I hate springing ahead.  Only falling back works for me.

I also hate doing laundry.  We have a laundry room in our building (on each floor) but the machines suck/shake uncontrollably to the point of where it’s like  the machine is going to overtake the world.  After a few shirts got ripped  by crazy mcshakesen and things just don’t get cleaned, we now take  them around the block to the super laundry center.   

We also are so incredibly busy  it makes my head spin.


Shoot today for Neo2 Magazine.   Model: Angelika (Marilyn), Stylist: Darcy, Makeup: Chiho, Hair: Vanessa.  Angelika was so amazing.  All about motion, jumping nonstop.  What a trooper.


101_7554  101_7547


Shoot again today.  We don’t get to work alot just 1 on 1 with models (without a whole production) so when we do, it’s fun and stress free.  We shot Artem a few months ago and he happens to live down the street so he stopped by today for some fun shots and to update his book since he’s got a spiffy new hair cut.    We like doing mens stories,  we need to do more.  We like Artem.  I also made him play the Wii – everyone loves it.  Tonight will be spent  making a 9 feet tall cut-out, editing and getting ready for a shoot this weekend.  This month looks crazy.



Was just organizing the picture folders and came across our girl Luggz.  She’s a wild one.  She’s a lawyer in her spare time, loves beards (and sticking her cavity in them) and her boyfriend is  Patrick Ewing. 


Wubba Day Out

Hello, it’s me, Wubba-Wubba.  Taking over.  Today I went out with Mom and Dad.  I usually don’t because  I have my own life but I was told I’d get to try on pretty dresses and Dad would buy me ice cream, so I did.

1) I rode the subway, no there’s no bomb.  Just hiding from the Grandpas and saving myself $4.  2) Went to Isaac Mizrahi’s studio to hang out/get a fitting/dance.  3) See, us hanging out.   I turned down being the new face of the campaign.  Not enough color for me!   3) OMG SNOW!  4) What, it’s snowing? Let me out!! 5) Snow on my nose – LOVE IT!

Photo_030507_001 Issacwubba

Photo_030507_004 Photo_030507_005


Shoot today.   The last 2 hours of it were a complete blur.  So tired.  They really knock you out physically and mentally.   Model: Britni Stanwood (1), Makeup: Chiho, Hair: Angela, Stylist: Charlyvia.   Assistants: Xanadu and Wubba.

(Before and during shoot).

101_7449  101_7454


It’s true.  My life is complete.  Photo store in our building has opened.  Asked what type of film we use, had it in the next day.  Getting more.  I’ll never leave it here.  Mister Digital-4-life.  If you live in NYC I demand you support  him and buy your supplies here.  And they accept credit ("of course").  Thank you Moses.