Part 9

So I have never been on a roller coaster in my life. Matthew’s main goal (in life) is to get me on one. So we did it as soon as we got into the park. I rode the Raptor for my first one ever. I loved it so much! We rode many more coasters after. Here is a funny video of our ride. In the beginning I am pretty sure I am not strapped in/going to die/going to fall out. I lived, yay.

Oh yay, I conquered!

3862667563_6f95616227_m 3862667617_f8bfea9ce5_m

I had so much fun at Cedar Point, it was the highlight of the trip. I want to do more parks, asap. My favorite coasters were the Raptor and the Iron Dragon.

3862669523_caa0075a57_m 3862669493_009d5f2e68_m

3863451188_1ee8981882_m 3862669129_d63ffcc760_m

3863450220_5f1e8d44d5_m 3862668215_f3852cccc7_m

3863450026_47ba707f77_m 3862668347_41d2b292d7_m

3863450878_014245b817_m 3863449198_72ae2b1bbb_m

3862667299_bf4c10f7dc_m 3862667445_992648b074_m

I also enjoyed Disaster Transport because I felt like I was at a rave.

3863450626_7988f6a6dc_m 3862668975_4015679fe7_m

3862668867_2a35c9d585_m 3862668929_93118ef2ff_m


At night they light up the park, it’s very pretty.

3863451282_054b2b09b3_m 3862669397_295fbf8016_m

I drove a car too for the first time, thankfully I was on a rail because I wasn’t very good and easily distracted by taking pictures.


The water rapids ride was closed by the time we got to it. I was sad because this is one of my favorite rides. We did enjoy the family dryer though with a sun who’s trying very hard.

3862669299_a82bf9b7e5_m 3862669247_b5c8585917_m

Halloween fun. If I had a car, it would have eyes like this.

3862669655_da165412c7_m 3862669621_21b8edb1b6_m

Love you Cedar Point. See you again soon! :-) xo


Back to NYC we go…

3862669875_2428b30e22_m 3862669953_69837d501c_m

3863451714_9f9275b66c_m 3863451610_0c3bae3ba3_m

Part 8

We’re at Cedar Point! It’s not raining, it’s not too hot, hooray! Paid for parking, paid for entrance, now let’s get in there.

Let’s cover the cuteness factors before we get to defeating death.

This is the first thing I see when arriving. Oh, wow, thank you.


Look at those amazing loved ones. Do you see those big gorillas? Yeah, we really wanted one, but I don’t think it crossed our minds how we were going to get it back to NYC. Maybe we would buy a storage space and he could have his own home in Ohio and we would visit it periodically? Doesn’t matter I guess, we didn’t win. :(

3862667777_1f4fde9402_m 3863449790_e697d35273_m

3862668013_a6e7fe43fb_m 3862668065_1c460d0132_m

3863449980_052f9f04a7_m 3862668435_d017c13e67_m

These lucky people were able to save some lovely ones!

3862668301_54709b91ec_m 3862668653_790ec7cc62_m

Arcade fun! Game fun! DDR! A really hard level that we completely sucked at. Skeeball, hooray! Another game with an amazing name.

3862668503_80a896b3ed_m 3862668587_7153d058d4_m

3863450308_bf72619331_m 3863451408_d0ed13061b_m

Food! I wanted a funnel cake, but all this Ohio talk made me think elephant ears are the same thing.. they obviously aren’t and I was disappointed by this. One more Icee.. delicious.

3863450094_52456e152b_m 3862669571_70ea3cfff6_m


This is for my dad, the original Snoopy. :-)


Part 7

On Sunday morning we met Matthew’s other mother, her fiance, sisters for breakfast at Bob Evans. I’ve never been to a Bob Evans. Their portions are kinda insane.


During breakfast it was raining which we were worried about because our day was supposed to be spent at Cedar Point (amusement park). We then drove our way to Cedar Point as it continued to pour. We stopped at a McDonald’s close so we could get some quick work done via their wifi. McDonald’s has too much cuteness.

3862475003_3665e30f4c_m 3863257004_d83c5d8dcc_m

3863257076_4092dded6f_m 3863257122_2fb4b5c853_m


The rain has stopped. On our way to Cedar Point!


Part 6

And then it was night time. I’m not used to driving so much.

