Pat + The Real Pinata

We both carried our new 25 pound friends home today and then carved personalities into them. Meet Pat and The Real Pinata. Pat is half Pumpkin/half Cat. That’s why we call him Pat. The Real Pinata is a thug. I won’t tell you who carved which one, but it’s not hard to guess as only one of puts down "Mama Cat" for their occupation.



American Photo

This year, we were lucky enough to be selected to be part of American Photo’s "Emerging 2008" artist feature. We were especially happy with what Susan Bright wrote about our work, and how she gave shout outs to Essy’s Blog and Mister Wubba.

Check out the scans below (click to enlarge), and go to American Photo Emerging to see the others selected as well. American Photo is pretty much sold everywhere, so pick up a copy. :-)




Is he a pumpkin? Is he a squash? Is he a gourd? Noone knows, but we know he’s happy and loving. I saved him from a store on Bedford Avenue that always sells random holiday gifts. A few years ago I also saved a dancing happy sunflower from this store, so you can imagine these 2 fellows being reunited was a beautiful event. Meet Gourdy!



Anjana is a chimp that doesn’t discriminate. After Hurricane Hannah separated the white tigers from their mother, she took over with bottle feeding and raising them. You can visit them at TIGERS in South Carolina, US.





His name is Pinata. He was saved from Target. He is named after the game Viva Pinata. You cannot crack him open though and eat his insides or his friend Lion will get you. His positioning around the house changes as the seasons change. Sometimes he’s on the scanner, sometimes he’s on the couch, sometimes he hangs out with Snowmen in the bedroom. Meet Pinata!


Meet: Lizard

This is Lizard. I found him on Bedford Avenue covered in dirt. He was just sitting injured on the corner. It was very sad. So I picked him up, brought him here, washed him up and gave him a home. He is good friends with my other lizard "South America" now.

He is not part of the Halloween gang, so please don’t be confused. I just wanted to share this.