Junior’s= 385 Flatbush Avenue @ Dekalb, Brooklyn
Cheeseburger/Fries = Great
Beets/Pickles = WTF?
Soda = Quality/+Cute Glasses
Hot Fudge Sundae = Decent/Was missing toppings that menu said it would come with
Cheesecake = I don’t like it, but Matthew enjoyed it/$6 seemed pricey
Service = Adorable waiter who stabbed Matthew with a straw/sword on purpose
Street=They sold LOVE teddy bears outside the store, Matthew thought someone died and it was a memorial, I made fun out of him.





This is my childhood height chart that we would always sharpie in the new inch mark on the back of a closet door in the kitchen. I went back home to visit my family a few weeks ago and had to add my new 2008 height.


Say No To Baby

I’m beginning to think someone in my neighborhood is protesting in the name of disapproval of the recent baby population in our building and sidewalks. I found these 2 babies about a week apart.

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I’m not known for my green thumb, so I’m going to try once again this year to better my growing skills. Today I got this mini greenhouse (i know it looks like doughnuts) and have hopeful seeds of zinnias, marigolds, pumpkins, basil and beans planted. I also got a cherry tomato plant that Essy is eyeing up. Matthew is a skilled farmer (Ohio) so I am hoping he can share his wisdom on this. I will probably make a growth chart like I did last year to track my status. It will be very exciting so I will post it here so we can follow my plant growth together.

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Brooklyn Flea

If you don’t already know about it, you should come and visit Brooklyn Flea happening every Sunday from 10AM-5PM @ Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The market has 200 local vendors selling everything from vintage clothing, furniture from this page, stuffed animals, food, art and everything else. Luckily for us, it’s just a walk in the neighborhood away, so here’s some pictures from yesterdays visit.

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The Japanese have once again shown that they are so much better than us by having the most adorable kitty. Meet Meme. Her cuteness factor will kill you. She also has a book out and a site that I needed to use translation for. Here I present you, lovely Meme.