Carry Me

Mark Malkoff says: “I just released a new video entitled, “Man Carried 9.4 Miles by Strangers in NYC”. In it I set out to disprove the myth that New York is unfriendly by attempting to transport myself from the southern most end of Manhattan as far north possible only by having people on the street physically carry me along the way. I ended up being carried 9.4 miles from the entrance of the Staten Island Ferry to 141st St & Broadway by 155 different people. The footage is quite incredible!”

The only bad thing in this video: Mark is wearing Uggs. What kind of message does that send to visitors?


We just finished our first full augmented reality project. I really can’t explain how excited we are about this project and how it influences our opinion of where technology and the augmented world will lead us. If you have a webcam/printer, please participate! It’s alot of fun and it brings lots of smiles to everyone who does it. If you don’t have access to those devices, there’s a demo video on the link as well so you can still see what it does.

Thanks to Ryan, Aki, Stella, Saya and Yulia.


FiFi Goes Camping

We build FiFi a tent out of pillows. She’s lived in here for the last 2 weeks. Someone asked us how we knew she wanted a tent, and we say "We just did". She really loves it. She even can stand on top of her tent to retrieve treats without it caving in, pure skill.