White Bitches

Shoot today.  Went really well.  Good team and there were free cashews on set – can we ask for more? Also, the title of this post is going to be the name of our (me/matthew/darcy/laura/ciara) new band.  The title was given to us today on the streets of Brooklyn by an angry man walking by. Loved it!

Scanc  101_6727_1

Big Papa Drives Again

Moment of the day: Got on the L (Lorimer), 8:30AMish (so the train is very crowded).  I step into the middle of the car and begin to realize the train smells a little different.   I look around and spot a Bob Marley looking man writing in his notebook, sitting comfortably while burning 4 sticks of incense (smoke and all) that were attached to his notebook so they stuck up! I’ve never seen anything like that.   Everything stared at him and no one sat close.  Those incense were strong! By the time I got to 3rd Avenue I had to jump out because I felt sick. 

And I’m going to be in bed by 9:00 PM tonight.  This is a record. I’m so excited!


Shoot today.  Went well.  Actually really well.  Lately Matthew and I have had these these long conversations where we question the work (what does it mean? why do we do this? what do we want? etc/etc/etc) beyond belief and it usually ends up in tears/frustration – but in a good way.  We’re just trying to push the work to something more and finally be happy
with it (and ourselves).. starting to feel better about it all… little at a time.


101_6721 101_6714_1

Boops rescued!

I forgot to tell you all this.  We adopted 3 more children last Thursday (11th).  I saved them from that damn 1st Avenue store that that knows I have a family/frog/stuffy obsession and keeps ordering more and putting them in the window so I rescue them all!  Boop was the original (from Pittsburgh – February 26, 2004) – pictured here with his brother Boopaloop.  He is the leader of the Boops.  And then I saved 4 Boops at once on February 6, 2006 (Boop#1, Boop#2, Boop#3, Boop#4) from that store on 1st Avenue.  Here they are the night we rescued them pictured with the original Boop, Me-Maw and Wubba.   So when I walked by a week ago and saw more of my children (now named Boop#6, Boop#7, Boop#8) in the window – I had to do what any other mother would do – buy them! They are so happy to be home!  Pictured below is the current Boop Family! Yay!


Wind it up!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a music snob.  I hate when people laugh at what others listen to or think less of someone because of what makes them tap their feet.  So when my brother sent me his bi-monthly list of songs he wants me to download (legally of course – well ok semi-legally, from that amazing Russian music site that I highly promote that you can download songs for a dime!) I always gawk in surprise what my close to 35 year old brother is listening to; Bow Wow, Snoop Dog, Akon, Ludacris and then of course Gwen Stefani and My Chemical Romance thrown in for some street cred.  My brother started the letter saying "Hello little sister in the big city" but I believe I will start my own letter as "Hello big brother that listens to little bow wow."

So what are you listening to? 

Tales of the Litter Box

Dear Essy,

When Xanadu first arrived, we had a litter box for each of you girls. I felt this was appropriate as it was giving you each your own privacy. Soon I realized though you both didn’t care  and completely ignored  one litter box, so we eliminated one and you both shared the blue litter box.   Because we often live and work in the same area and it’s a complete open space, we wanted to get a litter box that was visually pleasing and kept the odor down that you two make.   So I found this great litter box, the Booda Clean Step Litter Box, that did all of that! It is modern looking (ok a little crazy looking), filters the scents and has stairs that tracks the litter that you girls love to spread  around.    I thought this was going to be amazing, a hit even! When we took it out of the box,  Xanadu immediately loved it.  She not only thought of it as a litter box, but as a place house – a spaceship style dome that she can hang out in (I know, a little weird).  I often spy Xanadu on the stairs of the box with her pet mice telling them stories.  But you, Essy, I know you’re pickier than that.  We understand you were a bit confused at first, and wondered "Where did my blue box go?"  but we picked you up, showed you the box and assured you it was safe.  We even took the lid off for a few days so you could realize where it was.  So last night when I was laying in bed and heard you sprinkle the floor  I realized you hate the litter box.  I appreciate the effort you showed to walk all the way over the litter box, but I frown with disapproval  that you peed all over the front of the litter box/floor/stairs in a revenge style action.  Mom, the litter  box – there is nothing wrong with it.  Really, it’s nice!  I promise if you walk up the stairs and step in, it’s quite cozy! It won’t hurt you, you won’t fly away, it’ll be a great time!  What do you say Mom, let’s try it?

Mama Pamela