Broccoli + Garlic Sauce

Sigh.  I love broccoli. It’s one of our favorite vegetables.  You can eat it raw, it’s delicious.  Steam it up, it’s delicious.  Sautee it, still delicious.  Put in soups, yup – delicious.  You can’t go wrong.  Maybe I’ll dress up as broccoli for Halloween. 

How many ways can we say I love broccoli?

J’aime le brocoli.
Ich liebe Broccoli.
Me encanta Broccoli.
Ég elska Spergilkál.

If you speak one of those languages, I’m sorry. I probably messed up.

One of my favorite dishes at the local Chinese restaurant(s) is Broccoli in Garlic Sauce.  It’s a simple dish served with white rice.  It’s also one of the lower calorie options on the menu so to get something delicious + low calorie – ok, I’m in.

So now let’s attempt to make our own at home! It’s super simple.

About 5 cups of broccoli florets (this is about 1 large bunch or 2 smaller bunches).
3 cloves garlic – mince them up
1/2 cup low sodium beef broth
1 tablespoon low sodium soy sauce
1 teaspoon oyster sauce
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1/4 cup water
Also: Make white rice to serve it on.

photo 1.JPG


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Macaroni + Cheese #1

I just would like to say that even though I’m having a cheese detox now, these were 2 of the greatest days of my life. <3

As I posted earlier this week I was going to make 2 different types of macaroni and cheese dishes, back to back.  The difference is pasta noodle amount, cheese and other ingredients that we’ll compare.  Of course this resulted in a cheese coma and now I’m 3 days weak strong with no cheese.

Our first contender, Macaroni + Cheese #1.   

The ingredients:

4 cups macaroni

1 egg

1/4 cup butter

1/4 cup flour

2.5 cups 2% milk

2 teaspoons ground mustard

1 pound cheese (I used a mixture of Velvetta, Kraft Colby/Monterey Jack and white Monterey Jack)

Sea Salt/ Pepper

Bread Crumbs on top


Recipe behind the cut.  Get ready for it.

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Fall/Winter Seeds

This is our attempt at extending the growing season this year.  We’re not sure how it’s going to work out, it might all fail, it might be marvelous and cause cheers, not sure.  But we thought we might as well try..

Things we have to deal with: Frost, Snow, Winter, Temperature Change (alot of variety from day to day)

The hopefuls: Cabbage, Giant Cabbage, Leeks, Brussels Sprouts, Lettuce, Pak Choi, Broccoli (already started and is outside), Garlic (have to figure that out still..)

We’re going to do a combination of a green house to help low temperatures and just letting some of them that can survive outside.  I’ve seen some videos of people who grow brussels sprouts and leeks in the snow, so I’m hoping we’ll get 5% that lucky.

Yesterday, I walked to a nursery and stocked up on seeds.  Yeah, NYC has nurseries. I think we have 2, maybe 3.  They aren’t close. I had to walk 7 miles, but that’s ok.  It was worth it.  Why? Because we have seeds!

So today on what is the rainy first day of Fall, we will plant seeds…

photo 1.JPG

photo 4.JPG

Step by step behind the cut.. with a special appearance by a very furry man. <3

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Low Calorie Lunch Burritos

I’ve gained a few pounds.  Let’s be honest.  There’s been alot of cheese lately and it wants to stick around with me.  That’s really sweet of it, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for that  kind of relationship.  So for the next few weeks I’m going to try to limit the calories a wee-bit.    I’m going to try some new recipes, especially adding in more vegetables and beans.   The good thing is that I’m a soup lover so that can be helpful, but it can’t be cheese soup.. ok maybe once in a while.


This recipe is incredibly basic and low in calories.  It’s 264 calories for 2 filled corn tortillas.

Directions: Pan fry your corn tortillas until crispy.  Heat your refried beans.  Cut up your cherry tomatoes.   Make a burrito.  Enjoy!


2 corn tortillas: 100 calories

1/2 cup refried beans: 140 calories

6 cherry tomatoes: 24 calories

Total: 264 calories



Mariella Pizza

After class today we grabbed a slice (or 3) from Mariella Pizza (3rd and 17th). Teaching makes me very hungry.  Also tired.  My feet hurt after I teach. I have no idea why because I’m sitting the entire time, but they do.  I’m getting old I think. Anyways.   Someone on Yelp said this place was the best pizza place in the city.  They are wrong.  It was ok pizza, but the best – no. Not even close.   Slices were a bit pricey at around $3.75 a slice.

photo 4.JPG
This was the slice I got.  It was mozzarella cheese but almost in slices instead of shredded.  Also tomatoes on top. I feel guilty about eating anyone’s tomatoes except my own.

photo 3.JPG

Matthew got plain and the broccoli/tomato/extravaganza to the left. He said they were “good”.

