So, I think I am going back home to Ohio for a few days soon.  I haven’t been home in over 3 years and besides my mom who came out to visit last year (for the first time since I’d moved away from home) I haven’t seen any Ohio family or friends since.  Fairly crazy, but it should be fun – right?  First time on a plane since I was five! :LAL:

FLUX Magazine

Check out the new Flux Magazine, it should be on stands everywhere soon.  We got the cover which is very exciting because it’s our first! It’s even more exciting because they picked one of our favorites shots from the story – can girls going to space be any cooler?



Is there anything worse than Photoshop crashing when you have been working on a file for far too long and it’s not saved?  So it’s gone.  Gone.  All your hard work.  Gone.  Worst feeling ever.  I just called my computer many many names, none I will repeat because my father reads this (hi dad) and I speak like an angel – right friends?   Ugh. 


We do 2 types of shoots: black or rainbow.  Today was color, color, color! Dance, Dance, Dance! So much fun, so great, so much cuteness!  From now on we book Olga for everything – love!  Stylist: Darcy, Hair: Vanessa, Makeup: Chiho, Model: Olga (1).

101_9726 Olga

101_9731 101_9655 Roids_2

Go Cavs


As a kid I used to always goto pro baseball and mostly basketball games, but I haven’t paid attention to sports in years.  Sure I knew about Lebron James and all the hoopla, but I had no idea the Cleveland Cavaliers were any good this season let alone in the playoffs.  A few weeks ago, while talking to my Grandpa (who used to always take me to see the Cavs), I found out that the Cavs were in the Semi finals.  Unfortunately, we don’t watch much TV anymore so we don’t have cable and I couldn’t watch the games.  I did listen on the radio though.  They made it to the finals though so now I can watch on ABC.  Yay, good Cavs.