I hate the Pratt Station Post Office in Brooklyn NY, 11205

Thoughts today walking down Myrtle Avenue..

  • A bunch of taxis parked together but all of the drivers are in one taxi (front and back seat) eating lunch.

  • Women who have no want to shoot a baby out of their bodies should not be given child bearing hips. It is unfair.

  • Home Depot sells cardboard boxes for $13.  I got one and then when it rang up $13, I was like "Oh, I don’t want it" and then the women working in self checkout was like "Honey, I wouldn’t either. $13 for box, uh uh, I wouldn’t buy it either, uh uh, no way." I love her.

  • I desperately want to release all the puppies from the pet store window. Not because I think they are being treated badly, but because they are so cute and I want to play with them.

  • I hate the USPS.  There are many blog posts on here about our hatred for them, but really, I do.  The Pratt Station post office I believe is the worst in the country. I’ve never met so many people who hate their job/their lives that much.  They put an orange slip on my mailbox last Monday (you know the "I’ve missed you!" ones except our post office doesn’t actually try to deliver your package, they just leave you orange slips because they are less heavy to carry than the actual package? and because I was here so they didn’t "miss me" they just didn’t try to reach out and contact me) so I filled it out, left it on my mailbox as instructed on Tuesday.  It’s been 9 days now and still no package. So I called today to ask "Are you guys going to bring my package?" and they told me i have no orange slip/ there is no package for me/ i am lying / it got sent back / i hate you, in no specific order.  And then basically hung up on me.  They have hung up on me before, they also closed/slammed windows down on me/Matthew/and other innocent bystanders, they also like to laugh at you when you realize your packages life is in their hands. I hate them.

  • Does anyone actually respond to cars who go by you and beep? I’ve never seen a relationship start by someone going by, honking their horn and the other person is like "Wow, that must be a really caring and generous person honking at me, I want to be their friend.".

Jury Duty


This is karma for my making fun of Pamela when she almost became a juror, no? 

Anyways, a week ago I officially became a juror on a criminal case here in Brooklyn.  It has been quite an experience so far and I must admit that it is interesting to see how the system works from the inside.  People may be surprised, but I hear that jurors usually come out with more favorable opinions of the system coming out compared to those they had going in and so far I have to agree.  I guess I’m not one of the cool people though that try and scoot jury duty.  Sorry, but I’m not that much of an apathetic lamer </end rant>.  We started our jury deliberations today and are going into a full day of discussion tomorrow.  Whether we will wrap things up or not tomorrow is uncertain, but I don’t mind, it has been fairly neat so far. 

Part5 of Ongoing Meet the Family Series



Arrived at the family compound in August of 2006 via the US Postal Service.
      Was saved from part of a vicious Fisher Price ebay auction ring.
      Is part of the highly respected Puffalump Mafia Family.
      His favorite vacation spot is Hawaii.
      The password for all his accounts is "WILD".
      Is branded on his left foot with the infamous "Puffalump" symbol.

Part4 of Ongoing Meet the Family Series



Was saved from Eckerd Drugs in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Is a skilled and trained dancer.

Considered to be one of the first members of the Jolly Brigade.

Is never seen without her hat on.

On Christmas of 2007 was reunited with her brother(?)//lover(?) (we’re unsure of how they know each other).

  Has one of the foulest mouths out of the family.

Cat Fancier

My goal in life is to be a show mom and parade my cat around (lovingly) to all the events so we can be the stars on the cat show circuit.  So I must train Xanadu to world domination.  Today, sitting, tomorrow, zipping through rings of fire. Here we come CFA-Iams Cat Championship at the Garden!