Cat Go Boom

This is when cats fail. This happens to Xanadu a few time a day. Her new trick is she learned to jump from the floor to the top of the refrigerator. She holds on and then pulls herself up with her strong muscles. Sometimes she doesn’t make it though and just hangs on and cries.

A Legend Of Zelda Themed Car

This is commentary from Geekologie. I enjoyed it much so I wanted to share:

"First of all, I am the world’s biggest Zelda fan and that’s that, no arguing. I mean, I’m wearing a green fucking tunic. TOOT TOOTLE TOOT DOOTLE DOOT. Yeah, that was me belting one out on the ocarina. You got me, it was a skin flute, but still. Anyway two chicks painted their car with an overworld map from The Legend of Zelda because they thought that would make them big fans or something. It doesn’t. I’m the #1 fan. Also, I like turtles.

Zelda is a 1978 Ford Fairmont. She drives like a boat. She has a pretty low number of miles, because she sat still for about a decade in someone’s backyard. I bought the car for $600 and spent $100 on paint. It has the map of The Legend of Zelda painted on the top of the car and the characters, Link and Zelda, on the sides. There is also a triforce and a small rendition of Sprite on the back sides. "Zelda" is painted on each side in large red letters.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still gonna steal that bitch, but that doesn’t mean these chicks love Zelda more than I do just because I didn’t paint my car. Because, guess what — I don’t have a car! I ride a fucking horse named Epona. To Lon Lon ranch, I’ve got a date with Malon!"


Swimming in 110ml puddles of ink…

It has been quite some time coming but it finally happened.  Yes, after oogling for an eternity, finally, we got one – an Epson 4880 printer.  Let's be honest, the best thing about going to school at SVA was that my student loans allowed us to use the glorious 4800 printers.  After graduation we were lost but now we're found because you know you have "made it" when you have your own precious 17" printer to wheel around the loft. 

Glorious Tech Orgy Time:

Eight inks man!  EIGHT $80 INK CARTS.  FFS.  Yes, that is a 17" print track – and I have the ruler to prove it.

Oh poor retired Epson R1800 printer with your pathetically puny ink cartridges… You never stood a chance did you?

At 90lbs. and $150 to ship this thing is an absolute beast of a printer.   After two months of use and the printing of an entirely new portfolio the verdict is almost entirely positive.  As remembered with the 4800 printer the bigger brother 4880 produces the best inkjet prints I've ever seen.  The black and white prints barely look inkjet at all.  This thing is fast, sturdy, and doesn't seem to clog up and waste as much ink either.  On the negative side there remains the glaring issue of not being able to switch from gloss to matte papers with out an elaborate and costly ink dumping due to having to switch the black inks.  While we only print on matte paper I see this as an obvious design flaw especially in a market where other large format printers forego the ink swapping procedure entirely.  I imagine that Epson has taken this under advisement and will deal with it in future models.  As it stands now though the Epson 4880 printer is about as good as it gets.  Buy one.


Meet Minoru, meaning ‘Reality’ in Japanese, the World’s first 3D webcam. Connect Minoru to your PC and he will come alive, his eyes will light up and he will be looking at you in 3D. The British designed 3D webcam has been fascinating people around the world since it was entered into the i-stage competition run by the Consumer Electronics Association.

With its two lenses in the shape of eyes,the webcam is able to capture a 3D image by merging both the photos captured by the lenses, however you need to see them with 3D glasses. It is promised to give you a 3D internet experience as it works almost with all messengers Skype, AIM, Windows Live Messenger etc as well as Youtube.