My Best Friend.

Many years ago I loved Hamtaro. I lie, I still love Hamtaro. This year I found Hamtaro Christmas cards in Chinatown so I bought them all. The problem is that I don’t want to give them away now. If I could evolve in life like a Pokemon, one of my choices would be a Ham-Ham. Cuuuute, enjoy!


Spencer Kitty

I am the person who stops no matter where I am if there is a cat in sight and plays with them. Last week I was walking home and saw this beautiful kitty on my street. I can’t handle knowing cats live without family and hugs (no really, I cry within a touch of a whisker), so I sat down on the ground and played with it for quite some time. It was a little scared at first but quickly was smacking me in the hand with it’s head. I usually have cat food in my bag but didn’t at that time, so I told it to wait downstairs and I would be back. I quickly hurried to my building (with the cat’s meows following me) and got it food. When I came back to the street, I saw it run across the street (oh my) and under a building. I followed it but couldn’t see it any longer. I tried making my kitty sounds, but after about 20 minutes of standing on the corner looking semi crazy, I left the food on the sidewalk hoping it would find it. This is the picture of our first meeting, and the waiting food.

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So today I was walking home again and as I rounded the corner, I heard it’s meowza call. There it was, on the ground, in all it’s glory. I covered it in hugs, baby voices and walked it to my building where I called Matthew and asked for food to be rushed downstairs immediately. Matthew obliged and I continued my afternoon lovefest with kitty. Food arrived, kisses continued and kitty was happy. Here is kitty chowing down!


I would pay for this.

We found this in the trash. Why anyone would throw this out is beyond comprehension! Which is your favorite Ghost? They all appear to have different personalities. The one to the right is more silly, the one in the middle is more serious and the one to the left is more chill. Also, I love the person who has a head like a Christmas tree up top.


Print Sale

Hey everyone. We’re having a Holiday print sale if you’re interested in owning some of our work. You’ll receive (4) 6×9" prints of the below images (titles: Pyramid Hill, Faces, Robots, H+). They’ll be printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag. They will be signed and are a edition of 25. The price is $50 and includes shipping (to the United States). Our paypal address is If you have any questions, feel free to email that address too.


Snow Loves

We are starting to decorate. December/January means all of our beloved Snow People get their time to shine.


The 2 big guys here are Jolly (red) and Jolly’s Brother (blue). They were founding members of the family. They work at a pizza shop.


Brothers and sisters.


This is Christmas. She’s a rebel Snow Girl. She tells you how it is and has a language consisting of many bad words.