Spotted this little guy on Old Fulton St in Brooklyn this afternoon.  Was going to save him, but he looked like he liked where he was so I just hugged him and continued on my journey.


Xanadu – 1 year

Exactly one year ago today,  our beloved Xanadu moved in and started her reign of terror (just kidding, kinda).  She’s grown alot, she eats more now but her eyes still light up red.  Pictures from a year ago (L) and today (R).


Although her and Mom still aren’t best friends, they put up with each other (essy puts up with her) better now (L).    Xanadu still likes to surprise Mom who in return slaps her down (see R picture).

   101_1386_2    101_1079


Matthew is sick due to this crazy (yet enjoyable) weather change.  I was out today buying tissues when I came across this AMAZINGLY ADORABLE designed box of Puffs.  It was the only one there so I don’t know anything else but it’s so amazing.  I will save it and fill it up with new tissues once it is empty!  I am tempted to contact the press people at Puffs and ask them who did the graphic design but I think that’s too psycho.  It’s kinda hologramy too – so great.

101_1392   101_1394