New Neighborhood Kitties

At the bodega across the street, there are new kitties!! As soon as I saw them, I put down my lasagna noodles and eggs and rushed down the aisle to give them hugs and belly rubs (and take pictures). Why doesn’t every store have cats? It would give them more business for sure!



Vietnam 68-69

I love old photos. So every time I go home I rummage around in the closets to find old albums. I finally talked to my dad into giving me his Vietnam albums and today scanned some of the images in them. These are from Vietnam Era 68-69. Thanks dad.




Robot Love

From Times of India: Romantic human-robot relationships are no longer the stuff of science fiction – researchers expect them to become reality within four decades.

And they do not mean simply, mechanical sex. "I am talking about loving relationships about 40 years from now," David Levy, author of the book Love + sex with robots, said at an international conference held last week at the University of Maastricht in the south east of the country.

"… when there are robots that have also emotions, personality, consciousness. They can talk to you, they can make you laugh. They can … say they love you just like a human would say ’I love you’, and say it as though they mean it …"