Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo was a 2 day electronic music festival held last weekend at Randall’s Island in NYC. It was a big success and hopefully will happen every year! Here is Matthew’s adventure during the 2 days.

Highlights included:

20 minutes of drum and bass out of 24 total hours with Mister Desyn Masiello.

Busy P saying "The whole world thinks that New York is a trance city" "Is that true?"

Richie Hawtin madness.

Free Tap Water.








Today’s Pictures

Went to Sway, line was too long. Looked for 24 hour diner, couldn’t find one. Decided to go to Junior’s in Brooklyn. Got off on High St (not sure why as Jay is closer). Walked to Junior’s, they are closed. Looked for more diners, no. Walked to Pathmark at Atlantic Center and bought a 3.99 pizza and a donut. Waited for bus. Bus is not coming. Bus comes in 45 minutes because it comes once a hour because it’s very late. Gave up. Let’s walk home from Atlantic Center. We speed walk, and sing along the way. I eat a cherry ring pop and Matthew eats a peanut butter bar to stay alive.


I always think this dog is real. It’s not.





The Museum of Animal Perspectives

I’ve watched every video on this page. Obsessed.

The Museum of Animal Perspectives (MAP) collects and displays wildlife imagery that has been captured using remote sensing cameras. Through the presentation and interpretation of this imagery, the MAP endeavors to expand the public’s capacity to empathize with animals and plants.