In our spare time, we rescue cats 12 feet up in the air, on ladders, who are insane, and think they are tightrope walkers.  She’s "out of control".  And yes, I first  took a picture.


Melts in your mouth..

As I walking home today in my lovely Brooklyn neighborhood,  I was refereed to as "Snowflake".  That is hands down the nicest white-girl reference  name I have ever heard or been given.  I was not offended at all.  In fact I was a touch flattered and felt the need to (almost) give him a high five.   Thank you man outside the laundromat. 


This is how it goes.  One week you have no jobs, the next week you don’t have time to eat (only for blog writing).  Wednesday – testing.  Saturday – magazine shoot with Princess Superstar.  Sunday – shoot.  The following Friday our biggest production to date for a magazine with LeeLee Sobieski, Jamie Bamber and many models.   One of our stories just got picked up by Neo2 Magazine today too.   Working, working and completely stressed out about logistics and production.  But to get over that hump you just have to do it…

In other exciting news, if you are a boy cat and are looking for a good time, Xanadu is looking for you.  She lives on the 5th floor but you can hear hear all over the street.  Nonstop Meows.  Fun times.


I want to wear a beret everyday. 

I love white cheddar popcorn so much.

I had a wii-injury.  I got hit by a wiimote the other day.

Someone recommended  me a  caterer for a shoot.   I looked at the menu and it said  $50 per head.  WTF.  I don’t eat $50 meals.  I’m not use to this.  We’re ordering pizza! and garlic knots if you’re lucky…


I love thin crust pizza with pineapple.   It’s so great. 

Xanadu is obsessed with chasing flies.  She makes this insane sound while shaking her jaw.

I’m obsessed with Link’s (or my) horse, Epona.  I talk about her all the time. I talked about her while walking down the street today.

Kodak sent us free film today.  Thanks Kodak.

We had a shoot yesterday and it was so cold out.  By the last shot my fingers were purple.

Essy and Xanadu fight alot.  Xandu jumps on Essy’s back and Essy runs full speed  to knock her off.  We cheer for Essy.

We don’t have heat here.  We don’t have heat for the whole winter.  We didn’t have any last year either.  We are hardcore like that.  And cheap too. And really, really cold.

We are shooting this musician next week for a cover of a magazine.

We are shooting these actors the following week for a cover/story of another magazine.  It’s the biggest production we have ever done.

I got this new white blanket and it’s the best blanket ever.  Sometimes when I’m out I just think of it and begin to rush so I can come home and snuggle with it.  Xanadu likes it too.  We sleep together under it.

The building maintenance person just knocked on my door and said in broken English "25 minutes – don’t walk on the floor".  That means he just waxed the floor and he is telling everyone they aren’t allowed to leave their homes in the next 25 minutes or he will kill them.

And most importantly, I have wii arm.  I have played tennis with such insanity the last 2 days I can’t move my upper right arm much.  It’s so exciting and so great.  Golf is becoming a favorite activity of mine too! And Rayman – don’t get me started.  The carrot juice is so hard, I lost all feeling in my left arm/hand for a few minutes.  The nunchuck just fell out.  I couldn’t grasp.  Fun times.

Wii did it!

We got to the Times Square Toys R Us launch around 9:30 PM Saturday night.  We waited, got some free shirts, talked to people who also liked to chant "Reggie Reggie", Saw Reggie,  Watched a DJ perform for an hour who no one told his sound was on the entire time, Midnight celebration, Went to Nintendo World Store at 12:30 AM for their official 6 AM launch, Waited in line, Froze, Played Elite Beat, Froze, Got many hot chocolates, Sat on NYC cement ground for 7 hours, Froze, Began to shake, Froze, 6 AM rolled around for preorders (us), Learned they OFFICIAL store didn’t have Trauma Center for launch – became very upset and began to shake more furiously, Got our Wii at about 7 AM,  Celebrated, Came home on subway, Made my mii, played games, took nap, now I’m back up and going to play nonstop throughout the night.  Love it.  Sorry I don’t have many pictures, my fingers began to loose all feeling around 2:30 AM.

101_4933 101_4935 101_4943 101_4946 101_4949_1 101_4953

101_4955 101_4963 101_4962_1 101_4974 101_4988

Wii Wiikend



Finally, this weekend the Nintendo Wii will go on sale.  We’ll be standing in line for a few hours starting at midnight on Sunday morning, after hitting up the midnight launch party at Toys R Us Time Square, to up our system.  See you there.