Red Cat

As you can imagine, when I first saw Xanadu like this I ran over to her and nearly cried.  And then I realized she wasn’t bleeding, she was playing with Katie who was doing red makeup at yesterdays shoot.  The silly part is that the red semi won’t come off, not with her kitty cleaning cloths, or soap.. Red Cat, Red Cat.



                                                    Reminder to Vote

is a reminder for those of you that live in states that will be holding
their primary elections on Super Tuesday, February 5th or in the coming
weeks. If you live in New York, primary election day is Tuesday,
February 5th. New Yorkers, if you are a registered Democrat or
Republican you can vote on Tuesday in your party’s primary to elect a
presidential candidate.

We stand at a transformative time in history
and our generation has a major role to play in the direction of not
only our country but in the world at large. Whether you support the
current administration or not no one can deny that we are facing hard
times. It comes in the form of fears over the economy, anger towards a
mismanaged war, and worst of all it comes by way of an us versus them
blue versus red football game mentality that has divided us from coming
together to solve difficult problems. And we won’t solve them until we
can all come together to get the job done.

Before us there is
a chance for our country to make history. Could America elect someone
other than a white Christian male? The possibility of that is change
enough, but there is much more. The greatest history that can be made
is not going to be whether we elect a woman, a black man, or a Mormon.
It is going to be if we can elect someone that can reject the divisive
politics that keep us from getting the things that need to be done from
getting done. We need to elect a person that can bring all people
together under a common hope and rid us of the partisan politics that
we have known all our lives. Young people have only ever known an
administration that had either a Bush or a Clinton as president. And if
you are slightly older and remember Reagan, a Bush as a vice president.
Those are dynasties and more of the same is not change.

another Clinton stands likely to become president and she would make
monumental history by her own right in becoming America’s first female
president. But making history is not making change. Mrs. Clinton
carries with her 40 years of anger going back to the Vietnam war and
all the baggage of her husband’s administration. Remember being in
school and hearing about the vicious attacks against Bill Clinton and
his coercion into perjury because of oral sex? Remember all the
bickering and infighting? It would be very naïve to think that those
ridiculous attacks won’t continue if the Clintons return to the white
house. We need a fresh start. We need a president that will unite us
and not just be a blue version of what we have now.

This is
where I endorse and urge you to vote in this presidential primary and
in the general election for Barack Obama. Ignore that electing a black
man would be history. Obama does not play the politics of hate as the
Clinton’s and Bush’s do. Obama is a youthful face with a message of
hope and optimism that emboldens that if we work hard enough together
that we can salvage our reputation to not only become as good as we
once were but to become even better than ever before. We do this
together. If you look at policy differences you are not going to find
that much different between Clinton and Obama. You will probably hear
the argument the Clinton is more experienced and that this is a good
thing. To that I ask, what is it that she is experienced in other than
what we already know causes wasteful friction, anger, and hate. We
stand likely to make history regardless of who is elected and anyone
elected president will be tremendous improvement from the last seven
years and counting. The choice to make history is not what is important
though. We need real change. Let us not squander the greater choice.

easy to be apathetic. Some might even call it “cool”. It’s easy to hate
on hope too. But there will be nothing cool or funny about it if our
country continues its slide downhill while dragging the rest of the
world with it. Do we really want our future lives dictated by people
over 50? They vote and we are forced to live by their hand. You owe it
to yourself, your future, and to those too young to vote to try. Please
go and vote and please cast that vote for change.

you are a registered Republican and your state does not allow open
voting I urge you to support Congressman Ron Paul and his real
conservative record for our county’s constitution.