What we did today

After about a hour of standing in the ocean with my alter ego head on I began to feel like a human installation. So many people stopped and took our photos that eventually I just started to wave at them and give high fives. Maybe next time hugs, except my head will knock them out. More info about this project soon enough. :-)


Double the love

Staff could have been forgiven for thinking they were seeing double when the turtle turned up at the Water World aquatic farm at Wuwei town in Anhui, eastern China. They had ordered a shipment of babies from a local farm – and discovered that one of them had two heads. It weighed just 17g when it arrived at the centre but is now thriving.




If you’re in New York and your Saturday is looking empty, come by this show. It’ll be a full day of art and music and you’ll see some of our work up on the walls too! If you track us down we might even be able to arrange a Mister Wubba Polaroid!


Sewing Factory Open Studios

Saturday, September 20th

4:00 P.M. ART / 6:00 P.M. MUSIC

Spencer Sewing Factory

144 Spencer Street (between Myrtle and Willoughby), Brooklyn


You can see a list of artists and more details here.

Hope to see you there!

Soul Thief

My name is Xanadu Pluto. I look cute when I welcome strangers, but deep down I laugh because while they are rubbing me and hearts are rising from their hands, I am stealing their souls. I make my way around strangers legs, rubbing up against them and sometimes jumping on unknown laps. They are surprised by my actions and take it as a sign of trust. As soon as I have them under my spell, they look away from the sleeping white figure on their lap and that is when I attack. It’s all a silent white blur to them. They go quietly. This is my story.