I want to do a photo series of gamers that live in the NYC area.  They would be shot with their controller of choice.  I will not make fun out of you.  It will be so much fun.  You should contact me.

Nintendo Insanity

There’s other stuff to talk about, but nothing is as fun or important as these things.

1) Elite Beat is so much fun.  Multi-player is even more.  Matthew gave the quote of the night "It’s like DDR for your fingers!" It’s true.  It’s all with the beat.  Oh it’s so much fun! I just got done playing and my heart is beating so fast!


2) Boxing is so much fun too! Who needs to exercise anymore?


4) Oh my dear Wii.  I cannot wait.

NYC Marathon

Today was the NYC Marathon which is 26.2 great miles through the 5 Boroughs. The course begins in Staten Island near the approach to the Verrazano Bridge, winds through Brooklyn and Queens, crosses the East River on the Queensboro Bridge into Manhattan. It then proceeds north on First Avenue, crosses briefly into the Bronx over the Harlem River before returning to Manhattan. It then proceeds south through Harlem and into Central Park and terminates near Tavern on the Green. 37,000 people participate in each marathon every year although 60,000 enter to try to run in the race  (it’s done by lottery system with preference given to previous participants).   Fortunately the race literally runs by my apartment so this time of the year I am awoken to realize how lazy I am by the cheers of the fans outside.  Today I ventured out to to cheer on the runners and make some videos.  I love my neighborhood.  Appearances by BABY, Frosty, Viking and many others!

Xanadu sleeping

I played the Wii again today, but you all already know that the Wii and I are in love and are going to get married and have baby wiimotes together.    So I’ll spare you the details.

Instead, here is a video of Xanadu sleeping. :)


Since we did construction here a few months ago things have been misorganized and there’s a receipt or invoice everywhere you look. So in our attempt to stay organized and clutter free we bought some
furniture to keep track of things and have proper space for equipment
and the such.  We bought these over a month ago and they FINALLY arrived yesterday!  Matthew has been crazily building and we finally took apart our old desks today and put all the new furniture in place.  We are trying the minimal approach, or as much as we can.  I know it’s not exciting for you, but you have no idea how thrilled I am to see a surface of a desk.