Cute Eggs

So a few days ago Saya surprised me with this little egg contraption at a shoot. It makes my hard boiled eggs look so cute! To be honest the doubts were low, noone thought it was going to work. I thought it was going to end in a disastrous eggperience (too easy). Today I decided to try this little guy out with the help of Saya to tell me what the package said for directions.



The packaging – will they look like this?


I make eggs.


The guinea pig egg (not a actual guinea pig egg).


Ready to get going.


I throw it in cold water for 10 minutes.


The moment of truth.. will it hold a beautiful egg that looks like a bunny?




The cutest egg ever!!


Brother is amazed!!


I eat it. It is delcious.


Play (by David Kaplan and Eric Zimmerman) imagines a not-too-distant future where video games have become indistinguishable from reality. These fully immersive games are nested inside each other like Russian dolls – each new game emerging from another and connecting backwards with increasing complexity. One moment, a player is a Japanese schoolgirl embroiled in a pillow fight with her girlfriends – and the next moment, the player has suddenly morphed into a scandalized state senator defending himself against a throng of angry reporters.

Synthetic experience competes with real experience as dream, fantasy, and memory begin to collapse into each other. Identities become elastic as the players consecutively inhabit completely different genders, ages, and ethnicities. They must confront a new state of “play” where the distinction between the real and the virtual blurs and their true selves are called into doubt.

A host of questions emerge: Who are the players? Who are the game designers? What is the purpose of these games? What is the point of winning? Where is it all leading? And if someone wants to stop playing, where in the hell is the escape button?