Snowman Gone Wild

I have a thing for Snow People so when I saw The Smithsonian had an article called "Snowman Gone Wild" I knew it was deserving of a post. Click here to see vintage postcards that snow Snowmen going wild. Most of the cards depict Snowmen as drunks which I think is unfair because I have known many Snowmen in my lifetime and I know they enjoy pizza, not alcohol, but whatever. Enjoy.

From article: "To add insult to injury, the snowman somehow became a spokesperson for any product of an embarrassing sort, appearing in ads for every personal hygiene problem imaginable: dandruff, gas, hangovers, constipation, and bad breath Add this all up and you have a Frosty with a pretty shaken psyche. We literally built him up only so we could, apparently, knock him down and use him as a piñata. It’s no wonder the snowman turned to booze." Read full article here.



Essy Gone Wild

If Essy was a camgirl, subscribers would login to see lots of good footage. It would consist of Essy sleeping on the couch, Essy sleeping on a keyboard, Essy sleeping under a tree, Essy sleeping on a chair, etc. Occasionally members would be treated to surprise footage as Essy finds the lid to the catnip container and gets stoned.…. coming soon?


Hawkeye, the scuba diving cat

"Hawkeye first let Alba know she didn’t mind when she started jumping into the bathtub with Mutley. Before long, Hawkeye began to show a growing interest in her buddy’s adventures in the swimming pool, too, and they thought it was not a bad idea to put the cat in the pool, since it even have warm water thanks to a pool heater, you can read the article here to find more about this. One day when Mutley was enjoying a swim, Hawkeye took the plunge herself and did her best "cat paddle." Hawkeye’s newfound interest in swimming led Alba to the logical next step — building a scuba rig for his rotund little girl." Read more here.





Edit: I found video

Smiling Flowers

We received these flowers from the lovely Katie. They are great for us because I don’t have to water them and Essy won’t eat them (sort of). Plus they have smiling faces and cuuuuuute voices (that we vocalize for them).


Potato Candy

My dad just visited for a day for the holidays! Not only did he bring his lovely self, but my aunt made me my favorite treat, Potato Candy! I’m warning, you will eat it all and it’s crazy not healthy. But it’s the holidays, so it’s a semi excuse! Enjoy! :)

2 (1 lb.) boxes powdered sugar
1/2 c. hot mashed potatoes, drained
1 sm. jar crunchy peanut butter

Mix sifted sugar into potatoes a little at a time by hand. (Don’t panic when potatoes liquify as the first sugar is added. This is what it’s supposed to do. Just keep adding sugar until it is pastry consistency.) Sprinkle wax paper with additional powdered sugar. Take baseball-sized ball of mixture and roll out like pastry. Spread with peanut butter and roll like a jelly roll. Wrap rolls in plastic wrap; chill and slice.