan was green and then the original desk was restored to become it!  Cesare will always be one of my most beloved characters ever.   Best part of living in NYC? Going to the theater on a Friday night to see a film, and having all the main actors and director attend the same show and then afterwards answer questions. 


For the past few months, Matthew and I have thrown around the idea of putting together a zine. After vising the Visionaire Gallery today to see their current exhibit "Megazines", needless to say I want to do it more.   Basically I want us to publish those work that we like with the style we like, and including friends and the such that are going through the same stages we are. The work would be from all mediums – photography, film, painting, illustration, etc.  The interviews would be of artists of all kinds – game designers, jewelry makers, etc.  It would start out being very small and intimate.  The magazine would be personable with the things we like and the things we want to investigate more. It would be "our generation/our life". I want it to be very homemade -literally.  I want to actually glue and bind and print everything myself.  I want  someone to receive the magazine and think of it as a present.  I already created a name for it, and a brief concept.  I really want to do it!

Anthony Goicolea

Anthony Goicolea came into our Art + Commerce class tonight to speak about his work in photography, video, and drawing.  Using a plethora of mediums, Anthony’s work is comprised of composited multiplicity self portrait photographs of himself performing various theatrics, heavily composited landscape images, images of landscapes and the figure, and various video and installation based work. 

Anthony has created a world where boys rule and in this world he explores various questions concerning the transformation from boyhood into manhood.  What is most striking about his work is that he seems to have created a whole thematic fantasy world that unravels and is explored in every medium in which he works.  Anthony benefits from the fact that he looks much younger than he actually is when he makes his self portrait photographs.  It is through this awkward transition of boy into man that he is able to create his own fairytale dreamworld. 

He also brought short films he has made for designers Calvin Klein and Thom Brown.  For Calvin Klein he built a giant box and stick mouse trap where one would pull the string – knock out the supporting stick – making the box slam down.  This installation was coupled with a short film that played at Calvin Klein’s showroom.  To watch the projected video, one had to duck under and into the trap to watch.  The film made for Thom Brown shows a cult like group of boys, all in white, sheering sheep and catching octopus for their ink to make clothes. 

Anthony’s work is incredibly inspiring and shines from the sheer amount of labor that he endours to produce such work.  Check out his website:



Yearbook – 1967

This weekend we did a vintage inspired yearbook esque shoot.  The whole concept was inspired by my father’s Senior yearbook picture, which I have to scan and show you all because it’s so amazing! I looked in alot of photboooks (mostly Bruce Davidson and Joseph Szabo) to really get caught up in the teenagers of that period and their lifestyles.  The shoot was over 2 days and 16 models from all different agencies.  It might have been one of the most laid back shoots we had and everyone involved was happily excited about the project and what was going on.   Although the scheduling was brutal, I’m really happy with the experience of it all, and can’t wait to put it all together. 

2 videos (thanks GM_AUTO)


I’m currently on the vanilla pudding/bologna and cheese lunchable/iced tea diet.  It’s all I eat.  Except tonight when I’m going to eat spaghetti.  Besides that though – that’s all I eat.  I’m worried that my local grocer is going to start to notice  that I am in the story everyday buying my 4 pack handi-snack puddings and start to question me.  I won’t have any answers except "I like to build my sandwiches!".  They will laugh at me and say things in Spanish that I don’t understand.   Except if they say the numbers 1-10 or the word turtle. Then I got it under control.