Marie + Goomba

This is Marie. She’s way cool and has amazing hair. We met her mom and she’s equally cool too (we wish we had moms that are professors at Harvard). This is Paragoomba. He arrived here last December from China. He enjoys teaming up with ghosts, stealing lives from Mario, dropping Microgoombas from the sky and dressing up as a pirate.


Going to Manhattan… The video…

I had this idea to record my errand running journey from home in Brooklyn to Manhattan quite awhile back and this week I finally worked up the courage to make it happen.  Unfortunately,  the batteries died 30 minutes into the trip while on the F train.  Remember, take more batteries and memory cards next time. EXCITEMENT!!!1

Alison + Jolly

Here’s the lovely Alison and the snow-man, super pizza chef extraordinaire Jolly. Jolly was saved from Eckerd Drugstore in Pittsburgh during the holiday season of 2003. He has a twin brother, Jolly’s Brother who wears blue and will make a appearance eventually. Jolly wears a baseball t-shirt but does not play baseball. Jolly is a pizza connoisseur and can be found at some of New York’s finest pizza establishments throwing dough in the air and catching it in his mouth.


Cut Outs

Like this alot.

Converse – My Drive-Thru

Directed and Animated by Psyop

Artists: Santogold, Julian Casablancas & N.E.R.D.

Produced by: Pharrell Williams

Agency: Anomaly, New York