Meet Boopalantern. He’s part Jack-o-Lantern, part Boop (part of the Frog species). He can usually be found with headphones on listening to Rush Limbaugh. When he laughs he puts his hand on his belly and snickers lightly. He’s also very good at the Waltz.


Big Mister Pumpkin

Meet Big Mister Pumpkin. He’s massive in size. We were at Target one day last year and saw him, but he was major dollar, so we pretended he was a imposter. Then, I was at Target a few days after Halloween, and OMG, he was in the SALE holiday rack for $3(!). I lifted him into my arms, over my head, spun around and rejoiced, and then continued on a uncomfortable journey of many stares and car horns as I carried Pumpkin home and onto the subway. Once I got home (with no arm strength left), I blindfolded Matthew and led him to the couch where a Big Mister Pumpkin was sitting. I believe Matthew cried. He lights up with a big smile and enjoys the game "Marco Polo".