Greatest Day of My Life

Somewhere in between waiting forever at the DMV (new photo ID, my old PA one has been expired for years) and castings, I found myself at Target which explains the title of this posting because here I found BIG MR PUMPKIN!  Matthew and I saw this pumpkin a few weeks ago but didn’t get him because the price tag seemed a little steep (we have to draw the line, sometimes) but today I walked into the store and they had a cart unpacking the Halloween items from upstairs and the items were 90% off!!! And there he was BIG MR PUMPKIN on the shelf calling out to me!!  So I grabbed him immediately and then took him for a ride on the subway and carried him home.  All is great now.  Nothing else matters. Green Pumpkin is so glad to see his brother!  Yay.



I’ve started to do 4×5 portraits of "the family".  I’m not sure where its going yet,  but that’s the exciting part.   Here is Xanadu’s Ghost.  He is only 1 year old but you can tell him and Xanadu like to be aggressive.