I’m going to sound like a walking advertisement (sponsor me please), but I don’t care.  How did I ever live without my Wacom? Got this last week but haven’t really had time to breathe to post about it.  Cuts my editing time in half and ups the quality.   Takes some time getting used to, but once you have your controls set up, it feels so much more natural.  Simply amazing.



Happy Birthday Xany

Today’s the day.  Xanadu turns 1.  Let it be filled with 8 foot jumps off of walls, breaking glasses, terrorizing Essy,  jumping over the couch to fetch a ball and creating mass chaos – just another day.  Happy Birthday to our crazy white cat Xany! Meow.



I have a horrible problem.  I can’t say no to shoots.   Ask me to shoot (being worth my time) and I’ll say ok! It’s really bad because we are backed up with editing and jobs and we need an extra day in the week, and I want to shoot everyday.  And I haven’t ridden the subway in like 2 weeks.   Actually in the last 2 weeks, I been outside twice (library and dinner) to do non photography related things but I still emailed while I walked.  But we really can’t.  It’s not possible.  A photographers shoot day isn’t a day at all, it’s like a month.    Matthew might kill me. I think he mentioned it already. + Rader.  :(


Last night Xanadu got soap in her eye.  So for the hour after that she walked around with one eye closed/one eye open.  I wanted  her to wear an eye patch.  I tried rinsing her eye but that didn’t go too well.  She’s ok and back to craziness today.  Don’t worry.