The hardest working people in the world are those who have to grate cheese all day. Talk about personal endurance.  I just had to grate enough cheese for taco lasagna and I don’t think I’ll be able to shoot this weekend, can’t move my arm. 

Also, all I want to eat is red pistachios.  As a kid I would eat so many my fingers would be red for days.  Hopefully this continues into my older years.

1.  People take FOREVER to cash checks.  When you get a check, cash it!  Is holding onto a check for 1 month acceptable? 2 months? 3?  CASH IT.

2.  Xanadu got stuck in a pot.  I had to rescue her.  She cried.

3.  If I could book girls with short hair, preferably bobs for the rest of my life, I would.

4.  Our film cabinet is starting to get messy.  Instead of cleaning it,  I take pictures and blog about it.  Oh and if anyone uses consumer film to shoot/mess around with, Duane Reade has a TON for $2.  They are 4 packs.  For $2!!  They are outdated of course but if you are like me and need to shoot something everyday, it’s amazing.  I take so many pictures of our cats!


5. This is how Xanadu looks coming down her pole.

Mister Digital

As I walked into my building today and saw these signs on the buzzer and around the elevator my heart skipped a beat.   Is this true?  Is a photographic supply store moving into MY BUILDING that offers film/ink/paper/processing/prints – OMG.  I will die.  You don’t realize  the excitement of this.  This will change our lives!  How amazing would it be to just walk down the stairs and everything is there.  I could even wear my butterfly slippers and my MC Hammer sweatpants to go buy film!  By looking at the schedule I am guessing it will be run by the jews which excites me more.  I hope they offer candy too!  Maybe Herman from Adorama will start working there too? Too good to be true!


In other news I almost died today.  A bike ran into me as I was crossing the street.  I had to literally grab the metal basket at the front of his bike and screech out "What the fuck?" as I was totally correct and he totally wasn’t.  Just the thought of me getting run over by a bike though is a bit comical.  Matthew laughed.

These last few weeks I have felt like I have no free time.  It’s always something or the other.   No room to breathe, always something to think about or to be doing.  Just a little exhausted right now.  Excited but exhausted.   These last few nights I have been yawning by 8PM which you know is way earlier than my regular near-sunrise sleep.   I think I need a weekend getaway to a cabin.  But the thought of me in a cabin is equally funny as the bike incident.

Pancake Insanity

This is about 2 weeks old but I’m slow so I apologize.  Owen came over one night to make us these pancakes he kept talking about it.  Pancakes with M&M’s inside that are larger than my plates (not to mention my hand).  It was enormous.  It sat here for a whole day and it still never got finished.  It was good though.  A bit insane, but good. There Owen, your pancakes finally got recognition. 


Sorry about the boring entries as of late.  Things are busy here with work and such.  Big shoot this weekend, testing next week and getting ready for our gallery show.   

Mondays need cheer

10 cheers for the past week:
Broccoli and cheese
Pineapple-Orange-Banana juice
Essy belly rubs
Valentine’s Day and the lovely book I received
Walking up the stairs and seeing the L pull in
Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat
Ordering a kitchen island – that is in stock, finally!
Strut Magazine picking up a story
Having someone hold the trains doors for you as you run down the stairs and hope you don’t fall
Finally getting my boots in stock and receiving so many compliments for them!


Worked all day and shot a lookbook for the upcoming season.  So many polaroids.  Model we shot before – glad they booked her for this.  Xanadu knocked over a box of macaroni – it went ALL OVER.  Had dinner with stylist and designer afterwards.  And then we played Wii.  I love watching people play it for the first time.  Sleepy, Sleepy.



Dearly beloved.  We gather here to celebrate the 4 years of marriage that Pamela and Matthew celebrate today.   Amen.  Wine glasses of diet coke all around.