Xanadu Relax Time

Xanadu loves this. She will specifically lay in your lap and point herself up at your hands. Also if you stop, she will push herself into you to continue. After she meowed at the end of the video, she jumped right back up to continue. :-)

Arne Svenson

Tonight! Why must events happen at the same time? I’m supposed to be somewhere else, but now I might hit and run and try to make this. I received his "Sock Monkeys" book as a present and fell in love. Go if you can!!

Arne Svenson

Tuesday, April 14th 7PM

School of Visual Arts Amphitheater

209 E. 23rd St. (betw. 2nd/3rd Aves.)

Free to CCNY members, SVA students, faculty, and staff

General admission $10, $5 for other students with ID

"During the past twenty years Arne Svenson has created a number of diverse photographic series exploring a range of subjects from turn of the century California prisoners to sock monkeys to the documentation of forensic facial reconstruction sculptures. His work as both an artist and author focuses on the specific themes of taxonomy, evidence, and reanimation. Svenson has an affinity for collecting grim, even morbid images, ideas and objects and placing them into new configurations. Even as he explores some of the basic issues of life and death, he embraces the absurd. Svenson finds the line between laughing and mourning often indistinct, which is reflected in his work. "

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The Zen of Film

I liked this quote. You can read more here.

“Mulling it over, I couldn’t articulate it fully but definitely, I knew I had become lazy, really lazy. A spectacular sloth by the standards of shooting film. Film is hard. Film is a stone cold unforgiving killing bastard. Film is once in a lifetime, no excuses. F8 and really, really be there: ready, steady, in focus, correct exposure, and pressing the shutter in synch with life.”