3860274946_d1e56a0079_m 3859489313_7c20377bfc_m

3860275042_93bb8b680f_m 3859489377_1a2a5718ae_m

We went to Swings N Things. It’s a mini golf, arcade, cars, batting cages kinda place.

3860275626_e6186dddbf_m 3860275674_522e10b545_m

First we played mini golf. I was the only one to get a hole in one. :-)

3860275088_63d034089d_m 3859489523_3d80e19fdf_m

3859489555_fed1a1948c_m 3860275292_82c83acb53_m

3860275248_70a7b238c7_m 3860275118_8d8db91ba5_m

I also won. :-)


Then Matthew hit some balls. I watched from a distance.


Then we went to the arcade.

3860275392_1a8c6c4d4c_m 3859489823_a98bc1ce7f_m

3860275496_66d6b87485_m 3859489919_8ac9c3da21_m


Of course we played DDR!


And then Matthew made this video in the parking lot. I gave his tickets away. :(


And then we went to sleep.


Part 5

Then we headed over to Matthew’s Mom’s house to see her, husband, brothers, grandparents, aunts, sister, nephew, friends. It was alot of family. We ate good pizza and I enjoyed the free wifi.

You know those Halloween ghosts that move and make ghostly sounds when you walk by? Well we’ve been wanting them so Matthew went into the basement and talked his mom into giving us all of them. At first they didn’t work, but with some cleaning and loving, they did. YAY!


This is Matthew’s brother, G, he is scared of the Quaker Oats man so Matthew brought him a lid of Mr. Quaker.


The family showed alot of old photos, such as this amazing one. Look who I spotted on the fridge, Wubba!

3860200402_8f6d3ce270_m 3860219

This is Matthew’s other brother, Sean. Matthew was showing him how to use a camera. These guys on the right are Max’s toys… you will soon meet Max!

3860200790_99b5532c9e_m 3859414049_9043efaf0c_m

This is Max. I’m in love with him.

3856471788_d38dc22d01_m 3859414249_f37d1b1298_m

3860200826_b9487b33a7_m 3859414419_5c76923770_m

3859414303_3b648e0aae_m 3859414093_c90a2d23d8_m


Part 4

This post is going to be picture heavy.. too my faces. We went to Jamie’s Flea Market on Saturday morning. I love flea markets and NYC doesn’t have a proper one so I was excited (sorry Brooklyn Flea, you’re really not a flea market..). It rained a little bit, but it couldn’t keep us down. I got 5 amazing things for $7! It was rows and rows of endless treasures. I think 1 out of 5 people commented to their friends on Matthew’s silver Y-3 sneakers. Those and my cloud tights were the talk of Ohio while we visited.

This is our car while we were there. It was very blue. Matthew makes up parking spaces as you can see.


Welcome to the family Pumpkin Octopus and Fozzie Bear!! We saved them! I had that actual Fozzie Bear when I was a little girl. Maybe it’s the same one! So exciting. Also, that lady is making me a cat shirt! The shirt was $5!! When she told me the price I stared at her. The Siamese shirt isn’t the one I got, but it’s one I loved. They also had amazing tiger sweatshirts, I was in love with this stand. I almost asked the woman for her email address so I can order things off her. I also got a red smiley face ring that smiles on one side and says "CHINA" on the other. It was 25 cents. And I got a make your own halloween bag, it was 50 cents!

3858903379_7a65e991dc_m 3858903589_ca9a748891_m

3858903083_661d081411_m 3858903127_d6fafcdbfa_m

Now a explosion of everything cute, everything I wanted. Click to enlarge. :)

3859689682_c2d0cc3be5_t 3858902559_c8acda11d1_t 3859689772_e991e1af0a_t 3858902689_5cc39389a1_t 3858902771_812e14c75e_t

3858902803_b2c516d2f4_t 3859689982_ea9dfd2438_t 3858902855_15f2b0c747_t 3858902893_435901feef_t 3859690108_d04795aab6_t

3859690158_2961408979_t 3858902997_4009eee2e3_t 3859690288_973b90a69f_t 3858903183_df03d5d097_t 3858903219_6abd4d878a_t

3858903261_eced8076cc_t 3858903337_537790bc0a_t 3858903413_16c28eb370_t 3859690710_2dea098371_t 3859690738_3b5d03ca75_t

