Maker Faire PT 2

You can see more pictures here.

This is a monster that chased me and then we rubbed bellies.  I’m in love with the costume.  I wish you could see his fingers/gloves too – amazing.

Maker faire... Monster chased and hugged me.



Matthew participated in making the Moon.  Unfortunately the Moon was not cooperative that day, but it’s the journey that counts….


Giant/Life size game of Mouse Trap – such a production with costumes, performers, music.  Really amazing! Look up “Maker Faire Mouse Trap” on Youtube. 



Actual bicycles you could drive around…


Part of a chariot race group.. amazing props!

At maker faire.. All around amazing.

A 360 swing.. weeeeee….


Jet Engine Ponies, very loud, very awesome.


Part of the Lower East Side Girls Club.  They gave me a flyer, but sadly I am over 23. :(


Maker Faire 2010

If you missed Maker Faire you missed out on some fun times.

MAKE is a quarterly, project-based magazine, it’s also a physical event series called "Maker Faire" a very popular website, a book series, a Maker SHED, a television show – but most of all, it’s a community of Makers who share their projects and skills. MAKE is what-you-MAKE-it. It’s a growing DIY movement of people who look at things a little differently and who just might spark the next generation of scientists, engineers and makers.

I will post more pictures from this event tomorrow but for now meet a new member of the family!

This is Louis, I adopted him there  They wrapped him up like a goldfish at a fair!  Check out Fluffy Goodness and adopt your own. :)


Louis flew off as I was taking a picture.  We were in shock!



FiFi Bofinkles

I’m dedicating this post to my girl, FiFi Bofinkles.  Sometimes a kitty girl just warms your heart so much that you need to give her some credit.  FiFi Bofinkles always appears next to me.  She lays on my keyboard (when I’m trying to type), she follows me when I walk around, she finishes the milk in my cereal bowl, she sleeps on my pillow when I sleep and she sometimes creepily appears outside of the shower.   She is always here for hugs, good kisses, feisty attitude towards others and knows when you just need some cheering up.  Even though she has a habit of being very slobbery when excited, shaking off that slobber onto my computer screen and always thinking I am dirty and need to be licked clean, she’s a cool girl.  <3 to FiFi Bofinkles.





Garden: 16 Weeks

Hi garden friends.  Here is our harvest in the last week.




Lots of tomatoes as you can see…

photo 1.JPG


Remember we had a incident of many of the branches breaking and on a hopeful guess we replanted the branches? Well it’s working! The tomatoes are ripening..

photo 2.JPG


Here are the carrots, going to pick them soon.


photo 4.JPG


All of the broccoli seeds we planted have started to come up.. let’s see if we can make magic before harvest…


photo 1.JPG


Architect Tetsuo Kondo has teamed up with German climate engineering firm Transsolar to fill a closed space with clouds at the Architecture Biennale in Venice. Visitors can experience the cloud from below, within, and above as they climb up 4.3 meter high helical ramp erected in the center of the room. The cloud is based on the physical phenomenon of saturated air, condensation droplets floating in the space and condensation seeds. The atmospheres above and below the cloud have different qualities of light, temperature, and humidity, separating the spaces by a filter effect. The cloud can be touched, and it can be felt as different microclimatic conditions coincide.  The Venice Architecture Biennale continues until 21 November, 2010. SOURCE 




tetsuo kondo, mathias schuler


Hey, did you hear? We had a storm/maybe a tornado in Brooklyn. I tried to save the worms and risk my life on the roof for the sake of horticulture, but I got yelled at in Spanish by a building worker (not sure what was said) so I couldn’t. Thankfully the worms survived by themselves. After the storm and the flooding and making sure all the cats were ok under the bed, I went up to the roof. The garden could have been worse, some broken stems/plants, objects randomly laying in the garden and many tomatoes laying on the ground.. buts its still there.

To the fallen tomatoes of Tornado 2010. I wish you well, and hope you turn red…


And to probably the best video I found just for commentary and really how we react in big cities to storms we are not used to getting. Pretty accurate to the amount of obsenities.

Nickelodeon Youth

I’m not sure how or why but this morning I got to thinking: Guts or Legends of the Hidden Temple – which was better? Both a favorite show of my youth, they each have amazing quality.

With Guts you have the "Extreme Arena" which had the extreme obstacles such as "Slam Dunk", "Jump Jump" and "Invisible Boat". The final event was the Aggro Crag. The total height of the Aggro Crag is 28 feet – an amazing experience for those lucky enough to be a participant. A large part of me still wants a piece of the Aggro Crag – maybe one day.


Legends of the Hidden Temple – let’s just get to the most important part – Temple Guards when they had to do the Temple Run!! Scary creatures weren’t they?! I always got upset when they couldn’t put together the Silver Monkey – come on, it was like 4 pieces and it’s a monkey! I also liked the Steps of Knowledge in the beginning of the game, I always wanted to stomp on the button to answer trivia.



Garden: 15 Weeks

Here is our harvest. The corn is amazing, I never had that fresh corn before.. swoon.


We picked all the corn, here is before:


I loved the corn, it was the first time growing it. A experiment where we learned alot, next year more and more!!


Rest of corn goes in compost for worms for soil next year…


Corn all gone, planted broccoli in the open 9 slots. Seeing if we can grow from seed before harvest.. worth a shot!


Speaking of broccoli.. we grew these guys from seeds! Amazing, no?



Lots of tomatoes.. made some pico de gallo for lunch today, mmmmmm!


Sneak preview of the carrots!