Roast Beef Sandwich

I like Arby’s.  Some people think that’s gross, but I don’t know many of those people.  My type of friend would always think Arby’s is delicious.  I haven’t had Arby’s though in 5+ years.  I love their cheese and curly fries.  Oh my, so good.  So last night Matthew asked if we could have roast beef sandwiches for dinner the following day. So here we go…it’s too easy. This recipe will become a favorite.  It’s so good.  Don’t even get me started on how the leftovers will taste too.

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From this.. To this:

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Recipe behind the cut.

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Peppercorn:  Peppercorns are the seed berries of the Piper nigrum vine, originating on the Malabar coast of India. Peppercorns are not only the oldest used spice, but also the most widely-used. Said to be found more than 4,000 years ago, peppercorns were cultivated as long ago as 1000 B.C. Pepper was considered so valuable that unscrupulous suppliers often mixed in mustard husks, juniper berries, and even floor sweepings and ground charcoal to stretch its value. In 1875, the British Sale of Food and Drugs Law imposed restrictions against the selling of adulterated pepper.

So what do you make with your peppercorns?


mr clement

Loving the work from mr clement. From their bio page:

“‘mr clement’ is the artistic pseudonym for my work as an illustrator and sculptor.
My inspirations come from comics, popular culture, porn and classical music. I work to soften the traditionally highbrow fine art by mixing it with popular sub-culture from the West and the East. I am constantly exploring a new and accessible platform to present my artwork and experiment with the concept of drawing and sculpture in different contexts. I produce friendly artwork in the form of graphic novel, animation and sculpture, Simplicity and Fun are important, as I see it necessary to have a more direct and pure way for people to understand artwork and to relate themselves to the work and the world beyond. Simplicity also allows artists to break down cultural boundaries.”

 Shop here. I’m in love with these:

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Beans Pt 2

I just want to say that this pinto beans recipe I posted a few days ago is really amazing.  Not only did we have it for dinner on Monday, I had it for lunch Tuesday, dinner Tuesday, lunch Wednesday.  It really gets better as leftovers.  You should make it, just saying.  It will probably knock your socks off (who wears socks in the summer?).


Pinto Beans Soup

I saw this recipe while doing my nightly blog crawl in bed last night, and my stomach was set on having pinto beans for dinner the following day.  So pinto beans it is!

This recipe will be for spicy pinto beans – think Mexican style.  You can eat as a soup, with some bread, or you can serve on tacos/nachos.  What’s better is this will make a big batch so you have lunch for the next few days… and it’s pretty cheap to make!


4 cups dry pinto beans

.5 pounds ham – diced

2 green peppers – diced

2 jalapenos – diced

1 roma tomato – diced

3 tablespoons minced garlic

sea salt to taste

black pepper to taste

2 teaspoons chili powder

few coriander seeds




Grab your green vegetables and let’s go! (yes I color coordinate them in the refrigerator).

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Metropolis in the Park

Metropolis is on our list of favorite films.  I’ve made posts about it before, but really it is.  So when we learned that they were going to be showing Metropolis live in Prospect Park as part of the CELEBRATE BROOKLYN! festival with a live orchestra, well it went straight to my Outlook calendar and we counted down the days.    So this week we grabbed some delicious sandwiches from City Sub in Park Slope, donuts from Dough for dessert and made our way.    The night was magical, I almost cried at the end just based on the experience of seeing it in that way with the live musical performance.  If you ever get a chance to see the film this way, please do it. :)

photo 2.JPG

Film and food behind the cut.

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