We Kill You

I posted this picture a few weeks ago when I saw this little ghost in the East Village:


Then today as I was reading my daily blogs, I randomly came across another picture that had a similar ghost in it.


Turns out these come from a collective called "We Kill You" (not violence related, but rather saying "You Kill Me" when something is very funny). Based out of toronto, WKY is a team of creatures: The Ghost, The Bat, The Sasquach, The Bunny, The Bear, and The Ape looking to put a smile on your face! Starting in 2003, influenced by a lack of color, sad people and the joy of life its self, We Kill You started putting up collages of creatures because it seemed like a fun thing to do! Over time, as things started to expand a bit more, WKY realized that people were starting to notice these monsters and were enjoying what they saw so they had to be given more! The goal is simple: make the world a happier, brighter place when least expected!

In March WKY had their very first Monster Hide and Seek contest where they put up 35 plaques around the city and people had to find them (believe that’s where my image comes from). You can see the rest of the NYC hunt images here.

Go to their site!