Bounced checks from clients (business accounts) – not cool.  Not cool at all. 

Thank you to Animal Haven for the adorable cat address labels though! The dogs are ok too.

We have a story in the new Neo2. Got a copy today. Looks good. Will post tearsheets this weekend?

I love jeans with authentic holes in the knees.


YES! I’m going to the circus! I missed last years!  So what if we got the worst seats! Did you know the good ones are $150 a piece – jesus! The animals will love me no matter what! That’s right PETA who will protest outside, they still love me!  Once when I was little, I went  to the circus and an elephant snorted my arm up! Terrifying! Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again!


I hate the post office

Rant.  I hate the USPS.  Not only that, but I hate the Myrtle Avenue/Pratt Post Office so much more.  We have a package there, or did, and I’m pretty sure it is getting sent back to the sender.  The crazy part is they don’t tell you there is a package there for you! This has happened a few times.  Package arrives, noone tells you, and then the sender contacts you and is like "Your package was sent back" and you’re like WTF?  No package delivery, no "WE MISSED YOU" letter. Nothing.  And god forbid you call to ask about the package.  Sometimes they say "Well you should have tracked it and known it was at the post office" – wtf, you’re supposed  to deliver it?  And it’s not like they’re going to let me get my package without that stupid orangish/pinkish slip anyways.  I hate the people that work there too, they are always so miserable. They’re SO PICKY TOO. I’ve never been told I can’t ship out certain boxes, or certain tape, or certain sizes anywhere else besides there.  The whole neighborhood hates them.    ARGH!  And now the rates are going up in  May.  Priority package – $4.05 to $4.60!! Jeeze!

This week

This week has been super busy.  4 tests (jobs) and today a magazine shoot.  It’s really been hectic the last  few days and last night I felt myself falling under the weather.  Today I woke up with a squeaky voice and not so nice feeling body.  I’m feeling exhausted.   Some soon to finish homemade  chicken noodle soup is going to cheer me up though.   Hopefully.

Today’s shoot: Amanda (1), Stylist: Zoe, Hair: Vanessa, Makeup: Katie and our lovely assistant Owen.  Amanda = amazing/wonderful personality.  Shoot = great.

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