Lasagna Time

I love lasagna. I love lasagna before it’s cooked in the oven, just wrap me up a saucy roll with some cheese and what a delightful snack.

For my lasagna:

12 pieces of lasagna noodles (cooked)

Pasta Sauce (I like mushroom)

Mozzarella Cheese Shredded

Ricotta Cheese

Can of mushrooms (or fresh if you can)

Basil (fresh or dry)

That’s it.  Arrange your lasagna however you want then bake for 25 minutes at 350 until it’s oozing with delight! I only put basil on for the last 5 minutes. :)



Out comes:

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

Garden Update

Our broccoli plants are looking beautiful, they’re the biggest they’ve ever been.  No broccoli spotted yet, but very soon…

photo 4.JPG

photo 3.JPG

Also our baby peppers are turning yellow and will be picked in the next few days.  There’s so many peppers to be found here, and so many new ones starting too.

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

Dinner tonight

Tonight’s dinner happened at around midnight, another late night.  It was a last minute “What should I make” until I saw the Brussels Sprouts shouting “eat me!” in the refrigerator.  Paired up with some egg/spinach/beet noodles and you have a healthy and good dinner.


Take your Brussels Sprouts in a plastic bag with some olive oil, salt, pepper.  Shake them around and then transfer to a baking sheet. Roast them at 350 for about 40 minutes.  You want them to turn almost brown/black completely when roasting.


Take your noodles and boil for a few minutes until al dente.


Put in a saucepan some olive oil, minced garlic and red pepper flakes.  Pour over pasta once it’s drained.


Serve with a little parmesan on top.  Enjoy! :)

Potato Soup – It’s cold out.

Brrr, it’s cold out suddenly. Although I’m not complaining, I generally love the winter and cold.  Is there anything better than feeling a bit chilly and then coming home and making a big bowl of warm potato soup? It’s such a comfort food for me, so that’s what I did last night, because that’s what I need right now – comfort.

The original recipe/post can be found here.  This week it’s about recycling old recipes.. sometimes you just know what’s good. :)

PS. Bonus yumminess due to us growing these potatoes!


photo 2.JPG

photo 1.JPG

Change of the Season

The last few weeks have been tricky for understanding what season it is.  We had a few inches of snow in late October and then a few days this week I didn’t even have to wear a coat outside.  I finally feel like Fall/Winter has finally officially arrived though, something in the air has changed, the wind has picked up, the nights are dark earlier.  Just a quick walk around my neighborhood drops leaves on me in all different shades of red, yellow, orange, green.   

Are you feeling the season change where you are?





Sleep No More

Last night we experienced “Sleep No More”.  What is “Sleep No More”? Well I’m glad you asked.  Wiki says:  Sleep No More  is an immersive theatre installation created by British theatre company Punchdrunk based on Punchdrunk’s original 2003 London production and their 2009 collaboration with Boston’s American Repertory Theatre. The company reinvented Sleep No More in a co-production with EMURSIVE, which began performances at The McKittrick Hotel in Manhattan on March 7, 2011.

To put into my own words? It’s a interactive theater experience.  Everyone who attends is required to wear a mask the entire time, the only people not wearing the mask are the characters.  The storyline is based around Macbeth, with characters appearing in the fictitious McKittrick Hotel at random times.  It is a 3 hour experience of walking around 5 stories and opening every drawer, closet you can possibly find to put clues together, or just be nosy.  There’s rules: You can never take your mask off, you can never talk.  The only people allowed to talk are the characters who appear and act out scenes as the audience surrounds them and then chases them throughout the hotel to see where they end up next.  There’s multiple floors so there’s many characters and scenes happening at the same time which eventually ties them all together, but I found it fun to just explore for the sake of exploring.  I was sitting on beds going through documents in someone’s briefcase,  turning jars upside down, trying to find keys to unlock lockboxes, stuffing my face with candy in the candy store that is left unattended to.  

If you’re in NYC, you must go.  It ends very soon and tickets are $75 a piece, but it’s a experience you won’t forget.  Afterwards for the next few hours we felt like we were still in the hotel, it messes with your mind.  We found ourselves watching a tag football game after leaving with our masks in hand forgetting that the players weren’t actors and we are in “reality” now. 

Go see it!

Picture of us afterwards:

Sleep No More!

And pictures I found online as using a phone/camera is strictly prohibited (and fairly so, it ruins the romantic notion if you see someone tweeting in a corner):




99 Miles to Philly

NYC is 99 miles to Philly, so what a great name for a Philly cheese steak joint!  Pick your meat (steak, chicken, veggie), cheese (whiz, american, provolone), onions (yes, or no), then add extras (pizza sauce, mushrooms, peppers, etc).  Also you can get some amazing waffle fries on the side too!  2 cheese steaks, fries and a pop will run you $20, well worth it.  We stopped in last week and loved it, so we stopped in again today.  They even said to me “You were here last week, right?” and gave me a card so I can get a free sandwich once it’s filled.  They’re good people, check them out.

photo 2.JPG 

photo 5.JPG

photo 4.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 2.JPG


photo 3.JPG

FiFi Bofinkles = Birthday Girl

Today is FiFi Bofinkle’s 10th Birthday.  She’s such a magical girl.  For her special day I got her a heated cat bed which is changing lives.

photo 2.JPG

This is her in her heated bed, she is living the good life.  For the first few nights she didn’t even sleep with me (I was very jealous) and basically wouldn’t move from her bed.  It must be very comfortable.


And this is Bofinkles helping me clean up dishes.  She gets to do whatever she wants on her special day.

Big hugs to the lovely Miss Bofinkles!


Man do I love potlucks.  First you have the question “What should I make?” which changes about 5x depending your mood.  Then you have the shopping for your items.  Then you have the actual day (or day before) of cooking.  Then you have the actual potluck where you try everyone else’s yummy recipes and stuff yourself until you can’t move. 

I made pizza casserole and a pumpkin roll, both were NOM NOM’d pretty quickly.  Thinking about having a intimidate potluck with some closer friends later this year, think it could be alot of fun…

IMG_2481 IMG_2499




Matthew supplied root beer floats. :) Who doesn’t like a root beer float?


My plate of noms.

Other goodies  behind the cut.

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Potato Picking

Well the potato experiment worked!  We planted 2 potato eyes that went bad into some soil and many months later, today we dug up 7 pounds of potatoes! What a delightful surprise! :)

Next year we’ll be planting potatoes from seed since we know we can do it  now, and lots more, potatoes are one of our favorites… MMM!

From this:

photo 4.JPG

To this:

photo 3.JPG

photo 2.JPG

With some carrots we pulled too.

More pictures, more potato happiness behind the cut.

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Pumpkin Puree + Pumpkin Pie Popsicles

One of our pumpkins was starting to go soft so I wanted to get it puree’d up quick!  Directions on how to roast a pumpkin and make pumpkin puree can be found here.
The one great addition to my life has been the food processor and I have to  say this made it so much easier.  Not only did it puree the pumpkin up in a speedy time, but the consistency of the actual pumpkin is lovely.

photo 2.JPG

Ok, so puree is done, what do you have in mind? What do I have in mind? Oh you know,  pumpkin pie popsicles.  Yes, seriously, let’s do it.   This is a delicious recipe that is quick to make (but hours to freeze!), with a few ingredients and your handy dandy food processor as well.


photo 3.JPG

Full recipe and lots of pictures behind the cut.

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