Kenny Ho is our lovely friend and a great stylist. We haven’t seen him in a few months due to being on different continents, but this week he was back to NYC and stopped by because he had a present for us! Isn’t this CAT BAG AMAZING!? Love it, thank you Kenny!


Also everytime we shoot with Kenny, he always styles Xanadu with accessories. So when he stopped by, we had to do a quick fashion change.


Meet the Breeds

This is on Saturday/Sunday. We will be attending and meeting the cats! I hope they allow pictures, if not, I will sneak some. You should go too! It’s only $10 (preorder) and lots of fun.


Join the American Kennel Club® and the Cat Fanciers’ Association® for Meet the Breeds—the world’s largest showcase of dogs and cats—on October 17-18, 2009, at the Javits Center in New York City. With 160 dog breeds and 41 cat breeds, plus demonstrations, shopping and children’s activities, no pet lover will want to miss this unique and fun-filled event. Each breed will be presented in its own designated space, decorated to reflect its heritage, characteristics and unique attributes as a pet, while allowing attendees to literally "Meet the Breeds" by petting the dogs, cats, puppies and kittens and learning about them directly from the experts. MORE INFORMATION HERE.

Today’s Pictures

Someone told me I post too many pictures of cats on this blog. Then I asked them if they read the title of this blog.

Also it’s Jewish holiday season, that means they build boxes on their balconies and have concerts outside our window at 3AM. It also means that my favorite bakery is closed. :(