Annie Introduces Mr. Kiss

Mr. Kiss used to have a face, but he’s danced so much in his lifetime it has come off. Still, we love him to pieces.


This vintage print (that Matthew surprised me as a gift years back) shows Mr. Kiss when he was in his prime.


Dance on Mr. Kiss, dance on!

Crab Insanity

It’s going on 6 AM so I decided to post this. Although the idea of a "What we did today" video over Matthew’s sleeping body sounds like fun, instead I will share my trip to Ikea with you. Although a documentation of a trip to Ikea does not sound like fun, it will be because there are crabs!

As you know from previous posts, Ikea is now in Brooklyn. They offer free shuttles to and from the subway stops. They also have very cheap hot dogs. The lines are very long and shopping bags are no longer free.

The best part of Ikea is the children’s section, of course. The saddest part of Ikea is also the children’s section, of course. All those crabs and sharks imprisoned – breaks my heart. It’s quite a dangerous situation because we are known to buy anything cute and that makes us smile. It’s even more dangerous because we already have yellow crab, orange crab and shark, and we love nothing more than adding brothers/sisters/twins to The Family. We decided this time around, that the duplicates were indeed imposters, but next time.. not quite sure. Also, ok.. we had this shower curtain from the first apartment we ever lived in together, it was actually there when we moved in and it had cute people on it so we just kept it. Well many years later, we are still using it because we can’t throw it away, but we scrub it periodically so its ok. Anyways, it is starting to show the wear and we were getting mighty sad because we thought it might have seen its last days and we couldn’t figure out where it was from (no tag). We had a hunch it was from Ikea, but upon searches and customer service questions, they said no. WELL, as I turned the corner in Ikea, what do I see, but our shower curtain hanging up in its all glory, almost spotlighted with halos floating around it. I squealed, grabbed Matthew’s arm and went "LOOK!", then he repeated my actions and we rushed over to wrap ourselves in the curtain. It was probably one of the greatest moments of my life. Sad part.. they don’t have them in stock. So it’s almost as if they are pointing and laughing at us. I went back again to see if they were back in stock, but no. So we will continue, but now we know it’s there and if need be, I’ll order from another store. Rejoice!




I’ve become obsessed with Arrested Development. Our nightly dinner schedule involves Matthew eating at his computer and me eating in front of the tv. We don’t have cable because there really isn’t much use for it so saves me and from it now has given me my new obsession. The HTPC we built comes in very good use! I’ve only really gotten into a few shows in my adult life and those have been Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sex and the City, Queer as Folk and now Arrested Development. Surprisingly, none of them have actually been watched on their network, but instead streaming/downloads/dvds. I love George Michael. I leave you with amazing gifs down below for the Arrested Development fans.

Tonight were fireworks. They’ve kinda lost their touch, haven’t they? I used to be so excited for them, but now we are like "Let’s go in" before they are even over. None the less, our roof was packed with those that braved the drizzle for the second year in a row. I had my snappy of course.

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My Co-Meowza is currently at a rave. Me? Not this time. I had fun, but my feet hurt and I needed a McFlurry/Fries/Burger to bring me back to life last time. I did see him slip some film into his bag though, so hopefully he’ll have some photos from the event in the next few days (I’m calling you out).

click images below to see gifs.
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