3858903615_fca8a33033_t 3859690898_ed0e007a90_t 3858903899_c85ae05d0b_t 3858903967_aa8d308434_t 3859691150_a5453dc2ee_t

3858904055_c7368981ea_t 3859691256_3b09156147_t 3858904119_38cff04c0a_t 3858904215_9ca9de6dfb_t 3859691386_81d95e4c64_t

3859691444_1e29744959_t 3858904293_22b51afd8e_t

Big Brown Bear! That is Essy’s nickname! The picture to the right made me feel like I was in Brooklyn again. :)

3859689890_d9d837099b_m 3858903303_f2e468e6e4_m

Shark Attack! If they had Ask Zandar it was totally going to be mine but they didn’t. :-( And to the right, I will be ebaying to find something like this so I can wear it in the winter.

3858903457_69a303071f_m 3858904321_95934f64e9_m

The cantaloupes are 2 for $1!! I can buy 8 cantaloupes for what I pay for 1 in NYC. The man to the right was playing some type of civ game on a giant monitor at the flea. He was epic.

3858904391_f0dfa19259_m 3859690874_ba2d6448f9_m



Part 3

This ends Day 1 for us… it was a long day.

Matthew was raised in Wellington and wanted to show me around, show me his past houses, etc. Unfortunately it was dark out so we couldn’t really see much. We ended up at the Wellington Rec Park which has amazing spaces and light. We’re kinda itching to do a summer photo road trip now, and will stop back here and shoot.

3857279182_e5b1328102_m 3857279238_d54193056d_m

3856489399_83a1aa9de0_m 3856489031_780ba17d03_m

3857279038_f36067b6e7_m 3856488973_7581cc790d_m

3856489013_49f5272e95_m 3856488891_2c31bd7695_m

3856489327_8ec6a4488b_m 3856489641_24bc0a992d_m


The W is for Wubba. The CK is for :-)

3857279386_a0fd398f79_m 3857279332_8cb02c0caf_m

We drove by this home that I had a baby beach/barbecue outside of it. There’s alot of it missing in the picture, such as the mini grill. I wish the family was here.


Then we went to Sheetz and I felt like I was 15 years old again. SLUSHEE!

3857279622_22c1496a0d_m 3856489593_efbfa08ab8_m

Part 2

Now in Cleveland, finally.

First the Grandpas needed to take a nap. Matthew too.

3856115987_834fc388ba_m 3856116075_1c9a36960d_m

Then we visited the Raders..Grandparents, Father, Sisters, Nephew. It was nice to see everyone again. I don’t think I ever ate this much in my life and it was so delicious (but yet so much guilt eating). It was like have a cheeseburger, follow it up with a hot dog, then some pasta salad, then have some fruit salad with whip cream on, then have some key lime pie, do you want a popsicle now? It was intense. Matthew showed our work and explained what we do. If you’re an artist then you probably know the feeling of having your family not know wtf you do. Verdict on the work: Everyone likes the shoes.

3856905806_156002352e_m 3856905866_37ea0abfc1_m

3856116345_ee7d661293_m 3856906126_a434abe744_m

Highlight of the night, Pepper! SOOO cute.

3856116245_2929014560_m 3856906040_db1a044ec4_m

Then we went to a grocery store to buy bananas, apples and water. The store was called Village Market and I don’t think I ever met more nice people than I did in Ohio. Especially in Village Market, they were crazy nice, it blew my mind. Also, in Ohio you drive all the time. You drive to the grocery store, crazy right?

Al3856906172_f72e72b458_m 3856116429_2f803ef254_m

In Village Market we rescued a new addition to the family, his name is Wellington the turtle. Village Market is in Wellington, OH where Matthew grew up. :-)

3856116595_0c1c0ee069_m 3856915550_939545503a_m

Part 1

We woke up at 5:30AM to catch our flight. It started out good, but ended horribly.

A friend and DS goodies at JFK Airport.

3855835127_977ce3431e_m 3855835169_8e9c3df676_m

Scratched Clouds.

3856624906_917daa3a34_m 3855836897_c7fd8b7078_m

The Grandpas are the official traveling family members. They always fly or travel with us. We take them out and they look out the window.

