The last and next few weeks

Music: Daft Punk constantly
Food: Fig Newtons
Drink: Iced Tea
Want: Everything new from American Apparel
Excited about: Graduating soon, Matthew’s Birthday, Dad visiting, Have some brainstorms for some new stories can’t wait to do!
Stories out in: Strut Magazine, Neo2 Magazine
Stories coming out soon in: Clear Magazine, Flux Magazine, Let Them Eat Cake Magazine, D-Mode Magazine
Doing stories next week for: Flux Magazine, 125 Magazine


Last night was full of kandi, everything cute you can think of, hugs, nonstop dancing and happy times.  We ventured out to GreenPoint to hit up the Candyball party.  All in one all, fun times had by all and I easily worked off my supper in calories dancing.  Didn’t get to bed until 6 AM and the rest of the day is going to be long, but gotta do it again soon..  Thanks to the kids on the G train… youth is great.

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Pittsburgh: Clouds

Although the weather is supposed to get ugly here pretty fast, today is such a great day for a walk.  Upon coming home after a stroll down Myrtle, I realized I am running out of hard drive space bad so I had to clean out some raw scans.  While deleting, I came across a folder from my Pittsburgh era.  This picture made me think of simpler times.



This week we went to see BELLOBRATION, the newest show produced by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.  The first set of shows they do is in NYC, so on Tuseday night we skipped over to Madison Square Garden to watch the elephants, tigers and pups (yes..).   I saw an interview with "Americas Favorite Clown", Bello a few weeks ago and was kind of turned off by him, but upon seeing the show, the guy is super talented.  I’d recommend if the circus comes your way, check it out.  Don’t go for the insane $ tickets though, go for the cheap $10-$15 ones.  The circus isn’t exactly how I remember it as a kid, too much song and dance now, not enough acrobatics/animals.  Here’s some pics and a video of my favorite moments. :)

101_8265 101_8267 101_8272

Central Park Zoo

Last Thursday morning while it began to flurry,  I paid my $8 and went to the Central Park Zoo! Admittedly, it’s not the best zoo, it’s still amazing to have these animals in the middle of Manhattan, steps from the subway.  I’ve become semi-obsessed lately with watching animals natural reactions to their environment and others.    Here’s some pictures and alot more videos.  I’ve noticed I been taking alot more video than pictures lately, I think it’s telling me something… but we already know that…

101_8055 101_8070


Shoot today.  Model: Tanya Chubko, Stylist: Darcy, Makeup: Katie, Hair: Vanessa

Have a good day tomorrow all, eat lots of chocolate – just be nice to bunnies and chicks.

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