$10 Free NOMS

I’m a big fan of GrubHub and SeamlessWeb. I won’t tell you how often I order because it sorta hurts to admit it.  Once Matthew goes back to school, then I’m often eating alone which means I can eat sushi until I pass out.  It’s fun.  Really.   Well while I was riding the subway a few days ago I saw a GrubHub sign that said $10 off your order when you download the GrubHub app.  I thought this wouldn’t work for me as it was probably “1st orders ever” but I was wrong and it did work.  I ordered a delicious sushi lunch today and had to pay $2, including tip/tax/everything.  Amazing deal, no? If you live in one of the cities GrubHub services you need to try it.  I believe it expires Nov 1, so download the app and order. :)

PS. This is from Sushi Tatsu in Brooklyn and was so good.  The salmon and sweet shrimp sushi (shown up top) were huge. 


Mac and Cheese – Back to Back

I love mac and cheese.  Seriously.  Don’t even mess with me about it.  It’s definitely a comfort food and has childhood memories.  Once my parents divorced I fondly remember my dad becoming a mac and cheese chef.  He would pick me up from school and we would go straight home to the kitchen where mac and cheese was waiting for me.  We would sit at the table and talk.  I love my dad.  Anyways.  Mac and cheese has to (sadly) be eaten in moderation, but once it’s there, I’m done.  I can think of nothing else. 

For the next 2 nights I am making 2 different types of mac and cheese.  They aren’t that different from each other, but enough to warrant making both to see how they come out.  The truth is that I am having a friend come over for a homemade mac and cheese dinner on Monday night.  Matthew won’t be there.  Matthew became jealous “Where’s my mac and cheese” he cried while beating on his chest cave man style. “Me like mac and cheese too!”.  So tonight, Sunday, I will make one for us as well.  Actually, I already made it.  It just came out of the oven 10 minutes ago.  It’s all I can think about it.  IT’S THAT GOOD. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I’m not lying.  It’s the best mac and cheese I’ve ever made in my life. I almost cried when I tasted the cheese sauce.  Ok, I did cry.  And then I licked the bowl. 

I will post recipes this week.. get ready for it, start buying your elbow noodles and start stretching your arm because we’re going to be grating alot of cheese.

Also, I will bike 40 miles in the next 2 days out of guilt for this mac and cheese. 


Annie Chuns Ramen House

I decided I’m going to use this blog to review new products I buy too.  Why not! 

I love Asian food. Alot. All the Asian food you buy in the grocery aisle I always find pretty bad though.  But yesterday I found Annie Chuns and thought “This looks decent” and I was super happy I did buy it because it’s delicious!

The flavor is Spicy Chicken but they also have Spring Vegetable and Soy Ginger Ramen.  It takes about 5 minutes to make, I boiled the water/noodles on the stove instead of using the microwave.  This was so good I stopped back at the grocery today and bought another.

photo 4.JPG

photo 1.JPG

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First Potatoes Ever

If you remember we did a experiment this year and planted our first potatoes.  Well fast forward a few months later and we tested our first potato today! And boy was it delicious!

Next year we’re planning on having many containers full of potato plants!

photo 1.JPG

Which then resulted in a dinner taste test.  The verdict: YUM!

photo 1.JPG

Let’s look back at the potatoes and how we grew them.

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Cilantro Cubes

Here’s a little tip that might be able to help you this winter.  I learned about these life savers about 2 years ago and since then, they’ve been my “go to” in the winter time (and sometimes year round depending on plant/time).  I will be the first to admit that fresh cilantro just picked is the best, but if you use cilantro you know you need to grow alot of it to really get the amounts that you need for dishes.  Plus as you know I like to leave my cilantro plants “go bad” and it turns into coriander seeds instead.   Also sometimes if you need to buy it from the supermarket, I always find myself only needing a fourth or half of it and usually the other half eventually goes bad because I forget about it in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator.  So a great alternative is..Cilantro Cubes! Think chicken/beef/vegetable bouillon cubes, but in cilantro form!

photo 1.JPG

You can buy these which are dry and are usually in the aisle with the broths.  These guys are great and crumble easily for salsas.  They are super cheap too, for 20 cubes they were $1.79.


photo 2.JPG

Or you can get frozen cilantro cubes which is… well, the frozen vegetable department.  These are about 20 cubes for $2.99.  These are great for soups/stews/dishes that you’ll put on heat.

photo 3.JPG

I like to store all my types of bouillon cubes on the seasoning shelf for easy access when cooking. 

If you didn’t already know about these, then I hope they help you.  They’ll save time and money. :)


I’m not sure how I feel about posting this..

Should I feel excited because Round 2 of our carrots this year have finally started to show their beautiful orange selves to us?

photo 1.JPG

Or should I feel embarrassed to show you while we are in the garden looking at our bushy carrots, we wear Crocs.  We bought our first pairs this year, and I swear I only wear them to the garden (ok outside a few times!).  They’re amazing for rain and accidentally watering my feet instead of the plants.  Also of course I had to get Ghosts and attach them to mine.

photo 2.JPG