Ray Kurzweil is driving me out of my fucking mind

Funny (to me). Check it out..

"He’s all over me about the transplant and his crazy Singularity theories. It started with email, then phone calls. Then he escalated to actually physically stalking me. He keeps tracking me down in public, coming up to me in restaurants and stuff, and he’s like, You’ve started the transition, haven’t you? You have, right? At first I tried to humor him and play along, but that just made it worse. The other day I was in a stall in the men’s room at Il Fornaio and I look up and there he is, peering over the wall at me. He’s like, Just tell me what it feels like. I’m like, Dude, it sucks, I’ve got a new liver, it’s no fun. He’s like, No, tell me about the nanobots. I know you got them. You did, right?

What’s even weirder is that he’s wearing one of those earpiece-microphone things, like in the photo above — he wears it wherever he goes, and I think there’s someone on the other end talking to him, but I don’t know. I finish up and go out to the sink and he’s standing next to me, looking at me in the mirror. I’m like, Seriously, dude, what are you looking at? He says, I’m trying to see where they put the controllers under your skin. It’s amazing. It’s barely visible."

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We added a new video project to the experimental page on our website. Check it out here. We made this armor a few months ago but haven’t quite figured out how to approach it yet as our goal is something very time consuming and very hands on. But for now, you can see what the beginning piece looks like and how it can function.


Those About to Die Salute You

How did we miss this? Ahh, I wish I was there.

This was an art exhibition – a phrase that perhaps conjures a more subdued event. But the art, “Those About to Die Salute You,” involved moving humans, boats on water and those tomatoes. It was the creation of Duke Riley, whose work skews aquatic, fluid and unpredictable. Here was his vision for Queens on Thursday night: a Roman-style naval battle among representatives of New York museums.

By Thursday afternoon, the reflecting pool was filled with 70,000 gallons of water for the first time since the 1964 World’s Fair. The teams, from the Queens Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Bronx Museum of the Arts and El Museo del Barrio in Manhattan, were putting on their war paint and cardboard armor. A museum intern had spent the day microwaving tomatoes, seeking to achieve the perfect consistency for throwing.

Spectators moved to the reflecting pool, sitting quietly at first. As the wait stretched to an hour, they grew restless. The tomatoes, in boxes waiting for the performance, proved too much of a temptation, and soon people on the two sides of the reflecting pool were throwing the microwaved tomatoes back and forth. A few onlookers unfurled umbrellas to protect themselves.

Then the audience began jumping into the pool as the Queens Museum of Art boat emerged. An announcer grabbed the microphone: “Let’s get it started!” he said.

But that ship, as they say, had sailed.

“Get out of the pool! Get out of the water!” he yelled, trying to regain order and using several expletives. “We’re not starting till you’re out of the pool!”

The ensuing battle resulted in the disintegration of most of the boats. The audience refused to stay corralled, jumping in the water to hurl tomatoes and climb onto the boats. A giant pig-shaped boat, representing Manhattan, emerged mostly unscathed. The Queens boat collapsed completely. The Brooklyn boat, a battleship, disintegrated. The Staten Island Ferry made an appearance.

The Queen Mary 2, Mr. Riley’s old target, was the last to emerge, and it was promptly set aflame, driving the spectators from the water. Then Roman candles began spitting, followed by fireworks. Some burst overhead; others seemed to land almost a little too close, and the audience ducked. The flames reached almost three feet high before the boat was tipped into the water and the fire extinguished.

“You never really know what’s going to happen,” Mr. Riley said after the performance. “Nobody got hurt, and I’m not in jail.” SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2





My card reader has been broken so the amount of "pictures of today" has been limited as it means switching computers with Matthew and usually that results in a "give me my computer back". :-) I have been using the twitter/flickr integration alot in the past few days, so here are some recent phone pictures from random adventures.







Deposit Check by Picture

!!!! AMAZING. I thought my bank was cool because when I do deposits at the machines, I don’t have to use envelopes anymore and I get a scanned copy of the check on my receipt. This totally wins…

Great ideas tend to make so much sense that you wonder why they took so long. Here’s another: USAA, a privately held bank/insurance company, is updating its iPhone app to let customers snap both sides of a check for deposits.

The bank’s VP tells The NY Times that once you hit the send button, the deposit is made just like any other check-you won’t have to mail it in later, either. As everything will be handled electronically, the bank will suggest customers simply void the check before either filing or discarding it. SOURCE