3856625128_71eace7d31_m 3856624966_b70980e718_m

3855835335_472d69ef0b_m 3856624936_eb0cf8f49b_m

And then things started to go bad. We were descending and figured we were above Cleveland (our destination). We were on a nonstop plane from NYC to Cleveland. The pilot made a announcement and it started out (I kid you not), "We have some bad news folks" – wtf. Way to break it to us that we’re going to die. Anyways, the pilot explained they were having some electrical problems and needed to have a emergency landing right away in Pittsburgh. So we landed in Pittsburgh. We sat on the plane for about 15 minutes and then were told everything was ok and we were going to be up in the air in a few. And then we waited another 45 minutes on the ground and then were told the plane would not be leaving and we had to exit the plane, I guess it’s good that we didn’t decide to fly again. And guess what, no planes go from Pittsburgh to Cleveland so they were ordering us a BUS! This was at 11:00AM. The bus was going to come at 1:00PM. And then we had to bus it to Cleveland for another 3 hours. Argh…

3855842693_d46040cd71_m 3855835283_a934fefa0d_m

3843262832_1568b5b613_m 3856625046_fb74bb1da8_m


The next many posts will be about our trip to Ohio that we returned from yesterday. I wanted to post about it everyday of the trip but with our luck, the hotel’s wifi was out the ENTIRE time we were there. I had to go to Denny’s, Bob Evans, McDonald’s to get internet and to do work, awesome. Anyways, enjoy.

Pictures of Essy and Xanadu before we left.. and our mix CD. Ohio, here we come.

3856604534_6c910bba0e_m 3856604576_1bf9c1e6e7_m

3856604602_59cc00a83a_m 3855814975_bb8a803c47_m

Urban Polaroids

Mister Wubba can breathe a little easier right now.

When Polaroid stopped production of their Instant Film in 2008, The Impossible Project purchased all the machinery and equipment at Polaroid’s Dutch factory to bring back Instant Film in 2010. Now Urban Outfitters presents a limited edition 700 hand-numbered deadstock Polaroid camera kits. The exclusive Special Edition will include one pack of Polaroid Instant Film along with one of the most sought after analog instant cameras, the Polaroid ONE600 Classic, the last Polaroid camera ever produced.

Urban Outfitters will offer additional deadstock original Type 779 Instant Film saved from the last production runs from the factory in The Netherlands, hand-selected, tested and stored at low temperatures exclusively. will also be partnering to host the pop-up shop in the Oxford Street location.

The launch at the London flagship will be on Friday, August 21st, simultaneously to the North American stores. SOURCE


Meet New Family!

Everyone knows we have a thing for stuffed animals. Our home is filled with them, we sleep with them, we respect them, we love them. So usually when I find one on the street I put it in a bag, bring it home, quarantine it in the closet and then eventually bring them back to life. The 3 most recent family members were all rescued from the street or imprisoned in a store. Let’s meet them as I have pictures of everything…

This is Turtle Shell. He was wrapped in a garbage bag laying on the street. I’m pretty sure he belonged to someone who found him and was going to sell him and this probably fell out of their cart, so when we saw it, we took it and ran. He was rescued in Manhattan, 13th/8th Avenue.


This is little red bird. We entered the subway and he was a few feet from the tracks! We rescued him and rode him home (not literally, he can’t carry us). He was rescued in Manhattan, Spring Street stop.


This is Shark’s Brother. We call him Shark’s Brother, because we have Shark, his brother already. When I went to the Salvation Army and saw my son’s brother (my other son) in the toy section I was extremely happy. When I brought him home I made Matthew close his eyes and then showed him. We cheered and danced around. He was rescued from the Salvation Army in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Bedford Avenue.


So yesterday was the day! I opened the closet door and got these 3 out who were anxiously awaiting this occasion. We skipped down to the washing room and then I explained what was going to happen. This is them on the washing machine as I talked.


And then I loaded some bubble bath for them. I told Shark’s Brother to close his mouth but he was too excited to. Little Red Bird appears shocked because he is.


Then they came out and were all clean, but we had to do a quick dry so they wouldn’t get sick. I almost forgot to take the plastic yellow ring off of Little Red Bird but I remembered at the very last minute. That would not have been a good thing for a mother to forget.



Here they are later that night, enjoying freedom and relaxing on the couch. They are laughing and sharing stories to each other. Turtle Shell is happy as seen by his tail that is sticking up.



SHARK REUNION! 2009! SHARK MEETS SHARK’S BROTHER! A beautiful night to witness.