161 Street

My fathers birthday was at the end of last month and I wanted to get him something else besides the usual shirt.  His favorite team is the Yankees and since I was a little girl he’s always been a hardcore fan.  Surprisingly though, he’s never been to Yankee Stadium!  So last Wednesday when he was visiting I told him we were going to Central Park and off we went on the subway adventure.  Half way there, and feeling more and more paranoid about seeing more Yankee shirt wearing fans getting onto our train, I slipped him an envelope and gave a smile.  He opened it up and there were 2 Yankee tickets.  Happy Birthday I exclaimed! He was so surprised, so happy. Made me feel good to see him smile.  The game was good -  even more shocking, they actually won.  The cheese fries were good too.

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Hi Dad!

My Father came to see me graduate/visit on Wednesday and left this afternoon, so the last few days have been busy.   It was great seeing him! I just wish there wasn’t a million other things going on with jobs though so we could have done more! Will hopefully see him again by the years end. 

Now on to a 350 piece jewelry lookbook job and 2 giant magazine stories that need to be scanned and edited.  Oh and and a couple tests this week.  And maybe another clothing lookbook early next week.  Eeeeee.



Long long shoot today.   13 hours to be exact.  But great none the less.  Will post pictures, but not now – maybe tomorrow.  Family is coming to visit tomorrow too for the next few days.  Will be a busy time.

Shoot – Flux Magazine

Today felt like it lasted forever.  31 shots. !! Oh my, we went a little crazy but we wanted to do everything!  Such a wonderful shoot though.  Stylist: Darcy, Makeup: Chiho, Hair: Vanessa, Models: Elizabeth (Marilyn), Bobby (DNA), Henzo (Fusion), Joseph (Fusion).  No videos – sorry, no time.  PS.  Owen, I think Xany moved on.


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