Myrtle Avenue Kitty Friend

There’s a new kitty friend on Myrtle Avenue!  I saw her in the newspaper/magazine store last week where I gave her a pet and "ooh-ahh" but today I walked by and she was outside enjoying the sunshine! So I immediately bent down and petted her. Not only did she rub all over, but she then jumped into my lap, curled into a little ball and decided I would be a good nap partner!  I had a hard time leaving as I become attached way too easily, but after a crawls back onto my lap, she landed back on the ground to continue to clean herself.   Matthew tried to pet her too but she went in for the attack so she obviously has good taste! Meow! :D ) PS.  This isn’t Belinda, just looks like her! This kittys name is Gustov!


Duane MFing Reade

I don’t know if this is sad that this is my highlight of the day, but as I found this out I ran across the room, arms raised in air exclaiming to Matthew "OMG! OMG!" Well guess what? Our neighborhood is getting a Duane Reade! That’s right, a real drug store! No more buying and shouting orders over the counter for deodorants, shampoo, feminine goods and aspirin! I will actually be able to touch the goods, read the boxes! Very very exciting.  And the gentrification continues!


Thanks to Bed Stuy Blog for the picture.

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

I just saw the top 10 list of all time best dances in film, and scrolling down to the #1 I kept asking "Where is it? Where is it?" but fortunately I wasn’t disappointed as the #1 spot was Frances "Baby" Houseman and Johnny Castle in my favorite guilty pleasure movie "Dirty Dancing".  The best dance ever – agreed? Yes? No?



We started the day off by going to SVA to talk to a class (that we used to be in a few years ago). Public speaking is very frightening to me, but the more we talk about our work, the more comfortable we get and the more we find out about ourselves.  So all in all I think it went ok and we weren’t too boring.


Dropped our book off. I liked the doors.

100_4152_2   100_4149_2

Tomato Bisque! Delicious.     Didn’t have the cake though, would feel very guilty (not of the desert, but because they are adorable).


Went to the Virgil Gallery to see "Replicant" show.  The gallery is one of our favorites.  We desperately want to be part of it too, hint hint/hug hug.

It was Potomac Tuesday too!

And it snowed! First time all year really.  I found this on the mail box and thought it was friendly.

The end.